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  2. kano

    BF2editor errors while loading level

    did you unzip the client and server files?
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  4. I feel like this must have been asked a million times, but I have read other posts and none answer the question. I have installed BF2editor and it starts up fine. when I go to load a level to edit, it crashes with an Unhandled Exception and closes. The last line of the logfile says "Heightmap not found" although the HeightmapPrimary.raw file is right there! I have extracted the contents of the server and client zip files and created the editor folder. I have used the editor before and it was always difficult to get up and running. This time, however, I can't seem to get a handle on it. And help is appreciated. Debug_DANIEL_20191213_1613_Editor.log
  5. I don't know why that posted itself so many times. Not on purpose.
  6. I am disappointed when people say they fix the problem but don't say HOW. Then when others come along who have the same problem, they aren't given access to a solution.
  7. I am disappointed when people say they fix the problem but don't say HOW. Then when others come along who have the same problem, they aren't given access to a solution.
  8. WilliamWes

    Daily searching

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  11. Jeannettewf

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  12. kano

    Is there any help out there?

    Thank you!
  13. Stubbfan

    Is there any help out there?

    if you join fh2 discord i can probably answer a question or two about exporting if you need it. But i don't really have time to go in and export stuff. Too much on my own plate for that.
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  15. Bixxy

    Effect Vanishes

    Create new resource > Bundle > put it in staticfx in static objects then add your effects to that Bundle resource
  16. Interstate76

    Recreating Map's Editor Files

    In case anyone else is searching for this, I found it! It doesn't have the action script, but it's easy enough to make one now that you can see the screenshots.
  17. Interstate76

    Recreating Map's Editor Files

    Is there an updated tutorial for this? The PS action link is dead and the screenshots are worthless with the photobucket watermark.
  18. Bixxy

    Lighting Artist In Looking For Job ! (Free)

    Would be more impressed if this included custom skyboxes
  19. I've never seen this before and I'm starting to think it's impossible, but it would be weird since it does (sort of) shine on driving-by vehicles.
  20. kano

    Convert Images In Colormaps

    ERROR 404: Seite nicht gefunden Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten: Die von Ihnen aufgerufenene URL konnte nicht auf dem Server gefunden werden!
  21. kano

    How to fix broken EAX setup

    Don't forget to add run Sounds.con to your levels init.con!

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff


    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff


    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff


    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff


    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

  27. ADD TO YOUR INIT.CON rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- gameLogic.setTeamDropVehicle 1 "LightJeep" gameLogic.setTeamDropVehicle 2 LightJeep" rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADD TO YOUR GAMEPLAYOBJECTS.CON rem ********** Object Spawner ********** rem [ObjectSpawnerTemplate: CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep_2] ObjectTemplate.create ObjectSpawner CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep_2 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe ObjectSpawner CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep_2 ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Dickie" ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable 1 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0 ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 1 ExpQuadRotor ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 2 MQ27 if v_arg1 == host rem [ObjectSpawner: CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep_2] Object.create CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep_2 Object.absolutePosition -310.369/25.421/-237.073 Object.rotation 26.482/0.000/0.000 Object.setControlPointId 1 Object.layer 1
  28. cLinch3r

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    Now that's bad-ass
  29. we need a couple of tracked vehicles and boats put in game, Unfortunately our team has shrunk to only a couple of people, also we have cloned several vehicles that need their factions changing to their new allegiance! So if you can export vehicles in max or have skills in Photoshop we need you! If you can help contact me here or on Facebook! Nations At War on Facebook Nations At War on Mewe Nations At War on YouTube Nations At War on Moddb Nations At War on discord
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