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    Bf2Tech Wiki

    Wiki is back up! Updated first post with new URL details.
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    Autumn is coming to

    Autumn is coming to the winter, and the vibrant forest has become so quiet. The "singer" frog went to hibernate; the "living elf" squirrel ate the pine cones in the tree hole; the bear tiger too "the tiger's back" was also doing a shy and delicious dream... and the fox was cheated What about the meat crow? She is frowning for the sake of doing a nest!hing is this: it is the autumn of the sky. It was a night of lightning, thunder, and wind and rain. The whistling wind blew a crow's nest out of a big hole Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping. The crow had originally wanted to "when the monk hit a day," but the weather was getting colder and the crow had to worry about the nest Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj.ter thinking through racking his brains, it decided to let the neighbor Miss Sparrow come to help. she opened her wings and thumped a few times and flew to the small and delicate Miss Sparrow's house. She knocked on the door of Miss Sparrow and waited for a long time, but she did not see a half-personal shadow. The crow looked out from the window next to it, only to see that it was empty, and people had already gone to the sky. At this time, the crow suddenly remembered that Miss Sparrow had already moved away. Forgot to tell everyone that the crow is a "forgetful mania." On this day, the crowly the next morning, the crow flew deep into the forest. Before she fell asleep last night, she thought of her distant relatives, the clever Mr. Parrot. When I came to Mr. Parrot's house, I found that their family's situation was more unsightly than their own situation. I am too embarrassed to ask them to help again.ght, the weather was surprisingly cold. The crow stood at the door of the house and hoped that someone could find someone to fix the nest tomorrow. She fantasized about the scene of the repair of the nest, and she could not help but open the flowers. But at this time, the original breezy, but now it has become a biting cold wind, so that the crow can not help but shudder. After a while, the snow began, and the snow and snow mixed, causing the crow's legs to tremble, and the two touched together to make a "squeaky" sound. When the crow rushed to death not far from her, she closed her desperate eyes.the third day, when I woke up, the crow found that she was not dead Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes. She quickly turned over the white snow, found the branches, and filled the holes.gh the crow is not dead, she understands that one person should not always count on outsiders. It is the most convenient and effective to rely on himself! Once upon a time there was a beautiful forest, the branches were lush Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, lush and full of life, and each tree was like a giant fan. Here is a bird's paradise, each tree has dozens of bird's nests.ay, the eagle king announced to the birds: There is a hunter in our forest. He lives in the log cabin at the foot of the mountain. After that, everyone shouldxt day, the hunter went up the mountain. The eagle king flew in front of the hunter and said to him: "You can't kill us, or you humans will regret it." The hunter seems to believe in unbelief, but still raises his gun to the eagle king Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery. The eagle king who fell in the pool of blood sighed deeply: "Oh..." From then on, the forest was in chaos. Du Fu said: "We are sitting here waiting to die, it is better to fight with the hunter." "Yes!" Everyone replied in unison.e birds organized a team called "The Hunting Death Squad", and even the little sparrows participated. As soon as the hunter went up the mountain, the death squad rushed out and smashed enough. But human beings are powerful after all. After a few days, this death squad has all fallen into the hunter's stomach. One night, the hunter suddenly heard a squeaky voice in the mountain. He took the shotgun and went to the mountain to see it. When he went up the mountain, he saw the dark worm crawling up from nter quickly brought a group of birds from the south and put them back into the forest. Since then, the forest has returned to its original state. The hunter not only did not catch birds, but also started to be friends with the birds. The hunter planted the land and the bird helped him to remove the pests. The hunter divides the food every morning next to each bird's nest.
  4. Terminal-Access

    BF Technical Information Wiki

    2019 Update: The BF Technical Wiki is back up and running again slight change to the URL Wiki backup is back online. Polite Notice: This may be several years our of date now as the original backup i took was back in 2012 and from the "Internet Archive" pages. Updated URL: https://bftech.ubegaming.co.uk/Main_Page
  5. The new shoe, the Jordan Legacy 312, which was born last year, was created by the famous street brand Just Don, Don C and Jordan Brand. Recently, the new color scheme has appeared frequently. Known as the "strongest three-in-one", the Jordan Legacy 312, naturally with a hybrid design, its name shows the elements of the shoe it contains, 312 corresponding to Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 1 and Air Trainer 2, respectively. Combine these three classics and the popular shoes, the name of "the strongest three-in-one" comes from this! The new color of Jordan Legacy 312 Black Suede is the theme of classic black and red. The large black suede matches the same midsole as the Hurricane Air Jordan 3 “Katrina”. The red accent on the heel of the midsole is the crowning touch of the whole pair of shoes. The integration of the explosion cracks enhances the layering of the whole pair of shoes. Compared with the previous color scheme, this pair of black and red is obviously more classic and more OG. In the past two years, Air Jordan 1 is extremely popular. The nine-hole OG version is very expensive, which has caused many players to retreat to the next level. Many of the Zhongbang color schemes have been nicknamed “Little Black Red” and “Little Broken”. Recently, there is another pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid, which is similar in color to white buckle. It is a veritable "small buckle". The overall color distribution is the same as the white buckle. The only difference is that the white part of the upper is slightly bare pink, but it is not obvious from a distance. The laces are standard blue, and it is necessary to change the white laces to be more like white buckles. Formally stepping into 2019, I believe that the most sneaker players have been screened by Air Jordan 12, Converse and other various CNY series, but there are two pairs of Air Max 98 in the Nike lineup. The two pairs are exclusively for men and girls. The men's shoes are printed with the same paintings as “Tianjin Spray”. The details are combined with up to six different materials, each of which comes from the Nike “CNY” series. The shoes of the past 12 years have fully explained the design inspiration of Baijiayi. The girls' exclusive is similar to the CLOT x Air Jordan 13 released last year. The shoes are replaced with a vermilion Chinese style embossing. They can also be seen on the heel label of the Nike Air Max 98 CNY women's shoes with the Nike Air Force. 1 Low Year of the Dragon series is similar to the rainbow luster material. Both color schemes are rich in Chinese elements in design, and with the coming of the Chinese Year, you can really feel the scent of the year, plus the specifications of the male and female couples, it is still a bit difficult to start with the original price.
  6. cobrachoppergirl

    Skin Choppergirl's (Real Life) Airplane (Pics)

  7. cobrachoppergirl

    Skin Choppergirl's (Real Life) Airplane (Pics)

  8. cobrachoppergirl

    Skin Choppergirl's (Real Life) Airplane (Pics)

  9. I recreated this tutorial from a backup archive that I had, but I did not have the multiple camo examples that were later added: https://classic-battlefield-modding.wikia.com/wiki/How_To_Create_Camos_For_Existing_Bf2_Weapons
  10. In the new year, the new Yeezy series is mainly based on the adidas Yeezy Boost 700. Previously, there were three pairs of new color schemes. Recently, the Instagram shoe account onusinfo first appeared in a pair of adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Inertia physical map, it seems that the official release is getting closer. Compared with the renderings, the first exposure of the real thing has subtle differences, the shoes are made of different shades of gray, the light gray upper is slightly blue, only the orange and pink embellishment is added in the midsole, and the first hair The style of the color scheme is completely different, and there is still no bright color. It seems that the shoes of the new year have been changed to low-key wild routes. The 2018 that has just passed is definitely the big year of Air Jordan 1. Whether it is the re-enactment of OG's classic color scheme or the debut of the new color scheme, it has become a hot commodity on the market. Jordan Brand continued the development of the new color scheme and re-launched a high-profile Air Jordan 1 High Premium for girls. This pair of sneakers is based on a 9-hole shoe and is finished with a black powder color scheme. Black and white knit fabric is used from the toe to the tongue, and the Swoosh Logo and upper pattern are decorated in pink marble with an overall texture. Nike Air Max 98 has returned to people's attention last year. With the classic retro style and impressive color matching, it has won many players' favor! And in 2019, it still maintains a new rhythm, and this pair of fresh and refreshing new details is worthy of your attention! Nike Air Max 98 Metallic Silver shoes are white with a main tone, Swoosh and heel shoes are infused with a bright red decoration, and the navy blue midsole cushion adds a rich layer! What is special is that the inside of the shoe body is made of metal-glossy silver embroidery to create the "98" lettering. It is different from the previous conventional style, highlighting the identity of the shoe type, and highlighting the unique personality, which is very ceremonial!
  11. Nike classic running shoes Air Max 95 Recently, new color combinations emerge one after another. A new color exposure that looks like the OFF-WHITE style will be available soon at the end of this month. Off White x Nike Air Max 95 is accented in black and grey, with orange accents and leather with slashed texture. The insole is also printed with black and orange double-colored cordon stripes, which is very similar to OFF-WHITE. style. If you like the orange embellishment and cordon elements of OFF-WHITE, this shoe is the most cost-effective option. Nike Air Max 97 has been very popular in recent years, and the new color scheme is also endless. Nike also upgraded Air Max 97 last year with a new version of Air Max UL. The body is made of a breathable single-layer mesh material with an improved full palm cushion system that gives the OG a better feel than the OG. Recently, two Nike Air Max 97 UL official images were released, black gray and beige. The body is matched with the iconic 3M reflective strip, and the overall design is very simple. This morning, Jordan Brand officially kicked off the launch of the China Year CNY series, bringing two exclusive color matching sneakers, Air Jordan 12 and Air Jordan 33! Inspired by the traditional Chinese parenting folklore “Hundreds of Clothes”, the colorful collages are placed throughout the shoes to express the blessings of the New Year! Among them, the high-profile Air Jordan 12 CNY not only has a black and white contrast color upper that resembles the color of the playoffs, but also the gold buckle of the details. It is a classic and festive atmosphere. As the exclusive color matching created by the Chinese New Year, it was first launched in China this morning. The Air Jordan 12 “CNY” was sold for $229. The current market prices are slightly higher than the original price. From the side, the shipment is not small, but excellent. The design is still popular!
  12. Dnamro

    How To Modify The Bf2 Flash Menu

    Restored the tutorial with images, but I do not have the download tools https://classic-battlefield-modding.wikia.com/wiki/How_To_Modify_The_BF2_Flash_Menu
  13. Does any one have a copy of this tutorial with the images?
  14. nvm, i fixed the high pitch stuff with the pitchenvelope in the editor
  15. When i put my own ambient sound thats music ingame it sometimes comes out as lower pitched or slowed down, sometimes glitchy/earrapey. whats the correct way of exporting a .wav for ambient sound use?
  16. Hi. When i change the sun and sky colors of light for terrain in the editor it shows just fine but when going ingame i see no change unless i re-light map with the new terrain light settings. is this normal?
  17. Vostok3Bit

    Add Bots For New Map Alcazar

    https://yadi.sk/d/iBXprNPg63uki MAPS RWOM on (site rockets-bf.ru) Yandex Disk
  18. Dnamro

    Build And Navmesh A Long Wooden Bridge

    Tutorial restored: https://classic-battlefield-modding.wikia.com/wiki/Build_a_Long_Wooden_Bridge
  19. Dnamro

    [info] Stair Gradients & Info

    I mirrored this tutorial here with the missing images: https://classic-battlefield-modding.wikia.com/wiki/Stair_Gradients
  20. mschoeldgen[Xww2]

    Shifted color/detailmap

    I'm not quite sure what issue you mean. There is a seam in the ground texture if thats the problem... But note that the renderer in the editor differs a lot from the ingame engine, so its best to have a look at the same area inside the game. If in doubt, you could post your 'Terrain.con' and possibly your 'Sky.con' and we have a look.
  21. Bixxy

    Shifted color/detailmap

    This might be a lightmap thing or something though I've had it before without having lightmapped (if i remember correclty) Regardless, this happened Any tips?
  22. Since it is a shame to see the modding community for newer Battlefield games dying, I decided to create the blog Abandoned Modding Tools. As you can already guess by the name, in the first place I want to safe modding tools from the digital death, because no tools = no mods. So I looked trough my backups and used Wayback Machine to safe most of the Battlefield related tools, but sadly not all, especially some Battlefield 3 & 4 tools are lost. Therefore it would be really great if someone of you still have some tools that are not available on my blog yet. You can temporarily upload the tools to a file hoster like Google Drive, Mega etc. and share the link here, I will add the tools to my collection then. For a detailed list of the content hosted on my blog please click here. My blog also provides already tools for other games. I found them in my backups and they are not available for download anymore. As far as I can tell, I have all the most recent BC2 tools that are available & needed, or are there some other must have tools beside Mod Tools v3 & TexCon? For BF4 I have everything too so far, except for the "Mesh And Chunk File Management Tool" which seems necessary. For BF3 I need all tools... So again, if someone still have these tools, please upload them to a file hoster so I can add them to my collection. If you are the owner of one of the tools, mods etc. I provide on my blog and you don't want that I share them, please leave a comment below and I will remove your content as soon as possible.
  23. If you have ever run into this problem you know it can be complicated. If you have never run into this situation, one reason you may want to is if you are trying to create an AImesh or edit a navmesh for an object bundle. Object bundles don't load into 3ds Max. You can import each part, but then you are trying to line them up one by one. That will work for small bundles where you can easily figure out how each piece lines up. But if this is a complex object bundle with a lot of pieces or if it is difficult to figure out how they line up, then this can be a frustrating problem. Once common example would be a bridge made of overlapping sections. Since they overlap, it can be difficult trying to match the exact overlap when importing into 3ds Max. Then what if the sections are rotated and overlapped. In that case it gets a lot more complicated. I wrote a script that will convert each object in an object bundle into static Object format. It adds a position and rotation line for each object in the bundle and sets each object to layer 1.Download the Python 2.7 script here: (you must have Python 2.7 installed to be able to use)https://classic-battlefield-modding.wikia.c...ts_into_3ds_MaxNote: You would use the imported objects in 3ds Max as a placement guide.
  24. Hi, do you know where I can get the bfeditor, editor files for dragon valley and downtown.. thank you

  25. Catbox

    Anyone heard from Detrux?

    messaged you
  26. Dear folks we are trying to spawn bots on our server, after the round already started. We know from the idle bots mechanics, that there is a way to do this, like mentioned in this thread: The main code line for spawn a bot with a vehicle is mentioned like so: run mods/bf2/ai/vehicle.con usjep_hmmwv 3 2 JeepieWeepie How can we add bots via some kind of command via console/RCON? Do we have to use the soldier.con at mods/bf2/ai to spawn bots? Or is there some other command to spawn a single bot? And how to run this command via RCON? Thanks in advice!
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