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  2. Where do I place flowers on the grave for the Battlefield series....? Who wants to start a small collection for me to actually make a real tombstone (like, the cost of buying a bag of quick concrete, maybe Devilman can give me some advice in that department) and a grave site.... maybe I'll bury all my plastic candy box copies I bought from CompUSA (which also died, along with Circuit City, Computer City, and Radio Shack... and probably a long, long list of other tech companies)... CHOPPERGIRL http://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/member.php?u=37217
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  4. Looking forward to the features, like fov fix for widescreen and scope effect like the one in alpha project!
  5. Here is a bare bones version of the source code https://github.com/BadSanta12345/RFX It doesn't have any actual features yet but at least I got it to GitHub so it should be faster to add them in. I do have the code for all the stuff presented in my YouTube videos and for the shader variable thing but I have to do some cleaning up before I am ready to add them to the GitHub project for everyone to see.
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  7. HI all! And happy new year! So Bfvietnam is now abandonware but the characters are very good and ICONIC i want to port the BFV characters into BF2.for a vietnam mod with all the jungle vegitation on Myanmar map I saw the japanese soldiers are already ported on ww2 modsis possible through POE tools for 3ds max 9 /10?are the models so differents for the skeleton bfv bf2?is possible to adapt the backpack in BFV on bf2 kits? sorry for my awful englishthanks in advance guys
  8. Very cool.
  9. If you've got a *nix system, you could do: find . -name *bundledmesh -exec strings "{}" \; | grep '/textures/.*.dds$' | uniq -c which will do what you described for all files/folders recursively in the current directory. Though, it would need a little tweaking to look in zips as well.
  10. @ Remdul Are you able to modify meshviewer,or make a seperate program That can search through a folder,full of folders (zipped or unzipped) ,such as Weapons/Handheld And find a text string written in a bundledmesh file Such as xxx/Textures/Scope.dds
  11. I mentioned DUV because doing multiple texture fetches from the same texture to build your normal gets expensive really quick. Especially with 6 layers of detail textures, I guess the only reason you don't hit the SM2 limits is because BF2 alpha-blends the detail layers (texture fetches spread over several drawcalls/pixel shader invokations). Not sure about vertex colors actually. The BF2 mesh files (.staticmesh, .bundledmesh and .skinnedmesh are virtually identical internally) do store a table of vertex attribute information, with a field for the type (position/normal/UV/weight etc). This information includes the attribute usage type, which maps to a D3D constant. By adding an attribute for vertex colors it *may* work. But you'd have to seriously modify the exporter tools. If I have time I'll see if I can generate a blank VC channel in some staticmesh file and see if I can get access it in a BF2 shader (that's the critical part, does BF2 actually bind the attribute if it exists in the mesh file); a proof of concept. There's however an easier alternative, and that's by storing the vertex colors in UV channels (you need two channels to get RGBA). The POE exporter at least exports always at least 4 UV channels, even if not all are used. Alternatively, you can even use an (uncompressed!) lookup texture (rainbow) and index into it via UV coordinates. 3dsmax does (or did) this internally, it's really stupid and confusing, but it works.
  12. Yup, I tried a few different variants before I settled with what I'm suing now. Really, you can derive any component of the normal map with a heightmap but I preferred the cross multiply method because it derives the full normal map and uses only a few instructions. I actually got the idea from a material function in UE4/UDK called "NormalFromHeightmap". The version of the shader I'm using now has specularity turned off completely because it can't be controlled at the moment. It just uses the normal bump.I guess this would be called a "diffuse lambert" shader. You can see an example of it in the video I posted last page. I wanted to ask you a question though.. since you have obviously torn into the BF2 mesh files to make Meshview, I was wondering if you could confirm that staticmesh files do or do not contain vertex colors? I have been playing around with the staticmesh shader and I could not get it to output the vertex colors. Sometimes the EXE won't pass information like that to the shader if its not used for vanilla bf2.
  13. By the way Corona, you can store 'kind of' store a normal map in one channel. I found this out by accident in one of my own game projects where I stored a terrain normal map in two XY and reconstructing Z. Except that I bungled the shader code, and was actually passing and unitialized value (zero) as Y. Yet the normal map looked pretty acceptable. Essentially it's like a DUV map, where you reconstruct one component. For most terrain detail normal maps (= tangent space) you have relatively little bump/contrast (blue channel is mostly blank), so you can get often away with it. It may reveal itself more with specular reflection and envmaps though.
  14. Nice!
  15. Hey just touching base!

  16. cheers m8.
  17. Cool! Great work man :-)
  18. I just released a new version (BfMeshView 2.3.2)! http://www.bytehazard.com/bfstuff/bfmeshview/ The highlights: * added 'Copy UV Channel' tool * added mouse wheel zoom to 'UV Editor' * added 'Fix Overgrowth Alpha Mode' for BF2 .staticmesh * added 'pro user' mode to skip overwrite warning on mesh save (enable in "config.ini": promode=1) * added option to choose UV channel for OBJ export * added option to export transformed vertices for OBJ export * fixed OBJ export UVs being vertically inverted * fixed error message when selecting missing material texture maps * 'Generate Samples' tool now automatically reloads samples Feedback welcome. Please report regressions and new bugs. PS: GitHub code is temporarily out of date, will sync my SVN repo with GitHub later.
  19. Nice work guys! I might take a look at it this, if time allows. By the way, is it just me or did nVidia break PCF texture filtering in BF2? IIRC DICE poorly hardcoded hardware SM detection, so modern NV hardware falls back to crappy ATI low quality stuff. We fixed this in FH2 by getting rid of the (now useless) optimizations altogether (SpecularLUT etc to get nicer specular), but PCF remains rather broken in my NV setups after updating drivers some years ago. Passing variables to shaders is a very neat feature, this could allow some nice post processing effects without the hacks we did in FH2.
  20. Hello BF2142 players. I'm BF2 modder and today I would love to share information about my work in progress mod which aims to improve vBF2142 visuals, animations and gameplay. I've been working on CryEngine and graphics design so I used my knowledge how to make good looking, seamless and smooth textures like they are done for any other my 3D projects. I've been developing several BF2 mods before, but now I moved to 2142 since it lack of "love" compared to other BF titles. So I started from higher resoliution textures integration. Some new textures are 2k or 4k res, mostly applied to terrain and static objects. However, due to engine limitations, I cannot reskin every single object ingame because after it reaches 2GB useage, exe will crash. There's BFSP post with more details: http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19213&pid=200244&st=0&#entry200244 Example screenshots:
  21. Hey guys. This all sounds amazing. Truly epic. This might sound abit silly but what does the Event Viewer log at the time of the crash? Many times the Event Viewer reports has helped fix the online server crashes. Hope to speak soon guys.
  22. Still offline... thanks for hosting the backup.
  23. Just a little update: I have been working on making the code more portable so if someone else wants to compile it they have to download as few libraries as possible. Now I got it to the point where the only needed library is actually the directx9 sdk which is a must for the shader functionality to work. Also it has to be compiled with Visual studio 2015 because it uses some of the new fancy C++ 11/14 features. I still have to find out why the game always crashes when exiting instead of shutting down and freeing resources correctly.
  24. Aren't Beta Movies great? The cheaper they are the better they are :-) Btw, deleted your double posting and moved this to offtopic - its not really related to BF2, is it?
  25. Yeah. I think the terrain is rendered in 6 passes or so, one for each detail texture. At the moment the system can only pass sort of global data. For example if you pass a texture to a custom texture variable in the bundledmesh shader the texture will be the same for all bundledmesh instances. I think I can make it more clever so that it could pass different textures for different terrain detail layers. PS. I am currently doing some work on the dynamic shadow maps. I already got rid of the horrible shimmering edge when you move or rotate the camera. I think it might be possible to do cascaded shadow maps in BF2. Cascaded shadow maps is the method most modern game engines use for dynamic shadowing.
  26. Looks Great M8!
  27. Jungle Project meets Shader Project! A day version of Hunter's Moon running the new normals shader. I also added improved envmap techniques for more realistic puddles. Not perfect but it's looking better every day. I also have a rough test version for you guys to try if you want. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5119a8a1iju36c9/TerrainNormals.zip
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