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  2. Recently, many Air Jordan 1 released rumors, not only the "Black Friday" at the end of the year is very likely to bring black and red back, the OG black toe that has already taken off, will also launch the Satin silk version in August, let alone The long-awaited anti-trailer Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 will be officially on sale on May 3, competing for the throne of the shoe king of the year. In addition, after the OFF-WHITE deconstruction, tick, and anti-hook, the special dress named Air Jordan 1 Dynamic Yellow also appeared on the Internet! The far-sighted view of the shoe is quite similar to that of Sports Pictorial. Recently, the Nike Swoosh on the outside of the shoe body is only outlined by the car line, which is in sharp contrast with the details of the inner yellow leather! The tongue part is also distinguished from the traditional nylon mesh, which is made of black lychee leather. The specifications look more advanced! 2019 Mens Jordans,Eric Emanuel, a high-end sports brand known for its luxurious materials and exquisite craftsmanship, once again collaborated with adidas Originals to launch the new Spring/Summer 2019 collection, inspired by the floral wallpaper of the superior hotel, to create a range of pieces. Composed of 10 pieces including headbands, sweatpants, jackets, Hoodie and two shoes, the classic Rivalry Hi OG shoes feature a pink leather upper with floral motifs on the upper for elegance. Restomod shoes have also been redesigned, and the combination of dark green laces and adidas three-bars creates a natural touch. The clothing also features sand color and floral patterns. The entire collection is eye-catching, whether it is a single upper body or a full set. Wear it in summer. I believe that the sneaker players who have paid attention to us last weekend have learned that Patta will cooperate with Jordan Brand. According to the well-known breaking account @py_rates, the two sides will release two pairs of Air Jordan 7 joint new color. Earlier today, the patta_nl official account also released the rendering of the joint name of the two parties, and attached that the future will release more details, so please look forward to. It's not hard to see that this pair of Air Jordan 7 is made of burgundy fur and khaki high-grade leather, which is full of luxury and full of luxury. The logo of the flying man at the tongue tag seems to extend the hands and feet beyond the tag and is full of personality. The midsole of the multi-color collision, supplemented by Patta text, highlights the distinguished status of the two parties.
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  4. Is there anything I can do to remove the white glow on player/vehicles? It doesnt seem to be in the sky settings or lightwarp.
  5. As the weather gets hotter and hotter, the shoes of the woven upper become the best-selling products. This year, Nike once again brought a woven version to the Air Force 1 of the evergreen shoes. The three new colors are all classic versatile. Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit 2.0's three new color schemes are mainly black and white, navy blue and light blue, which are simple and generous. Designed with Flyknit woven upper, the breathability is greatly enhanced, while reducing the overall weight, light and cool and comfortable, many people choose to buy in summer. Since adidas launched the adidas Yung-1, an iconic shoe model, the price of the shoes has made the shoes so popular. Recently, a new color scheme officially released, let's take a look! The upper is made of a large black dress, and the fine leather is matched with a knitted mesh surface. The most iconic adidas three-bar logo, featuring inner and outer yin and yang design, fluorescent green + fluorescent orange and phosphor + fluorescent blue collision, unique. As early as the end of January this year, a new pair of Nike Air Max 98 was first exposed, and tomorrow will finally be officially released. Under the pure white leather upper, the shoes are paired with lake green leather and purple matte leather, which highlights the elegance and elegance of the Charlotte Hornets. In response, the mid-air Air Max air cushion and outsole are presented in the same color. In order to make the overall color scheme more layered, it also uses brown, light purple and light blue to embellish the details.
  6. Hello all, I don't know if anyone even bothers with Hardline anymore but could I get some assistance with figuring this out? I am looking to extract/dump the audio files from Hardline. I am aware of the one python script that can be used for bf3 and bf4 but I could not get them to work with hardline. Could someone help me figure out how to do this? Any advice or help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Cheif22
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  8. Found it hemiMapManager.setBaseHemiMap Levels/oitsu/groundhemi 0.000000/0.000000/0.000000 512.000000 500.000000 I had to change the 2048.000000 to a 512.000000
  9. Last week, the pure black side of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black will be exposed in this year's news, which caused the attention of the entire shoe circle. Recently, a number of new physical photos have been circulated on the Internet. Although it is difficult to determine the source of the pictures, it is still possible to let everyone see more details of the shoes in advance. The black Yeezy Boost 350 V2 has always been popular, not only because of the blacker style, but also because the black midsole is immune to oxidation, but the pure black design is the first to appear. The shoes are all in black, and the woven upper seems to have a dark grey woven texture, and a familiar translucent woven material adorns the side of the shoe. With a strong black soul temperament, some people have given these shoes a "nickname" and "devil" nicknames. Compared to the many pairs of light-colored side-through Yeezy Boost 350 V2 that have been released, they do have different textures. Following the launch of the new Air Max 720 by Nike this year, the new color schemes are endless, and recently brought a pair of WMNS specifications in white and red. The Nike WMNS Air Max 720 is designed in white and red. The white-red theme has always been one of the most popular classics in the sneaker circle. The body is covered with a large area of white, with a striking red accent in the details. The most recognizable Air Max 720 air cushion is also dressed in a positive red color, which is refreshing and eye-catching. Following the black and red Air Jordan 6 reissue at the beginning of the year, this year's sneaker players are looking forward to the black and red drama still in play. The upcoming black red Air Jordan 4 and the black and red Air Jordan 11 at the end of the year definitely attracted the attention of many sneaker players. Earlier today, Nike also officially released the official picture of the black and red Air Jordan 4, which not only perfectly restored the "hook ass" of the first year, but also brought back the first year's tag. As one of the first year color schemes, this pair of Air Jordan 4 is extremely popular. The iconic black matte leather upper, complemented by red and cement grey accents, follows the classic black and red color scheme of the Air Jordan collection. Surprisingly, this group of official pictures also confirmed the details of the black and red Air Jordan 4. The shoe tag has changed our familiar Jumpman flying logo, and it is loyal to the first year NIKE AIR dress, plus OG's NIKE AIR heel, to the greatest extent thanks to the first year design.
  10. Hello. This may have to do with the fact my mapsize is 256, because I've not had this issue before. but the Groundhemi.dds' shadow map doesn't line up with the shadows ingame. Not a little bit either, because I can't even tell if its shifted to the left or right or whatever because the shadows casted onto the player/vehicles are completely random patterns. here is my sky.con Lightmanager.init Lightmanager.skycolor 0.517647/0.54902/0.690196 Lightmanager.ambientcolor 0.945098/0.690196/0.411765 Lightmanager.sunColor 1.88235/1.24706/0.682353 Lightmanager.sunSpecColor 0.913726/0.905882/0.854902 if v_arg1 == BF2Editor LightSettings.TerrainSunColor 1.90/1.14/0.56 LightSettings.TerrainSkyColor 0.58/0.55/0.66 LightmapSettings.waterSunIntensity 0.8 else terrain.sunColor 1.90/1.14/0.56 terrain.GIColor 0.58/0.55/0.66 terrain.waterSunIntensity 0.8 endIf Lightmanager.staticSunColor 0.60/0.30/0.09 Lightmanager.staticSpecularColor 0.91/0.89/0.85 Lightmanager.staticSkyColor 0.18/0.18/0.24 Lightmanager.singlePointColor 0.30/0.30/0.30 Lightmanager.sunDirection 0.819795/-0.409898/0.3999 Lightmanager.enableSun 1 Lightmanager.effectSunColor 0.97/0.75/0.45 Lightmanager.effectShadowColor 0.49/0.49/0.49 Lightmanager.defaultEffectLightAffectionFactor 1 Lightmanager.hemilerpbias 1 hemiMapManager.setBaseHemiMap Levels/oitsu/groundhemi 0.000000/0.000000/0.000000 2048.000000 500.000000 Lightmanager.treeAmbientColor 0.84/0.31/0.49 Lightmanager.treeSunColor 0.81/0.18/0.45 Lightmanager.treeSkyColor 0.80/0.34/0.48 Lightmanager.treeShadowColor 0.80/0.34/0.48 Lightmanager.treeAmbientColorLow 0.80/0.34/0.48 if v_arg1 == BF2Editor else run /Common/Sky/SkyDome/skydomeMayhem.con run /Common/Sky/Flare/flaresprite.con endIf Skydome.skyTemplate skydomeMayhem Skydome.cloudTemplate cloudlayer Skydome.hasCloudLayer 0 Skydome.hasCloudLayer2 0 Skydome.scrolldirection 0.003/0.003 Skydome.scrolldirection2 -1/-1 Skydome.cloudTexture common\textures\cloud\Cloud03 Skydome.cloudTexture2 Skydome.skyTexture common\textures\sky\MayhemSky Skydome.domeRotation -103 Skydome.domePosition 0.00/0.00/0.00 Skydome.fadeCloudsDistances 1000/1100 Skydome.cloudLerpFactors 0.1/0.5 Skydome.flareTexture common\textures\sunflare\noflare Skydome.flareDirection 0.82/-0.41/0.40 Renderer.fogColor 73.00/73.00/90.00 Renderer.fogStartEndAndBase 200.00/380.00/0.90/0.10 groundhemi.dds
  11. Although the popularity of Air Jordan 1 has declined after the temperature has warmed up, it is mentioned that the Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0 will be released at the end of this year. I am afraid that it has already been included in this year's must-buy list. After the physical and renderings that have been exposed many times before, earlier today, the well-known sneakers broke the account zsneakerheadz and released a new rendering, and updated the release date. This black and orange-based crushing series is no stranger to shoe fans. In the rendering of this update, it is not difficult to see that the mid-bottom of the Air Jordan 1 ShatteredBackboard 3.0 is yellower than the previous two editions, showing an oxidation effect that fits well with Jordan Brand's old-fashioned philosophy this year. The most important thing for everyone is the material of the shoe. The effect picture released this time, whether it is the imprinted Air Jordan Logo, or the unique gloss, the Air Jordan 1 ShatteredBackboard 3.0 will probably be replaced with a patent leather upper. 2019 Mens Jordans, the new copper bubble Nike Air Foamposite Pro Hyper Crimson was officially released. Recently, cityblueshop and sneakerpolitics two shoe stores have brought a new look and physical picture, which makes people more tempted after reading. As a classic member of the metal bubble series, it was finally born in 2012. After seven years, it will finally return to a new look, so many bubble-stricken players are looking forward to it. The continuation of the classic is that this time still uses the charming copper color tone, combined with the foamed upper to show the fascinating metallic color effect in different light, with the black three-dimensional Swoosh, bringing the same low-key as other metal-based bubbles. Luxurious texture. At the same time, the return has also undergone no small changes. The first is to add orange embellishment to the details to enhance the identification of the whole pair of shoes; the biggest difference is that the outsole is changed to a black outsole, also with orange, to avoid oxidation problems. At the same time, it also caters to the overall calm tone. 2019 Sneakers Release,Each new pair of adidas Yeezy series has touched the hearts of many shoe lovers. This year, in addition to the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 and Yeezy Boost 700, a new pair of new adidas Yeezy Desert Boot Rock will be officially launched. . The new shoe-shaped upper is similar to the Yeezy 500 and looks like a pair of high-profile Yeezy 500. The overall style is purely light khaki, the upper is made of suede and mesh material, and the 3M reflective strip on the tongue is particularly eye-catching. Equipped with a very thick sole, the texture of the outsole is extremely simple and does not seem to be worn as an outdoor shoe. Designed on the basis of retro old shoes, it has a strong military and functional atmosphere. It is definitely the iconic style of the grandfather. I don’t know how everyone evaluates this pair of shoes.
  12. I'm not sure if it belongs here or if I'm allowed to share it here. If not, please feel free to remove this topic. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I'm creating mods for BFBC2. You can find them on Nexus Mods! For more mods visit Venice Unleashed (I'm posting my mods there too). Nexus Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/battlefieldbadcompany2/mods/ Venice Unleashed: https://forums.veniceunleashed.net/viewforum.php?f=33 I have also created a small tool called BFBC2 Mod Loader that makes installing mods easier. The tool also reduces conflicts between mods drastically because mods can be installed modularly with it. So as long as both mods don't modify exactly the same file, they are fully compatible. BFBC2 Mod Loader: https://www.nexusmods.com/battlefieldbadcompany2/mods/4 And last: a playlist on Youtube that shows some of my mods in comparison to the vanilla game. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fS97ZrWc_w0&list=PLIdKuovpa-DhsEKD7BCS7xhacnMMhgOgR Let us bring the modding community back to life again, so don't forget to support your favorite modders by reporting bugs, giving feedback, making suggestions etc.! Especially Napisal deserves a lot of support for all the work he did in the past for the BFBC2 modding community! Without him & badbaubau I wouldn't even know about BFBC2 modding. Napisal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIcx-pztQ3rGfO3pbcd52OQ badbaubau: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt-_U2JYXrngCxfkJFALIFg (Unfortunately, badbaubau is not active in the modding community anymore.) Have a nice day/night, see you on the Battlefield! PS.: If you have any bugs or other issues while using my mods, please report your problem in the "Bugs" section of the specific mod on Nexus Mods. PS2.: If you want to discuss about mods and BFBC2 in general or want to find people to play with, join Unity Gamers Discord: https://unity-gamers.com/community/ewr-discord/
  13. Although Yeezy's limelight has surpassed Air Jordan 1, the size of some shoes is still not a small increase. Like the Air Jordan 1 Turbo Green GS female code, the domestic market did not sell as scheduled, so the current market price is not low. Tomorrow, this Air Jordan 1 GS size will finally welcome official replenishment. The overall color is white and gray with lake green, and the tongue is complemented by a purple gold color Nike Air label, which gives off a thick and fresh atmosphere, which is very suitable for girls to go to the summer. Different from the traditional leather uppers, the use of textured fur blessing. It is worth noting that the shoe body does not have the “SP 19 Air Jordan 1 High OG” for men. 2019 Mens Jordans Based on the Air Jordan 33 SE, the color matching aspect is covered by Guo Ailun's favorite lake green, and the technology configuration continues the FastFit strap system and Zoom Air cushioning. The golden letter G on the tongue of Air Jordan 33 SE Guo Ailun represents the acronym for “Guo” and also the “13” jersey number. Guo Ailun’s motto “The direction of the heart, the body of the body” is dotted on the outer midsole. The heel shoe is specially added with white 8888 digital embroidery, so you can paint yourself DIY after you start. In addition, the outsole is lined with snow leopards and has a luminous effect, making the shoes more attractive. In the spring return, Nike will also bring more arrogant color matching, and you will definitely ignite the desire to pick up your hands after reading. The Nike Air Force 1 Turbo Green color scheme is similar to the ones launched last year, except that the color scheme is a single blue dress. Different shades of blue, suede and canvas stitching body, showing a strong layering, while the light color is also perfect for summer.
  14. The Nike High School League is in the midst of intense competition. Nike has once again designed Air Force 1 as a blueprint for a new pair of shoes. Nike Air Force 1 Only Once is meant to pay tribute to the young people who are striving for victory. Their determination to win the championship has inspired more young people to pursue their dreams. . The upper is made of black pebbled leather, and the golden splash accents the whole body. The texture is very luxurious. Gold AF1 lace buckle with "ONLY ONCE" string on the laces, the golden tongue label echoes the Nike Logo. In order to welcome the arrival of Air Max Day, Nike is inspired by the German city of Berlin, bringing a special version of Air Max 180 “Berlin”! Nike Air Max 180 Berlin shoes are mainly white, with hot and vibrant neon elements embellish the body, translucent mesh presents a looming perspective, and printed "Unity" and "Freedom" in the jelly outsole "The words, pay tribute to the new social situation after the fall of the Berlin Wall!" As one of the most classic colors in the Foamposite family, the "copper bubble" has always been extremely popular. It has a calm and temperament that is not exaggerated, but also shows a unique metal texture, and the gloss of the foam material is fully exerted. Following the release in 2012, this year will once again usher in the debut of this theme! The Nike Air Foamposite Pro Hyper Crimson presents a familiar “copper bubble” style. Still a glamorous bronze foam upper, combined with a black three-dimensional Swoosh, brings a full visual tension. Compared to the 2012 model, the biggest difference this time may be the "black outsole"! The 2012 crystal outsole is not used to avoid the problem of oxidation, but also to cater to the overall calm color, which perfectly matches the black color of Swoosh and the collar.
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    EA releasing the BF1.0 / BFVietnam / BF2 / BF2142 source code

    I know right! Let's make it happen! Even though I've completely forgotten the game and moved on... By now BF2 is probably about as old as Doom or Wolfenstein or maybe even more was when ID released the source code... It would be a boon to EA, and we'd have to couch it that way... creating new potential players and customers for their later BF releases... should such new players decided to graduate and move on/up to a richer game environment. Me, I like the austerity of BF2142/BF2.... the interface just feels right. I never did take to any of the later Frostbite games. I pushed Server Side Modding only to the absolute limit and made the free demos rock and then ported it all over to the full games. Such a shame 5 years of coding work gone to waste. All polished nad sleeping dormant in a desk drawer on one USB stick,...
  16. Late ultimate 7 days, the Minnesota Twins inked club-helpful extensions with Jorge Polanco and Tawny boyfriend Max Kepler. Polanco signed for 5 many years, $25.75 million with club possibilities for 2024 and 2025, whilst Kepler signed for 5 many years and $35 million and a club resolution for 2024 https://www.twinstshirt.com/Kirby_Puckett_T_Shirt-15. LaVelle E. Neal III of the Star Tribune suggests that all is relaxed for presently with any much more extensions that the Twins could possibly generate this spring (Twitter url), nonetheless with definitive payroll upon the guides for the Twins when this year and the path that free of charge organization is shaping up, need to the Twins physical appearance towards just take benefit and signal extensions with extra of their youthful main gamers? Very similar Twins grow Jorge Polanco and Max Kepler (all figures courtesy of baseball-reference.com)Eddie RosarioRosario is made up of been at the forefront of countless minds as a prospect deserving of an extension. He been in direction of the plate just about 600 days, strike more than 20 homers, and incorporates been amazingly end towards hitting .300 just about every of the outside of 2 seasons. His safety is fantastic for the optimum portion though he dedicated 9 blunders inside of the outfield remaining calendar year, tied for very first within the majors. Rosario incorporates simply just landed upon the wounded checklist at the time within his more youthful vocation therefore much, provides electrical energy towards the clubhouse, and the Twins perspective him as a main aspect of the Twins for yrs in the direction of arrive. The Twins and Rosario agreed on a wage of $4.19 million for his to start with 12 months of arbitration. Towards assess toward other outfielders upon the workers, Kepler and the Twins agreed in the direction of $3.125 million in just arbitration this 12 months (and then signed his extension, creating his income $6 million this yr), and Byron Buxton is obtaining $1.75 million this yr. The unexperienced beginner creator in just me would say that Rosario would be well worth an extension of 5 yrs, $45 million with club Ideas for 2 further yrs. Jose BerriosLa MaKina is a further reputation that contains been tossed in excess of the extension communicate by means of supporters, and deservedly hence. His age 23 and 24 seasons proved that he is nearing large-league content: 26-19 all round, Generation inside of the 3.80s, and merged 341 punchouts involving equally many years whilst breaking the 200 K barrier remaining yr. He neared 200 innings pitched and served direct the league inside comprehensive video games and shutouts final 12 months. His K/9 was 8.6 within 2017 and rose toward 9.5 within 2018, When his WHIP lessened towards 1.229 towards 1.144 amongst the 2 many years. Berrios acquired his initial nod in direction of the All-Star Video game previous yr. Whilst Berrios may perhaps efficiently be found as a participant toward be available an extension, he is younger and is coming off just just one best calendar year of pitching (with a positive calendar year of 2017 Gary Gaetti T-Shirt, no question), and is qualified for arbitration upcoming offseason. If Berrios can carry on in direction of clearly show his significance this year, the Twins may possibly search towards indicator an extension with him future offseason. If he does location pen towards paper with the Twins, it may possibly be identical toward Aaron Nola extension with the Phillies signed this offseason (4 years, $45 million, 1 club answer). Kyle GibsonAfter a disappointing 2016 marketing campaign and a “meh2017 year, Gibson incorporates a best leap-back again period inside 2018. He printed the greatest strikeouts (176), Generation (3.62), and innings pitched (196.2) of his occupation past calendar year. His K/9 was moreover occupation-most straightforward at 8.2 and his Generation+ stood tall at 121. Despite the fact that his 2018 year was superior, it is a roll-of-the-cube in direction of signal Gibson in the direction of an extension Terry Steinbach T-Shirt. His inconsistency is almost certainly a substantial issue as perfectly as the real truth that he hits no cost organization following offseason. Also, Gibson and the Twins consist of not noticed eye-in direction of-eye upon this income as they went in the direction of arbitration final off-time (with the Twins successful). This 12 months, they agreed on $9.5 million. Gibson is made up of expressed consideration inside talks of extension with the Twins, yet how Gibson functions inside of his age-31 year will be utmost crucial towards make your mind up if he includes a foreseeable future with the Twins or will stage into the fresh-age cost-free consultant current market. If he does indication, it would be toward the close of the year and may be for 3 yrs, $35-$40 million with a club answer or 2. Jake OdorizziOdorizzi did not flip within just the excellent year ultimate 12 months for the Twins, whilst he did write-up his easiest K/9 for the reason that his novice-qualified period inside of 2014 (if on your own have been wanting for a brilliant vacation spot) https://www.twinstshirt.com/Addison_Reed_T_Shirt-30. His beyond period present him as a good newbie inside of the 3rd or fourth vacation spot inside the rotation as he averages regarding an Technology of 4.00 and above 160 innings pitched. He can redeem himself this period nevertheless is actually not also a lot of an extension prospect. Together with Gibson, Odorizzi hits cost-free company the moment the 2019 marketing campaign, as a result if any extension talks are prospective, it would hinge upon his functionality this yr and would produce to the conclude of the period. With youthful Twins pitchers searching towards generate the substantial-leagues inside of the forthcoming decades, Odorizzi is far more than almost certainly diving into the no cost consultant sector as soon as this yr. Taylor RogersThe Twins agreed in the direction of fork out Rogers $1.525 million this long term period in just his 1st calendar year of arbitration. Despite the fact that he contains a few far more a long time of arbitration remaining, I felt introducing Rogersstanding toward this checklist wouldn damage, particularly as a lefty out of the bullpen. His 2018 marketing campaign noticed him convey his year Generation beneath 3.00 for the very first year within his younger job, his K/9 just about touched 10, and he was made use of in just 72 video games 1 much less than Trevor Hildenberger for the highest recreation appearances through a Twins pitcher. He too pitched the utmost innings in just a time throughout his occupation final yr. Rogers will be moving into his age-28 period this 12 months and as a lefty inside the bullpen, the Twins could possibly imagine around offering Rogers an extension immediately after this time in direction of solidify that vacation spot for many years towards arrive, whilst it could possibly pan out in the direction of where by he could possibly acquire an extension right before this time commences, whilst that is not likely. The Twins may perhaps need to have towards check out how the bullpen pans out this yr ahead of developing any alternatives.Byron BuxtonEveryone understands around Buxton time remaining yr, nonetheless I felt the want toward incorporate him (and the upcoming participant upon the listing) as they in good shape into the “young coreaspect of the Twins sport. I not relocating in direction of acquire into statistics simply because we are mindful of his expertise and where by he requires growth (furthermore I typed “Byron Bustonwithin just the glance industry of Baseball-Reference dwell absent trolls). Buxton is definitely not a applicant for extension talks this Spring Working out or even upcoming offseason https://www.twinstshirt.com/Jonathan_Schoop_T_Shirt-84, for that make any difference till the Twins can be completely mindful of his manufacturing towards what he proficient of.Miguel SanoSano sits inside of the exact boat as Buxton a disappointing (toward say the minimum) 2018 marketing campaign immediately after an All-Star 2017 does not will need re-hashing. Sano is additionally not an prompt applicant in direction of be longer, yet if reporting toward camp inside of form and with a optimistic mindset interprets into a leap-back again 2019 time, the Twins and Sano may well interact within extension talks up coming offseason. Still, it would not be a wonder if an extension is inked right after the 2020 time. Who would yourself signal an extension with and for how extended? How a great deal would by yourself spend them? Converse it out inside the feedback!
  17. CINCINNATI (AP) — The Reds employed Turner Ward versus the Dodgers as their hitting teach upon Tuesday, their minute crucial addition down below clean supervisor David Bell.Cincinnati moreover employed Derek Johnson versus Milwaukee as its pitching teach Robby Scott T-Shirt. The Dodgers and Brewers performed inside the NL Championship Sequence, with Los Angeles advancing towards the World-wide Sequence for the instant specifically calendar year and squandering in the direction of Boston.Ward put in the previous 3 seasons as the Dodgers hitting educate. They fastened club documents for homers, far more-foundation hits and slugging proportion just about every of the very last 2 seasons. The Dodgers led the NL with 235 homers very last time.Ward is in opposition to Alabama and was captivated in direction of the Reds process within just aspect mainly because it would just take him nearer in the direction of residence.The eyesight of what theyre striving toward do, I can look at it, Ward explained upon a meeting speak to. Ive been amazed with their offense. Additionally, incorporate the logistics of remaining nearer in direction of residence. Relatives is fairly vital toward me and it generated it complicated currently being inside LA.The Reds done 8th within just the NL within operates and 9th inside of homers irrespective of enjoying inside a person of its greatest hitter-welcoming ballparks. They batted simply just .227 with runners in just scoring place right after the All-Star crack, contributing toward one more squandering time Kevin Shackelford T-Shirt. The rebuilding Reds include misplaced 98 https://www.redsteestore.com/David_Hernandez_T_Shirt-40, 94, 94 and 95 online games within the past 4 a long time, their worst these kinds of slump for the reason that the 1930s.Bell realized Ward in opposition to their participating in times and put in several hours upon Sunday chatting towards him concerning his hitting philosophy. Ward performed 12 seasons in just the majors with Cleveland, Toronto, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh Rob Dibble T-Shirt, Arizona and Philadelphia.Once I discovered out this was a probability, I automatically acquired fired up relating to it, Bell explained. Toward Turner credit rating, he was inclined in direction of pay back simply just the total working day with me.The Reds fired supervisor Bryan Cost following a 3-15 begin and resolved not toward preserve interim supervisor Jim Riggleman https://www.redsteestore.com/Cesar_Geronimo_T_Shirt-91. Dick Williams, the president of baseball functions, stated the Reds desired towards transfer exterior the company in just its upcoming stage of rebuilding.We went into the offseason devoted toward placing fresh management within Room within just the clubhouse, and fascinated within watching exactly where that would acquire us, Williams stated. We strategy some refreshing voices inside the clubhouse and a selection of views coming within just in opposition to other companies would be a Terrific point.
  18. Technological know-how disrupting an market place is barely a fresh new prevalence. Just about every hence generally an creation or re-software package of equipment in just a special path totally overhauls how solutions inside that sector do office environment Taylor Hearn T-Shirt. Individuals that refuse in direction of adapt instantly plenty of have a tendency in direction of receive remaining powering and die out. Even though the MLB is a exclusive condition within the reality that all those 30 groups are not inside any risk of loss of life out, they can get hold of still left driving if they don adapt towards sector disrupting know-how.My wager is that inside of a 10 years, a great number of non-MLB company baseball analysts will choose for granted how substantial of a disruptor that the Rapsodo and Edgertronic actually have been https://www.rangerstshirtshop.com/Yovani_Gallardo_T_Shirt-88. Groups who don adapt will really be at a high aggressive drawback that may perhaps be at present understated inside of the over-all interaction of the MLB https://www.rangerstshirtshop.com/Paolo_Espino_T_Shirt-50.The Rangers comprise not long ago publicly deployed this sort of substantial parts of tech at Spring Working out and it provides us a Wonderful being familiar with of the place the team head are likely within just words and phrases of much better facts-powered participant enhancement. Nevertheless why they are major and how the Rangers are likely in direction of hire them is critical towards the communication, thus let dive into what information and facts this sort of techniques clearly show and how groups can hire them in direction of increase their participant growth. The Rapsodo employs radar in direction of come across the ball (possibly thrown or batted) and prompts the digital camera upon the machine in direction of swiftly just take shots of the ball. This treatment can observe material this sort of as spin price tag, spin effectiveness, trajectory, speed, zone investigate, and launch truth articles.Upon its individual, it delivers principal written content that we now understand groups are intrigued inside of. For illustration, the Astrosseem for avid gamers with large speed and higher spin selling prices right before their latest aggressive window opened is nicely identified and properly-described. Then we merge that with the Edgertronic.The Edgertronic is just a movie digicam that can historical past substantial remedy (1920 x 1080) movie up in direction of 35,000 fps. With that form of fps, evaluators and analysts can view every single lower factor within a hitter swing or a pitcher shipping and delivery. No visible stone of a transport is remaining unturned after a workers of such units are pointed at a pitcher.The 2 units within tandem is each time aspects start off in direction of consider interesting. Let build an illustration toward present how such facts learned against this sort of programs can nutritional supplement each individual other toward exponentially make improvements to how enlightening each individual piece is inside of participant enhancement.By yourself comprise a younger late spherical 2-pitch pitcher who throws inside the substantial 80 whom yourself drafted considering that he is a favourable athlete, is made up of a highly effective produce, contains a fresh fresh new arm, and significant uncooked spin selling prices. The Rapsodo can routinely notify by yourself some of the spots he specifications in the direction of strengthen: his spin overall performance is undesirable upon the breaking ball Cliff Pennington T-Shirt, and he doesn acquire a whole lot of out-entrance extension, thus his successful speed is even decreased than the large 80 mark that your radar tells on your own more than. Yourself comprehend that without the need of an added selling or 2, enhancements toward pace and the breaking ball won be sufficient in direction of area the participant into a beginning rotation at the MLB place. And When I previously mentioned-simplifying, youe objectives for coming up with that participant are:1. Discover the energy and/or mechanics variations that will need in the direction of take place in direction of strengthen equally correct and successful speed2. Operate with the pitcher towards improve spin overall performance in the direction of make improvements to the breaking ball toward its long run3. Acquire at least a person additional marketing that is productive at the MLB point that will work properly with their other choices4. Acquire a total solution that will allow for the pitcher in direction of employ his resources towards optimum functionality inside of an genuine gameThe Edgertronic is an incredibly enlightening instrument within just each and every solitary action shown about. Each and every component of the shipping can be destroyed down intensively with countless numbers and countless numbers of special images that display exactly where mechanical inefficiencies are occurring. With a flourish being familiar with of in which the deficiencies are, individual electrical power and mechanical exercising can commence for the participant towards absolutely have an understanding of the productive speed their physique can acquire with their personal biomechanical make-up. At every single enhancement place, the pitcher can be re-examined, and improvement Designs can be modified as necessary.Potentially even excess importantly, the Edgertronic delivers us viewpoints into how substitute grips and arm things to do crank out thriving spin upon substitute pitches. If on your own can fully grasp why a pitch moves the path it does for participant A, your self can added successfully prepare participant B that very same pitch assuming other secret markers, such as arm slot and arm motion, are related. Let enjoy yourself comprise a added sophisticated participant who consists of very similar actual physical markers in direction of your drafted participant, yet in addition is made up of a far more prosperous breaking ball, 2-seamer, and changeup. Yourself can practice your drafted participant people grips and employ the service of the Rapsodo and Edgertronic towards perspective how thriving he is at translated all those grips and routines into his repertoire. Despite the fact that utilizing Rapsodo and Edgertronic within pitch progress is nevertheless inside its relative infancy, the options for reading and increasing people procedures is attention-grabbing.At last, the Rapsodo and Edgertronic makes it possible for on your own in the direction of produce even more productive Designs, primarily with regards to tunneling, or the electricity in direction of launch 2 or additional substitute pitches versus the exact same arm slot and trajectory therefore that the hitter incorporates much less designs toward fully grasp ahead of needing toward make your mind up in direction of swing or not. The Rapsodo choices up arm mindset, launch simple fact, and the trajectory of the pitch. If your drafted pitcher results in being productive at throwing his fastball, breaking ball, and his recently intended changeup versus the exact same “tunnel yourself can evaluate it and contain it into your recreation Strategies for the pitcher. The systems in excess of aren the finish extent of the employs for such components of instruments. There are several extra employs for the Rapsodo within pitching https://www.rangerstshirtshop.com/Deolis_Guerra_T_Shirt-34, these as hit zone visualization, and I didn even explore the influence of the resources upon hitting enhancement.Although some of the over secrets and techniques could comprise typically been included into participant growth extensive in the past, the equipment offered at present can significantly strengthen the efficiency of these advancement packages. The Rangers introducing these kinds of pricey equipment into their method present us that they comprehend the efficiency of Individuals methods and how they may guidance strengthen a thing theye struggled with in just the beyond in just participant advancement. Some avid gamers watch fast breakthroughs with the implementation of applications more than the information gathered as a result of Rapsodo and Edgertronic systems. Even though it may possibly choose a despite the fact that for us in direction of look at the accurate scope of the have an effect on of Individuals applications, we could possibly watch affected person successes before long.Perhaps it won be way too extended in advance of the JD and the Rangers can at some point take some pitch’n up within just listed here.
  19. Within just spite of all the chat regarding currently being gentle with the within just-dwelling possibilities upon the massive league roster (Howie Kendrick and Wilmer Difo) and inside the Nationalsapproach (Carter Kieboom and Luis Garcia), Washington In general Supervisor, Mike Rizzo, went out and signed Brian Dozier towards a 1-12 months offer as the GM stated he may perhaps if he may possibly discover the specifically in good shape at instant foundation this wintertime. Dozier is discovered as an daily answer for 2019 and a bridge in the direction of a long term lineup with Kieboom at instant foundation within the nation cash. Where by does his addition go away Kendrick although, who is returning for the instant 12 months of a 2-calendar year/$7M offer he signed with the Nationals within just January, 2018, at the time discomfort a ruptured immediately achilles tendon very last Could?Just before the package with Dozier was declared, Nationalssupervisor Davey Martinez talked at Winterfest within just December regarding wanting ahead in the direction of turning out to be Kendrick again into the lineup in just 2019 https://www.nationalsteeshirts.com/Kyle_McGowin_T_Shirt-69. “Howie seems to be fantastic,Martinez reported. “He strolling effectively. He stated he can operate specifically at present if he demanded towards, and he moving toward start off hitting with [Hitting Teach Kevin Lengthy], thus he reported anytime it arrives in the direction of Spring Exercising he completely relocating toward be prepared in direction of perform. Therefore I wanting ahead in direction of having him out there yet again, due to the fact we ignored him. Every time he obtained destruction, Terrific/poor, we bought in the direction of look at [Juan] Soto, however we forgotten Howie. He a substantial component of our lineup, as a result we assume that we get hold of him back again and he completely nutritious.”“Everything includes been view positive,Kendrick advised reporters inside early December. “I look Terrific.“I really feel which includes I can dash already, nevertheless inside of truth that would be dumb in direction of do. Yet including I reported, I experience superior. I come to feel including the place wee at specifically already is within a extremely favourable vacation spot ... I particularly commenced managing Monday [November 26th], and together with I mentioned, Ie been upon the AlterG treadmill 7 minutes https://www.nationalsteeshirts.com/Moises_Sierra_T_Shirt-59, incline treadmill strolling, a large amount of lateral things, a large amount of stage-ups and merely truly creating my legs up a good deal near it.”Kendrick did say at the period that he consideration he be prepared for the start out of Spring Performing exercises.“I believe the greatest matter and the greatest vital issue was improving it https://www.nationalsteeshirts.com/nationals_washington_nationals-4,he discussed, “and proceeding towards take vitality inside there, and ideally I nevertheless upon monitor for Spring Doing exercises. “I anticipating toward be well prepared for Spring,Kendrick more. Refreshing Nationals2B Brian Dozier is pull-delighted and very pleased of it: Website link: Just take towards realize Nats2B Brian Dozier, who energized toward be within D.C.“I notice factors transpire and I may well say that yet anything at all may possibly transpire, nonetheless if variables hold shifting the course theye heading presently I should really be well prepared for Spring Exercising Adam Lind T-Shirt.”Rather than choose their possibilities that Kendrick would be well prepared and ready in the direction of return towards the hurt towards engage in instant foundation, or that Difo, who struggled offensively within just the majors, may well move into a starting off function, the Nationals further Dozier towards the combination. As a result where by does that depart Kendrick? Directly-passed bench bat and backup infielder/outfielder who may possibly fill in just at both stage if wholesome? Will the 35-yr-aged https://www.nationalsteeshirts.com/Adam_Eaton_T_Shirt-5, 13-calendar year veteran be equipped towards return versus a late-vocation destruction in direction of add in the direction of the lead to?Prior to the damage final time, Kendrick was 46 for 152 (.303/.331/.474) with 14 doubles and 4 household operates in just 40 online games, leaving him with a .297/.337/.484 line, 22 doubles and 11 Several hours in excess of the 92 video games he performed with the Nationals considering the fact that he was uncovered in opposition to Philadelphia within July of 2017.What do oneself anticipate in opposition to Kendrick within just 2019?
  20. Meet up with the MetsMichael Conforto admits at the moment that he probably driven himself a little bit as well difficult within his restoration very last spring and is wanting in advance toward likely into spring doing exercises extensively healthier this season near. Devin Mesoraco little league package deal with the Mets is $1.75 million with $250,000 within just incentives. Some NL executives spoke toward Mike Puma above the Mets and are significant upon the advancements they include intended, however stay skeptical of the team electric power in direction of earn in just a crowded NL East https://www.metsteeshirt.com/Robinson_Cano_T_Shirt-88. Irrespective, there is totally an air of pleasure at Port St. Lucie previously. Concerning 2 thirds of the Metsspring roster consists of presently claimed and they are absolutely sure within just the fledgling contemporary generation below Brodie Van Wagenen. Peter Alonso is striving in the direction of verify himself in just spring working out and acquire the Mets1st foundation undertaking.Mike Petriello of MLB.com identified as Amed Rosario as 1 of 11 avid gamers poised for a breakout time. Prior Satisfied Logan Verrett contains signed a little league offer with the A.Steven Matz recalled his April 25 get started towards the Cardinals very last period, inside of which he developed an errant toss upon a bunting perform and inevitably gave up 7 operates, inspite of staying upon a roll early. At the time that, Dave Eiland and Mickey Callaway aided him towards settle into a fresh mindset of resetting once each individual pitch and the good results ended up there upon the mound for Matz. Over the Nationwide League EastThere is hypothesis that the Nationals could attempt towards game or fight a Phillies supply for Bryce Harper accurately in direction of continue to keep him absent towards an NL East rival. Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports activities Philadelphia features us 5 Phillies who are likely into spring doing exercises with just about anything in the direction of show. Josh Donaldson is seeking towards re-ascertain himself at the time calf things to consider sidelined him for greatest of previous period. Rely Freddie Freeman concerning people who feel he can be the Josh Donaldson of previous. “I would notify our enthusiasts in direction of simply provide us a opportunity,Marlins president of baseball functions Michael Hill claims. About Biggest League BaseballReported deals toward Manny Machado are pouring inside of. Curiously the Yankees provided him $220 million about 7-toward-8 a long time, though the White Sox consist of obtainable $250 million around 8 a long time. For the minute instantly 12 months, it prospective in the direction of market an complete staff members with nevertheless-unsigned no cost brokers as spring exercising is over in direction of start out. And this yr that staff is headlined by means of 2 celebs. Aspect of the purpose individuals 2 stars keep on being unsigned is the reality that neither requirements towards be the to start with in the direction of signal and mounted the sector, in accordance towards Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic Marcos Molina T-Shirt. Inside the identical piece, he handles the Marlins exchange system every time it arrived toward J.T. Realmuto (spoiler notify: they had been seeking for an overpay) and hints at a future reunion concerning the Brewers and Mike Moustakas. Bryce Harper spoke really of Buster Posey in the course of his conference with the Giants and there is a experience within San Francisco that the Giants could be his desired staff at this reality https://www.metsteeshirt.com/Michael_Conforto_T_Shirt-28. A Nolan Arenado extension may possibly have an affect on not simply just Machado and Harper current market, nonetheless much too this summer exchange sector and up coming offseason absolutely free consultant current market https://www.metsteeshirt.com/Kevin_McGowan_T_Shirt-46, writes Mark Feinsand of MLB.com. Madison Bumgarner is not a lover of the opener idea. The Royals signed Homer Bailey towards a small league agreement. It is made up of been 2 several years because Yordano Ventura died inside of a motor vehicle crash Wally Backman T-Shirt. The cash being upon his agreement contains nonetheless not been paid out and his estate is broke. It is an unparalleled scenario inside Main League Baseball; Ventura is the initially key league participant with a multi-12 months deal in direction of incorporate died ahead of the agreement expired. Yesterday at AmazinAvenueIn the most up-to-date installment of our A single Final Circulation sequence, I created the scenario for introducing Adam Warren as the previous piece of an overhauled Mets bullpen. This Day within Mets HistoryOn this day within 1982, Frank Cashen generated his very first significant exchange as Mets overall supervisor, sending a few gamers toward the Reds within just switch for preceding MVP George Foster. Regretably, Foster was underwhelming as a Achieved.
  21. As rumors move forward in the direction of rumble more than the Indians investing absent 1 of their Cy More youthful-caliber pitchers, the suffering that flow would eventually lead to is at bare minimum dampened relatively via the emergence of Shane Bieber this very last period. When the 4.55 Technology in excess of 114.2 innings doesn accurately engender a whole lot of enjoyment, the quantities at the rear of the quantities - 5/1 K/BB ratio, 3.23 FIP, a likely unsustainably large .356 BABIP - produce Bieber look which include a correct prospect for mid-rotation beginner, if not anything at all even more substantial. MLB.com Mike Petriello incorporated him in just a checklist of 5 future breakout pitchers for 2019. At the moment we contain a few weeks in direction of marinate upon it, and continue to a whole lot of wintertime towards buy all through, what may possibly that visual appearance including?The components that manufactured Bieber an prosperous pitcher are uncomplicated Josh Smith T-Shirt. He consists of a sturdy repertoire of pitches, although absolutely nothing earth-overcoming, and he bodyweight the hell out of the hit zone. This combo catapulted him in the course of the minors as he more than-matched with management and some robust things. Possibly ongoing within the Majors, the place he confirmed no be concerned. He seriously strike the zone 47.9 per cent of the season in just 2018, the 9th greatest concerning starters who pitched further than 100 innings. His 4.7 per cent wander value as well rated 9th inside of that cohort, When his K%-BB% was 19th. As we all noticed, his energy in the direction of toss much more than 85 mph with his fastball - he averaged 93 mph upon the 4-seam this 12 months, a colour around league common 92.6 - indicates he probably not a Josh Tomlin clone, and that this was a starting up, not a glance of all he may possibly be. Thus that beneficial information. The terrible information, or at minimal the point that could waylay his hopes for a jump, is how sometimes hitters swung at his pitches inside of the zone. Despite the fact that he rated 9th within within just-zone pitches, he was 61st inside using individuals pitches swung at. Normally hitters are shifting in the direction of swing at pitches inside the zone much more, simply because that the reality of the hit zone https://www.indianstshirts.com/Shane_Bieber_T_Shirt-127. However this was a year of hitters having employed in the direction of him, and in all probability a little bit of remaining confused with his preternatural handle. He didn toss which include a starter Toby Harrah T-Shirt, which is likely Really unsettling for a veteran hitter quickly stated this refreshing pitcher. It would generate feel that, if he retains throwing the ball inside the zone, and retains leaning upon his fastball a ton, that hitters will have an understanding of that and assault far more once in a while. And after these swung-at pitches were being struck which transpired 85 p.c of the year upon within just-zone pitches they have been struck tough. His 43.3 p.c Complicated Strike selling price (Exit Velo earlier mentioned 95 mph) was 5th greatest between starters within 2018. If this retains very similar and hitters are additional competitive with him, it may possibly produce that hoped for breakout a bashing Very out of the blue. His propensity for offering up challenging-strike balls experienced just about anything in direction of do with his amplified BABIP of training course, yet it must tack downwards in just 2019 irrespective merely as a result of organic regression. Merely 2 other pitchers within just the best 10 within Challenging Strike Price tag experienced a BABIP earlier mentioned .300. Of system, house operates don rely from BABIP, and Jason Hammel tough the instant maximum price whilst actively playing inside Kaufmann Stadium with a .337 BABIP. Bieber doesn include an ocean of grass at the rear of him, thus there a reduced probability that BABIP lose may well far too add towards a spike within dwelling operates Brad Hand T-Shirt. Balls within just the zone inside this generation of swinging for the fences is a recipe for huge ERA and effortless exits.Nevertheless Bieber way too experienced a 45.3 p.c grounder value inside of 2018, thus he at minimal didn supply hitters rather as substantially of a opportunity toward strike for more bases. If he can lift that variety a little bit and with that handle of his, it not out of the realm of chance as he can hard work the edges, down within the zone and maintain gentlemen off stability if he capabilities fewer fastballs, he is certain in the direction of contain at minimal a little bit of a jump. Conversing of that pinpoint handle, which is often central in direction of any projection encompassing Bieber, his uber-complex mechanics issue him well toward establish some style of out pitch that can guidance that Difficult Strike Price get rid of. Prior to we shift there, feel back again in direction of Mike Clevinger initially year within Cleveland inside 2016. He experienced a tantalizing capability mounted - powerful fastball, positive secondary things, and he struck out a legitimate 21.5 % of batters. He furthermore walked 12.5 %, which was fewer reputable. The following 12 months that K selling price spiked in the direction of 27.3 and the wander value fell a little bit in direction of 12 p.c. However the central element of his 2018 breakout towards stardom was viewing that stroll selling price crater, plummeting towards 8.3 p.c though the K selling price saved in close proximity to-organization at 25.6 per cent. And central towards this comprehensive growth was a refinement of his mechanics, encapsulated within his launch truth. Choose a seem at his calendar year-in direction of-calendar year enhancement:as a result of GIPHYHe minimize his stroll price by means of slicing down upon the variation within rlease place. This moreover built him more durable toward monitor by means of the hitter. Previously, consider a glance at Bieber 2018 launch truth chart: It sophisticated, even even more consequently than a 3 yr veteran together with Clevinger, and even moreso than a 2-year Cy More youthful champion including, say, Corey Kluber Back, it elite handle, he simply doesn comprise the pitch in the direction of back again it up including Kluber. Which isn a very little factor, as a result of any extend Zoilo Versalles T-Shirt. As a result of Pitch Really worth, Bieber least difficult pitch is his slider, coming within just at 4 Pitching Operates. It his just pitch that ranked a optimistic Pitch Well worth. For comparison sake, Bauer slider ranked an 11.2, Clevinger a 13.1, and Kluber slurve was a 21.6. That what a excellent pitch seems to be together with. Bieber doesn comprise 1 nevertheless. In accordance towards Brooks Baseball, his slider merely moved 1.4 inches horizontally upon normal, and was fundamentally flat vertically. And that his easiest ranked pitch. His curve is a considerably less thriving edition of Bauer - 7.9 inches of eliminate as opposed in the direction of 11 for Bauer - and his distinction is made up of a small vertical move profile in direction of his fastball. It a variation of simply regarding a few inches, therefore as in direction of deliver it fewer profitable as all the things other than having it off the adorable desired destination of the bat a little bit. None of this is in the direction of say Bieber isn likely in the direction of strengthen as he goes into 2019 and further than. He undoubtedly obtained the producing blocks toward be an successful pitcher. It only a unusual opposite of what wee recognized inside the further than, wherever a pitcher consists of a vicious arsenal of pitches nonetheless demands in direction of refine his handle towards be prosperous. If some thing it may possibly behoove him towards toss considerably less fastballs, lower their use down towards 45 p.c or hence towards the 57.5 he confirmed within 2018. He currently proven superb take care of with his offspeed things as a great deal as his fastball, therefore jumping into further more “pitchingquite than simply throwing might be his product or service, as a substitute than Bauer-ing his route into thieving an elite pitch towards an individual. Barring some type of pitch improvement, and viewing what we consist of against pitchers throughout the league and even in the Indianscompany that doesn look not likely, that take care of and advancement of his pitch number would be what elevates Bieber. He not moving towards transform into Tomlin, nonetheless that may well be a gentleman toward emulate, at bare minimum within course of action. It a choice course towards forge a breakout of program, yet just one that oneself can rightfully anticipate.
  22. dammit, when reading your title i thought it meant EA had already planned to release it - not 'will they ever release it'
  23. I wonder if there is any chance of this ever happening if someone from whatever is left of the community made some dogged inquiries. We could write out the Gamespy dependencies and fix a whole heck of a lot of bugs... I wonder who we should talk to first at EA to make this happen? Oddly, I actually went to class in high school with someone, who ended up working at EA sports at their Atlanta office in marketing.... whether they still have a job there or not, I'd have to look on Linkedin... CHOPPERGIRL @ AIR-WAR.ORG
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  26. Instead of lighting the terrain according to the sunterrain/skyterraincolor in sky.con, it shows the greyish/cloudy looking coloring that the Colormaps show. Ive been struggling with this finding out whats up and I noticed its something to do with the terraindata.raw but cant actually find out whats wrong. its not to do with the lightmaps either, because when i manually increase brightness/shadows it shows no difference.
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    Thanks for the tutorials. I will work on uploading the picture tutorial to the BF modding Wikia: https://classic-battlefield-modding.fandom.com/wiki/Classic_Battlefield_Modding_Wikia
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