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  2. do all vehicles require an engine, because i can't find mi17 engine hierarchy? Also what are the rotors under on a basic helicopter?
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  4. yeah we did the exe, just need what ever is left to release. have you had time to do any more work on this?
  5. I know its like 2017, but if anybody still follows this thread, i am in the process of building the weapon sounds from the extracted contents. im also seperating the Foley sounds (reloads, grenades, etc.) and putting those together. if anybody is interested in these, PM me.
  6. Does it work with custom mods and custom weapons because that will be awesome. Also you should make an option where you can modify the weapons item index easily(if possible, meaning you could have two snipers etc).
  7. Hey guys hope everyone is good. Just had a good read of the thread looks brilliant. 1. Corona your shader looks like a Plogue Bidule setup, very impressive. Also just seen the Jungle map thanks for the download. 2. Bad Santa I noticed that you posted about a possible mod regarding cascaded shadow maps? Well that would 100% fix the dynamic shadow bugs with nightvision/thermalvision active. Good stuff going on here hope to speak soon.
  8. Here is a fun little single seat VTOL aircraft I made. It is not based on anything in real life. I think it's a blast to fly around and kill bots with, so I thought I would share it. This vehicle and all of its contents are free to use for any BF2 project. Mod it however you want. Enjoy! MediaFire Download Link http://www.mediafire.com/file/g66skd4tcd6yiy5/Hoverbug.zip Moddb page http://www.moddb.com/games/battlefield-2/addons/hoverbug Comes with 3 textures sets (maybe more in the future if there is any interest). Sets are Woodland, Desert, and Arctic. All sets are 4096x4096, downsize them if that's too big for your project. Armament is: 2x M2HB machine guns with 500 rounds each 8 x wire guided minirockets with 2 reloads. Flarelauncher
  9. http://www.eodmod.org There is a BF2 Vietnam mod that is very good if you want? http://www.moddb.com/mods/eve-of-destruction-21/downloads
  10. cheers m8!
  11. Only thing modified in the RFX.exe compared to vBF2.exe is the import address table so that the first thing it does is load the RFX.dll. The IAT modification can be done to any .exe. I used CFF Explorer to do it.
  12. can your code in your RFX.exe be added to our exe? or would it be easier to add our master server info to your exe?
  13. Lol, You are now free to move on to greater heights.Good luck. We will now have to look elsewhere for whiny negativity. :?
  14. Hell yeah) It worked! Thank you very much bro =)
  15. THank you bro ) Will try it out tonight and post back =)
  16. Change this ObjectTemplate.activeSafe SimpleObject ground_16x8_frame_kiak to this ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Bundle ground_16x8_frame_kiak and for the con file too (SimpleObject to Bundle) A simple object wont show any children,it needs to be a Bundle
  17. I have one more question guys =) How can i attach lightsource to an object that doesnt have lightsource originally? I am trying to attach dynamic lightsource to billboard at the moment. but i cant make it to work ingame or in editor! Here is my code: rem *** Generated with Bf2Editor.exe [created: 2017/01/19 4:13] GeometryTemplate.setSubGeometryLodDistance 0 0 50 GeometryTemplate.doNotGenerateLightmaps 0 GeometryTemplate.lightmapOverride 0 GeometryTemplate.compressVertexData 1 GeometryTemplate.maxTextureRepeat 16 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe SimpleObject ground_16x8_frame_kiak ObjectTemplate.creator SVU-2:svu ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Kiaksar2142" ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.geometry ground_16x8_frame_kiak ObjectTemplate.setCollisionMesh ground_16x8_frame_kiak ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 0 metal_solid 21 ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 1 glass_common 17 ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 2 concrete 78 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType Mesh rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate PosterDynamicLighting ObjectTemplate.setPosition -0.67323/6.80000/-0.00192222 rem ------------------------------------- As you see in last lines i added the lightsource. but i cant get it work ingame or in editor at all. And yes, i added that lightsource in tmp.con and Init.con files. can you please tell me what am i doing wrong? cos ingame i cant see the lightsource at all. it is visible when i add it seperately, but i can't attach it to this billboard static object. Thank you in advance!
  18. Thank you guys for all help you wrote here =) I finally made it to work as planned =))))
  19. had to add this to get it to work in shortcut target! "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nations At War\RFX.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 0 +szx 1900+szy 1020 +modPath mods/NAW. now i assume rfx.exe isn't launching bf2.exe it's replacing it hence the error, it can't connect to our asp 3.0. only problem was this was with a offline account so it wasn't connecting to our asp!
  20. get this now!
  21. Ah I forgot that one it should be on there now. You might still need some Microsoft Visual C++ runtimes. I will have to check which ones are actually required and upload a copy of those as well.
  22. I get can't find stl_8_wrapper.dll, RFX.exe and RFX.dll are in Battlefield 2 install directory. any idea what im doing wrong?
  23. Hey. New to the forum. I came on this site because you guys are the only people I think can help me. The story starts out with me getting my hands on the decompiled versions of the BF3 audio files. First off, i already know that BF3 uses multiple pieces of audio to make a whole gun sound, but when I try to put them together in audacity, it sounds nothing like what you hear in-game. I've tried using Python and some sort of script to open the game files, but i keep getting errors. Surely, there are some script folders that allocate every sound file to each individual weapon. I was hoping I could open the game files and find these scripts to see what files i need for which gun sound. I'm asking for you guys to either give me detailed instructions on how to open the game files, or else hand me the script folders with the information I need. It would be much obliged.
  24. https://github.com/BadSanta12345/RFX/releases/tag/Test here are the build binaries for testing that the code even runs. You should copy both RFX.exe and RFX.dll to your BF2 install directory. Then if you run RFX.exe with shortcut parameters "+fullscreen 0" and "+szx 1920 +szy 1080" (adjust to your resolution). Then you should be able to toggle fullscreen with Alt+Enter. Thats pretty much the only feature this version has.
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