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  2. I took your original advice and brought them into 3DS Max, converted them to static, created hierarchies and exported. I now have all the vehicles as Static Objects! It's great! Anyone who wants a complete tutorial on the process, I will be happy to provide. Or I can share the finished staticobjects (if that's allowed). If I haven't stated it previously, I am doing this only for my own use and enjoyment.
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  4. just clone the vehicles and make them basic bundlemeshes in stead of pco's and your be fine!
  5. He did not set up the hierarchy, ppl who don't read through the Battlefield Tutorials usually don't get help!
  6. I wanted US and RU sounds. Also during my extraction attempt i found some MEC sound files, i'd be glad if you could share them as well.
  7. I'm sorry no one has answered. I have the same question, I suppose no one know? Is that possible?
  8. I have max installed. I have the tools installed. I import a vehicle (usjep_hmmwv) that I want to work on. It imports, but what is imported is the "wrecked" state. I know the mesh file includes the main model and a wrecked version of the model (different lods or geoms: geom1 geom2...I think...forgive me if I use terms wrong...) My question is, in Max, how do you switch to the other geom or other state? Thanks for any help.
  9. I have it almost figured out. I just need a little help getting over the finish line. I have successfully created a Static Object from a vehicle. I figured out the "missing tires" issue. I figured out the issue where the object would move if shot at (I gave it a heavy weight and now it doesn't move). As you can see in the picture, I made the xpak2_semi into a static object. The only challenge left is to figure out why it looks sunk into the ground. Adjusting the height number in the editor makes no difference. Adjusting the height number in "StaticObjects.con" makes no difference. I tried to find something in the Con file (in objects_server) but I could find many parts that I could change the height of (steering wheel, tires) but I could not find the name of the main body of the truck. How do I find out the names of all the parts of the object? For example, the steering wheel is named "SteeringWheel" and the left front tire is named "LFwheel" and so on. I can change these parts' position and the change shows in the game (example in 2nd pic). So I feel like the answer is finding the "name" of the main truck body and using that in the con file to set its position. Any help is more than greatly appreciated....
  10. your have to import each vehicle into max change them from bundlemesh to static mesh add col3 to each collision and then make sure all materials are correct then export, all of which may be a little beyond your skill level. or do a search in objects you might find enough wrecks to do what you want! look for a custom map called Pripiyat it had a junk yard in it!
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  12. Progress? I fiddled around with the syntax, switching out between "PlayerControlObject" and "SimpleObject" and "RotationalBundle" and "Bundle" and I got to the point where the "jep_vodnik" shows up correctly....with its tires. BUT...unfortunately, when I launch the game, it's just not there. (see pic) SO....what would cause an object to be visible in the editor but not the game itself?
  13. Here's what I want to do. I want to transform some vehicles into static objects. I want them strewn about the map, looking like they are junked or on fire or whatever. I know that there are a couple of wrecks already, but I want to create specific vehicle static objects. I have already copied the desired vehicle folders from the "vehicle" directory to the "staticobjects" directory in the objects_server and objects_client of the BF2 mod folder. I have edited the con file and changed "ObjectTemplate.create PlayerControlObject" to "ObjectTemplate.create SimpleObject" and removed any references to sounds or movement. I have had minimal success. The problem is, for example, when I create a static object of the "jep_vodnik" I get the basic vehicle, but it has no tires. When I create a static object of the xpak_semi, it is there and even has the tires, but they are above the vehicle instead of where they should be. I appreciate any help with understanding what to do to make this work. Please no posts saying "why would you want to do this" or anything similar. I want to do this and if you can help, I would appreciate it. -Daniel
  14. 👀 I pop on very rarely
  15. Figured it out.... Went to Compile>Lightmaps>Generate Lightmaps and that fixed it....
  16. Using BF2editor and playing around with a map I created. I changed some terrain by raising it. There are these places that used to be trenches that I raised up to be level with the higher ground....and these places that used to be low, are now darker and no amount of painting textures does anything. There are also places where objects used to sit, that I deleted, and now those spots are darker too. Photo attached. The dark area used to be a trench that I leveled-up but I can't make it lighter for some reason.... Any suggestions?
  17. did you select everything and collapse all before exporting?
  18. Hey there! Im trying to make a variant of a weapon that is already in Project Reality. I used 3dsmax 2019 to import and edit it. It already came with the hierarchy and the textures so i thought that it would be pretty easy to just make the variant( considering i have almost no experience with modelling for BF2). Problem is, I CANT EXPORT! when i press on export the it only creates a .dat and a .material file. Here you can see the heriarchy of the weapon and the script listener. This is really giving me trouble as i havent been able to export anything that i have modified! (But i have been able to export simple stuff like a cube or a weapon without modifying it, the tools work as i gave them admin permissions and compatibility mode). Please, the high poly model is ready but i cant do anything with it as it doesnt export a mesh! https://imgur.com/a/hl7DDxW
  19. Create splines, connect, raise spline up and snap down, don't apply.
  20. Nations At War Patch 1.25 will be released via the auto update feature in the launcher when it is finished, Stay tuned for more news on availability and on progress soon! A bunch of bug fixes were reported from the last release and we did our best to fix all of them, Special shout out to Rotblut for adding to our buglist any problems he found,
  21. BF2_Single Player_EditorTutorial.pdf 1.60 MB https://1fichier.com/?z3uzrpb8zs215n0dngly
  22. BF2 TOOLS Collection.zip 17.51 MB https://1fichier.com/?vpjdkmha2mg0ppz9ppiu
  23. Good to see you m8, Take care!
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