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  2. Same issue here. I have two separate installations of bf2editor and on one it simply crashes to desktop on Apply Spline and on the other does what Daniel S and others describe. Reading the other thread I managed to find on this: http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?/topic/12070-roads-issue/#comment-79710 is it basically a GPU issue? I'm on iGPU at the moment and didn't have this issue while I was on a dedicated GPU. edit: i switched to dedicated gpu from integrated, using Apply Spline on vbf2 installation of bfeditor now works fine, but it still fails on my Project Reality install. I also noticed that two tbmtest.dds files get created in C:\ whenever i use Apply Spline, but they only seem to get created on using the vbf2 installation. With size 16384 its a 1Gb dds file that fails to open but with 8192, its "only" 250Mb and opens a 8192px texture. D:\bf2editor\Code\BF2\Geom\RoadEditable.cpp(2742): TBM: Setting up ApplySpline to use texture size 16384 D:\bf2editor\Code\BF2\Geom\RoadEditable.cpp(2785): TBM: Failed 2 BeginScene: Out of video memory D:\bf2editor\Code\BF2\Geom\RoadEditable.cpp(2742): TBM: Setting up ApplySpline to use texture size 8192 D:\bf2editor\Code\BF2\Geom\RoadEditable.cpp(2792): TBM: ApplySpline uses texture size 8192 My PR is installed on an SSD while my BF2 install is on a HDD from old computer. That's the obvious difference between the two, both run on same GPU. edit2: Apply Spline works if I run bf2editor for vbf2 or PR that are installed on my HDD edit3: I noticed a correlation, every time I run bf2editor, if a BF2Editor.dxvk-cache is created, it'll fail the Apply Spline, otherwise not file is same directory as bf2editor.exe final edit: reinstalling PR fixed the PR problem
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  4. Can now report that having made some separate ai templates and corrected values in line with the vehicle tweak values... it looks to be working!! Engineer repairs any damage on t26 and then walks away quickly as if he has better things to do! In another instance, engineer was repairing the tank when a much bigger ( / hotter) allied tank drove by and engineer ran off after that one, didn't even finish the repair job for me - I forgot that they could be so free-spirited. It's curious how just a slight error in a turret rotation has an impact on an entirely different function, but I'm not complaining : ) Early on I was planning to have two options for soldier kits in this sub-mod, one with wrenches present and one without, the one without so that 1v1 tank duels could be uninterrupted by zealous engys tilting the odds. Then with this latest snag I was thinking of just forgetting wrenches altogether. Now I'm gonna pursue those 2x options; many thanks yet again Sir Clive!
  5. Thanks for those ideas and I don't blame you for staying away from more mod testing; in terms of time it's a death sentence! I ask myself one question, find some leads, then it leads to another question! Yep in an effort to move the sub-mod away from strict realism towards a more arcade feel, I had altered the turn speeds / turn limits of most tank guns / mantlets, but just within the individual tweak files - I didn't know that was defined elsewhere for the ai too. I'll go ahead and match those all up and I'll make separate ai templates for each vehicle as you suggest. Then I'll get back with the results be they new or the same. To be fair to the Fh2 team they did seem to prefer separate templates too, but with these much later additions to the vehicle pool there's sometimes been no ai support in place - Fh2's singleplayer wizard Gavrant retired a few years ago. As to the temp, it looks like all of the armoured vehicle driver positions are in the hundreds. Besides flags and some fixed guns (almost none in my sub-mod anyway) I can't think of anything else the ai would need to be interested in, so as a next attempt I could bring all of those down to maybe max 100.
  6. i've been hanging back from replying to this because i wanted to wait until i had something conclusive to tell you, but i have not yet, and probably never will (i haven't been able to run the game *with mods* for years, so i'm very rusty and with issues like this i really need to be able to run before/after tests) i noticed a couple of small things but i doubt they would affect engys specifically, but anyway... temp for the driver is 350, the other vehicles of a similar type i made for AIX had temps of 80 for driver, 50 for passenger. temps for the vanilla MiA2 were 20 and 7 respectively. temperature is a relative thing and varies wildly and dynamically from point to point during a round, so if all other objects in the game have similarly high temps, then this might not have much effect on your bug. turret azimuth for the ai vs. the actual tank doesn't match, i.e. (if i'm reading it correctly) turret is -15 to +7 ObjectTemplate.setMinRotation 0/-15/0 ObjectTemplate.setMaxRotation 0/7/0 ...but the ai thinks it is -20 to +7.5 aiTemplatePlugIn.setCameraRelativeMinRotationDeg -360.0/-20.0/0.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.setCameraRelativeMaxRotationDeg 360.0/7.5/0.0 ...as a result of using shared ai.*** aitemplate is defined in the .con instead of the .tweak, and is defined twice. not sure what difference that makes if any, it just looks odd to me, i'm used to the 'traditional' layout (that goes for combining all the objects ai into one file, too. absolutely hated trying to navigate that. much prefer one object = one file) it would be interesting to write the tank its own normal ai template and see if the problem follows it, or if it suddenly becomes present in only those other vehicles using that m5a1_stuart_auto_AI template. *** for what it's worth - tobias karlsson (one of dice's ai guys) once told me that it is always best to give each object its own ai - the extra CPU overhead is negligible, the saved HD space from sharing it is negligible, and it makes debugging easier
  7. Yep am attaching here both of those files and the .con file for the tank where I first noticed this issue. If you can't see the files though let me know and I could try another way to share. Can confirm that the HitPoints and maxHitPoints were set the same. Looking at the ai template (m5a1_stuart_auto_AI) used for this tank (t26_finn), objects.ai says the temp is 350. If it helps, the ai templates for the other two vehicles I mentioned, which were on the enemy team (so maybe that's not the same issue) are: m3_halftrack_auto_AI m18_hellcat_auto_AI Google Drive links to the files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b8UaQPjgMjspMCiegQdlluumKeKJjMAq/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sZajGg-U4aYoGd4LoQtsG7TtpPdxAzFs/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NiTkmFhHq0kAHpUFuZM7BMhdO1-D3CuZ/ t26_finn.tweak t26_finn.con Objects.ai (pdf copy) t26_finn.tweak.pdf (pdf copy) t26_finn.con.pdf (pdf copy) Objects.ai.pdf
  8. Bless you man, that's done it. I couldn't work out how to copy the channel, but there was an option to 'lock' the channel and then I pasted the edited image to the surface (& couple of mipmaps) and exported - and presto, no more need for sunglasses! Many thanks again. I was adding a little detail to a texture and noticed the author's mark. It was done in Feb 2003. 2003!
  9. i have been thinking about this since you posted it but unfortunately these days have forgotten more than i remember, and am unable to run the game to test any theories... are the hitpoints set the same in the armor comp? e.g. ObjectTemplate.armor.maxHitPoints 850 ObjectTemplate.armor.hitPoints 850 in objects.ai, what is the basicTemp set to? (basic temperature sets how 'attractive' an object is to a bot - but this affects all bots, not just engies) if you don't manage to fix it, perhaps you could post your .tweak and your objects.ai
  10. Alas haven't found a solution yet, if you have any ideas I'm all ears : ) I think my mention of adding objects to that new tank is a red herring, because many other vehicles seem to distract the engineer bots in this way and I haven't added objects to them.
  11. did you manage to solve this? still need help with it?
  12. super-shiny materials like you're describing are usually the result of a missing alpha channel (it's not actually missing - the hole gets filled by an all-white substitute, i.e. everything set to max shiny) can you confirm the proper alpha is there? copy and paste from original texture if not there, or kludge your own one together in gimp
  13. Hello all, again I promise to give this good board a break till at least the summer after this question. I've finally figured out how I can edit vehicle textures (convert to say .tga with Paint.net using BC6H so that I can actually see the texture, copy and paste that image over the surface of the original .DDS within Gimp, edit the image, paste that over the minmaps too, then export as BC3 / DXT5). However when I do that, the desired texture does appear in-game but it is noticeably more shiny - the in-game sun's reflection is clearly enpowered over most / all of the object surface. For example the tires now look to be part-made of polished metal when facing the sun. Is there a way to limit that light glare (via either the .DDS conversion or via extra lines in the vehicle text file), or is this the trade-off to be accepted with free software? Top regards, Mark
  14. Hello wizards (and HNY to you!), am stumped again on something so I seek your counsel. Continuing with my FH2 SP sub-mod, I'm working on a tank which was not previously in my collection - I recently copied the files from the latest version of FH2 online. All looking grand with the tank in general except that, in some test battles an engineer bot will come over to the tank when it's on full hp and will stand there, spanner in hand, also chasing the tank if it moves. Assuming the bot hasn't become self aware and is waiting for me to make a mistake and get shot, any ideas as to why the bot thinks the tank needs fixing? The two notable changes I had made to this tank were changing the projectile template for the AP round and adding some jerry cans on the sides and underbelly to hide some broken track animations and pretty up the hull. However I've tested the vehicle without these extra templates added and the engineer still hugs the tank. The second and third screenshots may be linked to the same problem, not sure. The third screenshot shows an abandoned enemy faction tank in the field (not abandoned by choice, the tank is open-top and the driver died from a nade), with an allied bot engineer standing by the tank again as if about to start fixing it. After about 15 seconds he detected an enemy soldier and went off to shoot at him, but once the enemy was dead he got interested in the abandoned tank again and stood by it some more. In the second screenshot, an enemy base has been captured and two ally engineer bots notice two enemy vehicles now unused; they proceed to sit by them, spanners in hand. At least in these latter two cases it's not so big of an issue because, should enemies appear, it looks like the bot will respond to the pressing danger, but in the first scenario in spite of enemies being close by and even shooting right at him, the engineer still wants to hug the allied tank on full health. Kind regards, Mark t26_finn.tweak GA_EngineerK98Short.inc
  15. I'm an idiot and forgot to mention I'm playing bad company 2.
  16. Hi, I'm someone with absolutely no modding experience at all coming with a request. I've come to you guys because I can't find the answer on other boards or anyone with the skills to help. I would like to remove the hit markers from the single player campaign. I've managed to get a mod that removes the entire HUD with the exception of hit markers. I would hugely appreciate any suggestions about how someone like me might go about getting rid of them. Thank you ahead of time to anyone who takes the time to respond. Cheers
  17. P.S. clivewil, that BF2ALL64 mod is amazing. Great work!
  18. I had the same problem as you. Yes the Armored Fury files are in the Booster_server.zip in the mod directory. The Euro Force files are in the objects folder inside server.zip found in each of the levels that came with Euro Force - Taraba Quarry, Great Wall, Operation Smokescreen. This is a bit of a problem if you want to tweak the Euro Force files because you have to change the same tweak file in multiple copies across all 3 levels. Also if you want to use the vehicles in other maps you have to copy the objects folders from client.zip and server.zip into the other levels client.zip and server.zip. You may know this already,but try this out: Take the objects folder from server.zip in the level (eg Taraba Quarry) and put it in the objects_server.zip of you mods main directory Then take the objects folder from client.zip from the level (eg Taraba Quarry) and put it in the objects_client.zip of you mods main directory For example in my mod FfAux after moving the folders the path for the Leopard 2 tank (xpak2_tnkl2a6) looks like this: C:\......Battlefield 2\mods\FfAux\Objects_client.zip\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_tnkl2a6\.......meshes & textures folders C:\.....Battlefield 2\mods\FfAux\Objects_server.zip\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_tnkl2a6\.........meshes folder & .con + tweak files Remove the objects folder from the objects_client.zip and objects_server.zip of each of the 3 Euro force levels. Or you could just copy over and delete the vehicles part inside the objects folder if you are only doing vehicles (that is what I did). The game should run the levels. If you want to make a change to the Leopard tank (xpak2_tnkl2a6.tweak) you would just do it in the one place now (as shown above). Also you can now put the Euro force vehicles into any other level. Open up another non Euro force level (eg Gulf of Oman) and find the Init.con. Init.con is found in: C:\...Battlefield 2\mods\FfAux\Levels\gulf_of_oman\server.zip\Init.con Add the lines to the bottom of Init.con for Gulf of Oman rem Effects rem Effects run Objects\Effects\vehicles\explosionsxp2\e_vexp_xpak_eurofighter\e_vexp_xpak_eurofighter.con run Objects\Effects\vehicles\explosionsxp2\e_vexp_xpak_tiger\e_vexp_xpak_tiger.con run Objects\Effects\vehicles\explosionsxp2\e_vexp_xpak_tnkc2\e_vexp_xpak_tnkc2.con run Objects\Effects\vehicles\explosionsxp2\e_vexp_xpak_tnkl2a6\e_vexp_xpak_tnkl2a6.con rem Vehicles run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_faav\xpak2_faav.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_eurofighter\xpak2_eurofighter.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_tiger\xpak2_tiger_rearrotor\xpak2_tiger_rearrotor.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_tiger\xpak2_tiger_mainrotor\xpak2_tiger_mainrotor.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_tiger\xpak2_tiger.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_tnkc2\xpak2_tnkc2.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_tnkl2a6\xpak2_tnkl2a6.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_lav25\xpak2_lav25.con Then open one of the gameplayObjects.con located here (in my mod FfAux): C:\....Battlefield 2\mods\FfAux\Levels\gulf_of_oman\server.zip\GameModes\gpm_coop\16\GamePlayObjects.con Replace this line: ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 2 ustnk_m1a2 with this line: ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 2 xpak2_tnkl2a6.con For the 16 player coop level of gulf of Oman that particular Abrams tank will now be a Leopard tank. If you want to replace all the abrams with leopards then do Find (ustnk_m1a2) and Replace (xpak2_tnkl2a6.con) in Notepad. I put the above lines of code in all the Init.con files for every level in my mod (FfAux). Now I can add any of the vehicles easily to any level. A bit off track from what you were asking, but I only just figured this out less than a week ago. I had put the Euro force objects folders into all my levels and when I made a change had to go through all the levels to update the .tweak files. This way is much better. Do not know why they did not just make a Booster2_server.zip and Booster2_client.zip (would have been easier).
  19. yeah, tell me about it. i was the dumb sap who made the 64-player navmesh for Op. RR plus others, and trying to get that clover-leaf section to generate properly was painful. cool that you found the solution i recommend Agent Ransack for times like this, it's a free windows search tool that's way better than stock windows search (i did a scan for the text string 'she_littlebird' and it told me which files contained it) - i'm not an endorsee, just a user who has found it very handy for finding things in BF2 over the years. (i assume it's still free, i hope so)
  20. @clivewil Thanks for the reply! I figured it out! I'm using BF2ALL64 on top of my mod to test big maps with bots, and it turns out that has overrides for only the scout helicopters and the gas station truck on Operation Road Rage. I think that's because the Armored Fury maps don't have any singleplayer / coop versions in vanilla and the developer made the vehicles exclusive to them usable by the bots, which is pretty cool. This probably would have occurred to me earlier if the Armored Fury jets would have had overrides as well, but they don't since they seem to use the bomber jet AI from the base game.
  21. nope. a runthrough with agent ransack on my install shows that there's only one instance of e.g. she_littlebird.tweak, in booster_server.zip if that's the only tweak, then modifying it should work, unless i'm missing something... (i assume you're doing all of this in local singleplayer, not using a dedi server etc.?)
  22. I adjusted the lock-on times and angle values for the mobile AA to make it much harder to shoot someone down with missiles and in turn buffed the gun damage, but that only affects players that use those vehicles. Bots, even on easy, will take you down in less than second if you get anywhere close to them. You don't even get the alternating warning beeps, it goes straight to the continuous tone for half a second and then you explode immediately, because of course they are immune to flares too. Even if you fire the flares early to compensate for the missing warning sound, they will still lock and kill you every single time. The only way to kill them is to go really high up and drop a ton of bombs from out of range on them, but it makes the heavy planes with the anti-vehicle guns completely unfeasible which is kind of sad. To use the gun you would have to be so far away that you would have to know their exact location completely blind since they would not even be rendered or have the square highlight at that point. I have no clues about modding AI, could somebody point me in the right direction to fix this?
  23. Okay now that I found them I could make tweaks to the Warthog, Fantan and Frogfoot, but not to the scout helicopters. I wanted to adjust the fire rate and damage output of the guns on those helicopters, but changes in these files have no effect. I also checked the armored fury level directories to see if there are any vehicle tweak files overriding them, but that's not the case. Any ideas?
  24. I raised the view distance of my maps to 2 km, which looks really nice except for the vegetation popping in at around 1 km. So I changed GeometryTemplate.setSubGeometryLodDistance 0 0 1000 to GeometryTemplate.setSubGeometryLodDistance 0 0 2000 in all tweaks files in the vegitation directory, which had no effect. GeometryTemplate.setSubGeometryLodDistance 0 1 2000 GeometryTemplate.setSubGeometryLodDistance 0 2 2000 GeometryTemplate.setSubGeometryLodDistance 0 3 2000 I also tried changing the distance for the LOD levels according to how I understood this post, which didn't work either. Not sure if this is even the right approach considering that there are separate tweak files for the LODs themselves, even though those don't have any subGeometryLodDistance entry. I also tried manually adding it to the LOD tweak files with a distance of 2000, still no effect. Then I tried adding a cull radius entry to all tweak files, which worked really well for increasing the render distance of vehicles previously. This change did have an effect, but far from the intended one. Increasing the radius only makes the distance that LOD 0 is rendered shorter, leaving a gap between LOD 0 and LOD 1 where vegitation disappears completely. The culling distance of LOD 1 is again unaffected and all vegetation still disappears at 1 km. ObjectTemplate.cullRadiusScale 10 (Also tried 1, 100, 1000, ...)
  25. Thanks for the help, appreciate it My mistake, it was called Armored Fury in BF2, not Armored Kill. Mixed that up with the BF3 expansion. I just found them, they're in a completely separate archive in the bf2/mods directory called Booster_server.zip.
  26. sorry i don't know what Armored Kill is - (or maybe i just don't remember, it has been several years) - but some vehicles are packed with the map itself; look in the map's server and client zips and maybe you will see 'Vehicles' inside the 'Objects' folder in both archives (as well as any required supporting effects and wreck particles, etc.) the included new vehicles are mounted via the map's init.con OperationSmokeScreen is an example of a booster pack map containing vehicles e.g. at the very bottom of Op Smokescreen's init.con, there is: renderer.globalStaticMeshLodDistanceScale 1 renderer.globalBundleMeshLodDistanceScale 1 renderer.globalSkinnedMeshLodDistanceScale 1 gameLogic.setTeamDropVehicle 1 "jep_mec_paratrooper" gameLogic.setTeamDropVehicle 2 "xpak2_faav" rem Effects run Objects\Effects\vehicles\explosionsxp2\e_vexp_xpak_eurofighter\e_vexp_xpak_eurofighter.con run Objects\Effects\vehicles\explosionsxp2\e_vexp_xpak_tnkl2a6\e_vexp_xpak_tnkl2a6.con run Objects\Effects\vehicles\explosionsxp2\e_vexp_xpak_tnkc2\e_vexp_xpak_tnkc2.con rem Vehicles run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_faav\xpak2_faav.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_eurofighter\xpak2_eurofighter.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_tnkc2\xpak2_tnkc2.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_tnkl2a6\xpak2_tnkl2a6.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_lav25\xpak2_lav25.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_hmmwv\xpak2_hmmwv.con rem Static Objects run objects\water\tabara_quarry_waterplane.con run objects\staticobjects\military\buildings\aircontroltower_eu\aircontroltower_eu.con run objects\staticobjects\military\buildings\mobileradar_eu_dest\mobileradar_eu_dest.con ...etc. etc. good luck, i hope you get it sorted out.
  27. I expected the vehicle tweak files to be in the server objects archive in the mods/bf2 directory since the Armored Kill level files are grouped with the base game, but they're nowhere to be found. I also checked in mods/xpack just to be sure, but that's just the Special Forces vehicles. Are the values for those vehicles simply not exposed or are the files hidden someplace less obvious?
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