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  3. Neyxos, you are my legend! Thanks for this pack... Для тебя, отдельное место в раю!
  4. Як змінити наявні в bf2 карти, наприклад dalian plant. Тобто головна проблема що якщо роблю зміну об'єкта чи видалення то при завантажені на сервер викидає з гри.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm new here. I wanted to import a character and edit it and then export it to bf2, but once I import it it does not have any skin modifier. and once I try to export it it's a .staticmesh can anyone help me out? sadly doomlab.com and Rex3d links are all dead so if anyone have the access to those files I would be really appreciated thanks
  6. 2022 Update: The BF Technical Wiki is back up and running again slight change to the URL Wiki backup is back online, fully updated the MediaWiki software to the latest version. Polite Notice: This may be several years our of date now as the original backup i took was back in 2012 and from the "Internet Archive" pages. Updated URL: https://bftech.darkstormstudios.co.uk/index.php/Main_Page Please Note: The Wiki is in a permanent read only mode, no pages can be created or edited, and user account creation is disabled.
  7. Hello, I have recently installed BF2 Editor on Windows 10 laptop and currently running it in compatibility mode for XP SP3. I can load the mod, enter LevelEditor and open a map as usual, but if I click anything inside the map (e.g. to rotate camera angle), the editor seems to be frozen and no buttons respond, but I can still navigate the map with WASD keys. After a while, even those don't work and the editor is completely frozen. I tried searching for any similar cases in this forum and elsewhere, but found nothing related. In case my specs are relevant: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz, 2.60 GHz RAM: 8.00 GB (7.89 GB available) Display: NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M If anyone could help me that would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hey PP Bensta and mschoeldgen. Hope you are all well! CB
  9. Hello all, I am facing an issue when trying to launch an BF2 mod. I've tried v.1.41 and 1.50, but the error happenned with the both versions. I am talking about this mod: I am attaching a screenshot from the issue. Please help me. Thanks to all in advance.
  10. Howdy Folks, Professor_Smith here again with another mind boggling modding issue. I was not sure which forum topic to place this under, as 1. It is in regards to Bf1942, and 2. It is in regards to getting specific edits to work over a dedicated server. Firstly, the HTroop modding team and I just released HTroop v1.2 Beta. It can be found on ModDB.com, at: http://www.moddb.com/mods/na32358 Secondly, when running a Dedicated Server for our Play Testers, a bunch of important edits regarding flame effects caused by flame throwers, lazer towers, and more, are being removed by the Dedicated Server. I have tried so many different ideas and combinations of scripts, but nothing works to allow the Supply Depot effects to work, unless playing in Singleplayer Mod, or running a LAN or Internet game from the Game Menu. I need a Dedicated Server Expert here that thinks outside the box, to help me figure out a Command or Script (or process) that will allow Supply Depots run from Effects files or in conjunction with Damage Effects, to run over a Dedicated Server. Or I need a way or a command, to Trick the Dedicated Server or the Game Engine into thinking that it is running a Dedicated Server, while running more like a LAN or Internet Server as if run from the game menu, where NO EDITS are removed from the Host or Clients. Can anyone help me? Thank You, Joshua Professor_Smith
  11. I solved the problem by adding the cloned jet to the AIX mod directory (with the files in their own directory with the *.zip files inside). I then added the path and filenames to the Client and Server archives. I removed all of the files that I added to my new map and just referenced the new jet like I would any other. Everything is working fine. Regards, Ranger_Sgt_Duke
  12. Hello All! I have spent countless hours trying to solve a problem. My son-in-law and I play BF2 (AIX2) on my home server every week. I have several modded maps (all "tweaks" are within the maps themselves; I renamed the maps that are tweaked because I don't want to overwrite the original content). I recently decided to make the "ultimate" airplane. My favorite is the SU34 (two seater). I cloned it, reskinned it, and added Maverick missiles to it (and added artillery shells as the machine gun bullets...its like an A-10 now...lol). I also replaced the HUD with the ones from the US vehicles (green...not custom, just replaced the references). It works great on Conquest, but BF2 will crash as soon as I "enter" the plane in Co-op. I believe my problem is with the Weapons.ai and/or the Objects.ai, but I could be wrong. Thanks in advance for your help! I am happy to know people are still playing this awesome game! --- Here are the contents of both: Weapons.ai rem *** Weaponory *** rem * Machine gun * weaponTemplate.create RUAIR_SU34XAutoCannon weaponTemplate.indirect 0 weaponTemplate.minRange 5.0 weaponTemplate.maxRange 600.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Infantry 9.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength LightArmour 4.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength HeavyArmour 0.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength NavalArmour 0.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Helicopter 5.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Airplane 4.0 weaponTemplate.allowedDeviation 20.0 rem * AAM * weaponTemplate.create RUAIR_SU34X_Archer_AI weaponTemplate.indirect 0 weaponTemplate.minRange 5.0 weaponTemplate.maxRange 600.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Infantry 0.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength LightArmour 0.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength HeavyArmour 0.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength NavalArmour 0.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Helicopter 7.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Airplane 9.0 weaponTemplate.allowedDeviation 15.0 rem * Bombs * weaponTemplate.create RUAIR_SU34XBombs weaponTemplate.indirect 1 weaponTemplate.minRange 30.0 weaponTemplate.maxRange 500.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Infantry 8 weaponTemplate.setStrength LightArmour 31 weaponTemplate.setStrength HeavyArmour 25 weaponTemplate.setStrength NavalArmour 3 weaponTemplate.setStrength Helicopter 1 weaponTemplate.setStrength Airplane 1 weaponTemplate.allowedDeviation 15.0 rem * Laser guided * weaponTemplate.create RUAIR_SU34XKedge weaponTemplate.indirect 0 weaponTemplate.minRange 30.0 weaponTemplate.maxRange 500.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Infantry 0.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength LightArmour 6.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength HeavyArmour 6.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength NavalArmour 3.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Helicopter 3.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Airplane 3.0 weaponTemplate.allowedDeviation 15.0 rem *Laser Guided Missiles* rem weaponTemplate.create RUAIR_SU34X_Mavericks rem rem WeaponTemplate.WeaponFire PIAltFire rem weaponTemplate.indirect 0 rem weaponTemplate.minRange 5.0 rem weaponTemplate.maxRange 300.0 rem weaponTemplate.setStrength Infantry 0.0 rem weaponTemplate.setStrength LightArmour 35.0 rem weaponTemplate.setStrength HeavyArmour 45.0 rem weaponTemplate.setStrength NavalArmour 30.0 rem weaponTemplate.setStrength Helicopter 0.0 rem weaponTemplate.setStrength Airplane 0.0 rem rem weaponTemplate.fireRate 60 rem weaponTemplate.allowedDeviation 90.0 Objects.ai rem *** Plugins *** aiTemplatePlugIn.create Unit RUAIR_SU34XUnit aiTemplatePlugIn.equipmentTypeName Plane aiTemplatePlugIn.setStrategicStrength 0 3 aiTemplatePlugIn.setStrategicStrength 1 3 aiTemplatePlugIn.create Physical RUAIR_SU34XPhysical aiTemplatePlugIn.setStrType AirPlane aiTemplatePlugIn.create ControlInfo RUAIR_SU34XCtrl aiTemplatePlugIn.driveTurnControl PIYaw aiTemplatePlugIn.driveThrottleControl PIThrottle aiTemplatePlugIn.aimHorizontalControl PIYaw aiTemplatePlugIn.aimVerticalControl PIPitch aiTemplatePlugIn.driveRollControl PIRoll aiTemplatePlugIn.drivePitchControl PIPitch aiTemplatePlugIn.aimRollControl PIRoll aiTemplatePlugIn.aimThrottleControl PIThrottle aiTemplatePlugIn.throttleSensitivity -3.0 rem aiTemplatePlugIn.pitchSensitivity -0.5 aiTemplatePlugIn.pitchSensitivity -1.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.rollSensitivity -1.3 aiTemplatePlugIn.yawSensitivity 0.3 aiTemplatePlugIn.throttleLookAhead 1.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.pitchLookAhead 1.2 aiTemplatePlugIn.rollLookAhead 1.5 aiTemplatePlugIn.yawLookAhead 0.3 aiTemplatePlugIn.throttleScale 1.0 rem *** Angle in radians *** aiTemplatePlugIn.pitchScale 0.0010 aiTemplatePlugIn.rollScale 0.0020 aiTemplatePlugIn.yawScale 0.0175 aiTemplatePlugIn.maxRollAngle 0.9900 aiTemplatePlugIn.maxClimbAngle 0.3333 aiTemplatePlugIn.create Mobile RUAIR_SU34XMobile aiTemplatePlugIn.vehicleNumber -1 aiTemplatePlugIn.maxSpeed 60.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.turnRadius 25.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.setSoundSphereRadius 0.0 150.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.setHearingProbability 0.01 0.3 aiTemplatePlugIn.create Armament RUAIR_SU34XArms aiTemplatePlugIn.setIsAntiAircraft 1 rem *** AITemplate *** aiTemplate.create RUAIR_SU34X aiTemplate.addType ITUnit aiTemplate.addType ITMobile aiTemplate.addType ITAir aiTemplate.addType ITHasWreck rem aiTemplate.addType ITCover aiTemplate.degeneration 5 aiTemplate.allowedTimeDiff 0.5 aiTemplate.basicTemp 15 aiTemplate.commonKnowledge 0 aiTemplate.addPlugIn RUAIR_SU34XUnit aiTemplate.addPlugIn RUAIR_SU34XPhysical aiTemplate.addPlugIn RUAIR_SU34XCtrl aiTemplate.addPlugIn RUAIR_SU34XMobile aiTemplate.addPlugIn RUAIR_SU34XArms rem *** The Co.pilot rem *** Plugins *** aiTemplatePlugIn.create Armament RUAIR_SU34XCOPArms rem aiTemplatePlugIn.setIsAntiAircraft 1 aiTemplatePlugIn.create Unit RUAIR_SU34XCOPUnit aiTemplatePlugIn.equipmentTypeName Fixed aiTemplatePlugIn.setStrategicStrength 0 2 aiTemplatePlugIn.setStrategicStrength 1 2 aiTemplatePlugIn.setHasExposedSoldier 1 aiTemplatePlugIn.create ControlInfo RUAIR_SU34XCOPCtrl aiTemplatePlugIn.driveTurnControl PIYaw aiTemplatePlugIn.driveThrottleControl PIThrottle aiTemplatePlugIn.aimHorizontalControl PIMouseLookX aiTemplatePlugIn.aimVerticalControl PIMouseLookY aiTemplatePlugIn.lookHorizontalControl PIMouseLookX aiTemplatePlugIn.lookVerticalControl PIMouseLookY aiTemplatePlugIn.throttleSensitivity -1.0 rem aiTemplatePlugIn.pitchSensitivity 0.021817 rem aiTemplatePlugIn.rollSensitivity -0.021817 aiTemplatePlugIn.pitchSensitivity 0.21817 aiTemplatePlugIn.rollSensitivity -0.21817 aiTemplatePlugIn.yawSensitivity -2.5 rem aiTemplatePlugIn.lookVerticalSensitivity 0.021817 rem aiTemplatePlugIn.lookHorizontalSensitivity -0.021817 aiTemplatePlugIn.lookVerticalSensitivity 0.21817 aiTemplatePlugIn.lookHorizontalSensitivity -0.21817 aiTemplatePlugIn.throttleLookAhead 1.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.pitchLookAhead 1.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.rollLookAhead 1.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.yawLookAhead 1.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.lookVerticalLookAhead 1.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.lookHorizontalLookAhead 1.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.throttleScale 1.0 rem *** Angle in radians *** aiTemplatePlugIn.pitchScale 2.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.rollScale 2.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.yawScale 0.0020 aiTemplatePlugIn.lookVerticalScale 1.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.lookHorizontalScale 1.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.setCameraRelativeMinRotationDeg -360/-45/0 aiTemplatePlugIn.setCameraRelativeMaxRotationDeg 360/10/0 rem *** AITemplate *** aiTemplate.create RUAIR_SU34XCoPilot aiTemplate.addType ITUnit aiTemplate.addType ITBiological aiTemplate.addType ITAir aiTemplate.degeneration 10 aiTemplate.allowedTimeDiff 1 aiTemplate.basicTemp 10 aiTemplate.commonKnowledge 0 aiTemplate.secondary 1 aiTemplate.addPlugIn RUAIR_SU34XCOPArms aiTemplate.addPlugIn RUAIR_SU34XCOPUnit aiTemplate.addPlugIn RUAIR_SU34XCOPCtrl
  13. This year Lost-Soldiers BF2 Community will play Zombies & Pirates for Halloween! (credits to Master-CA, Catbox, Detrux, PiratePlunder, 1/2Hawk, INtense) WHEN: Saturday 30th of October starting 21:00 CEST for OMNICIDE (Zombie Co-op) WHERE: cm.lost-soldiers.org:1*000-* + voice.lost-soldiers.org (TS3) *there will be multiple co-op servers and rooms available, bring your mates! WHEN: Sunday 31st of October starting 21:00 CET for PIRATES II (Pirates/Skeletons) WHERE: cm.lost-soldiers.org:12000 + voice.lost-soldiers.org (TS3) We invite you to our yearly Halloween Event where we play spooky mods together and hang out in our TeamSpeak to get the full 360 experience. Streamers/content creators welcome! The Pirates mod is the same as last year event, turnout here. FULL GAME DOWNLOAD Refer to this tutorial, everything is explained there so read it carefully 😊 MOD DOWNLOAD There is a green link at the bottom, mirror links are also available Omnicide (Zombie Mod) Pirates 2 (Pirate Mod) Make sure to test the mod(s) before the day of the event, if you wait last minute you may as well walk the plank! YARRR
  14. We used it in Naw 6.0! https://www.moddb.com/mods/nations-at-war/downloads/nations-at-war-v60-client and the Standalone of Naw! https://www.moddb.com/mods/nations-at-war/downloads/naw-launcher-setup-123 or just download just the KA-50 here ahe_ka50.zip 61.39 MB https://1fichier.com/?wra81e6bcjmdl628of1r
  15. Hopes it ,maybe, appears in some mods.
  16. re run lightmaps! anytime you adjust height of the water or add or adjust envmaps you need to re do the lightmaps for the terrain! as for which envmap to use just pick one, best to use one with no buildings otherwise your see the reflection of the building in the water all over the map.
  17. I know this topic is 15 years old, but I hope someone can help. I followed the tutorial to the letter, but have a couple issues.... 1. When creating the EnvMaps, in the EnvMaps folder, many files were created (one for each EnvMap, I assume). In the step that says "copy the file called "EnvMap0.dds and paste that file in your water folder". I think that was based on if you had only ONE EnvMap. What do you do if you have several EnvMaps? Do you still only copy over the one file? 2. After following all the steps, my water is transparent (see attached image). Any help figuring out what I did wrong? Thanks!
  18. When Battlefield 1943 came out on the Xbox Live Arcade, I fell in love. The Battlefield 2 mod with ai scratches that nostalgic itch. There are a few issues I have with bugs or ai behaviors that I would like to fix myself but I am uneducated in how to do so and I need some help. From what I can tell, these problems are not specific to this mod. 1) The bots refuse to man stationary MGs which would make for a much more intense experience. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add ai support for them or increase the likelihood of bots using them. The maps indicate that the stationary MGs are called "bipod_idf_m1919" which are referenced in their ".con" and ".tweak" files as aiTemplates as "UsBipod." I checked the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bull3t\BFHD\mods\BF1943\Objects_server.zip\Weapons\stationary\MG_Bipod\bipod_idf_m1919" folder for an "ai" folder containing an "Objects.ai" file. I did not find one. This is where the "aiTemplate.basicTemp" setting *should* be. I have tried writing my own Objects.ai file but it does not seem to work. Any ideas? 2) The bots seem to fixate on one flag capture point at time instead of attacking at multiple fronts. Is there any way to adjust this easily without using the editor? Thanks in advance.
  19. Just happened to pass by, but been years in the wilderness
  20. dainiuxxx can you update download links for texture converters? site gives error 404. I can't download. Are you alive in 2021?
  21. elementofprgress the script gives me an error like <chunk> is missing chunk replaced
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