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  2. If you add objects to a previously navmeshed map the bots will get stuck on them, If you don't care go here: http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?/forum/17-bf2-community-tutorials/ or https://classic-battlefield-modding.fandom.com/wiki/Classic_Battlefield_Modding_Wikia and start reading! both maps and objects need to be un-zipped and once editor has loaded you simply choose the object on the left and drag and drop onto the map, of course then your have o add light maps to new objects so the don't look out of place, As I said start reading!
  3. Hello Everyone , Im Using Bf2 Editor and i make some changes in battlefield 2 maps and i want to add battlefield 2 objects for the map like boxes cars buildings... and how to export this objects Then I draw on it and change its shape, for example, and then replace it.and thanks πŸ™‚
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  5. You have to follow the instructions, I struggled the first time but after following everything step by step it was easy, You do have to unpack the map you want to make minimaps for though, So don't forget that part,
  6. Hey thanks for replying! i'll check it out
  7. are you looking for a way to create minimaps? We use vBF2 style & BF2142 style info map generator V1.1 by worldlife(worldlife123). vBF2 style & BF2142 style info map generator V1.1 by worldlife(worldlife123) This is a simple tool to generate vBF2 style and BF2142 style info images for your customized levels. The source code is visible and you're free to use and modify it. I've also created a repository on github(https://github.com/worldlife123/bf2-infomap-generator), so feel free to report an issue/create a pull request if you find some bug/made some changes. DEPENDENCIES Python 2.7.13 (https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-2713/) Pillow (https://github.com/python-pillow/Pillow) INSTALL 1. Install [python 2.7.13](https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-2713/) first. After installing python, you can run install_pillow.bat to install pillow via pip. 2. Create a new folder "infomap" into your mod's python folder, and copy everything into this folder. Note that this tool is not loaded in game, so after infomap generation you can delete the folder. USAGE Run generateInfomaps.py with python.exe, or use run.bat. It will list all maps in your mod. Type a map name to generate info map for it, or Type "all" to generate for all maps. For BF2142, run generateInfomaps_2142.py with python.exe, or use run_2142.bat. Requirement for levels: The levels must be unzipped(that's to say, can be loaded in BF2Editor).The info ,Hud and Gamemodes folder must be present, as well as Init.con and Heightdata.con. CUSTOMIZE 1.Add a team to generate infomap flags. I've included all vBF2 and xpack teams in this tool. If you have custom team in the map, do the following: (1)In maps\flags, create a folder whose name is your custom team name. (2)Create a miniMap_CP.tga in this folder with your team's flag. A .psd template(created in Adobe Photoshop CS6) is provided inside maps\flags. You can use this as a reference. (3)Run the tool. For BF2142, look into maps\flags_2142. 2.Use a custom cover to the infomap(such as a grid or your logo). In maps\areas, modify or replace a cover.dds. This image would be pasted on top of the generated info maps. For BF2142, look into maps\areas_2142. 3.Use custom combat area. Similar to 2. Just modify or replace CombatArea.dds in maps\areas. CREDITS NVIDIA - for nvdxt.exe fire&bf2tech.org - for conParser.py Dnamro - for testing this tool https://www.moddb.com/games/battlefield-2/addons/na126454
  8. I know this post is ancient but i'm still looking for it. All the links i found so far is down. If anyone still have it, can upload it?
  9. Never mind. I just disabled the 16 and 32's combat area pathfindings and it let navmesh. The maps working kinda fine.
  10. Hello bfeditor forum! Hope this place is still alive. I was making maps for BF2 5 years ago but never really managed to finish and make a decent map and my computer was trash so i gave up on it. Recently decided to go back and make a decent map and release it. I was working on a map for almost 2 weeks. Finished everything but stumpled across making gamemodes & navmesh I didn't really know use of layers till now (even still don't really know) I realized i made every control point and stuff in layer 1 and navmeshed so i removed them (created backup of them) And did 16-32-64 gamemodes with layer (for the16 i copied the first one i did and pasted on it cuz didn't wanted to from scratch again) I'm very confused about the navmeshing the map with layer of 16-32-64 gamemodes. Tried to generate the pathfinding but it didn't allow me and said couldn't init combat areas, later on i figured out it's because there are more than 1 combat areas. I couldn't find any good guide about it. The more i try, the more i messed up. So. Any help please?
  11. Detrux has contacted me regarding taking over the bfeditor.org forum, If this happens ill incorporate it into https://www.naw.zone/ our Nations At War Website,
  12. I'm pretty sure no one will ever go back and check this post like me after years (even doubt if there are still BF2 Mappers?) but i just wanna share this here i got from other post: "you can open up Photoshop, load a file, and then close it again. It's because it runs some DLL to do with mouse movement that the BF2 Editor is supposed to load but doesn't." Hope this would be helpful. It was helpful for me.
  13. I'm pretty sure no one will ever go back and check this post like me after years (even doubt if there are still BF2 Mappers?) but i just wanna share this here i got from other post: "you can open up Photoshop, load a file, and then close it again. It's because it runs some DLL to do with mouse movement that the BF2 Editor is supposed to load but doesn't."
  14. I can't believe a 10 year old post solved this damn problem. I was struggling for hours. You're legend @UberWazuSoldier !!
  15. Hi all, I'm looking for a script for my private mod that shows the distance in meters of a headshot on the notification feed. *Example - [ Headshot ] J. Doe [ 117m] My modding knowledge is plenty basic, and absolutely no idea about phyton coding. I'm trying to understand phyton files of Wookie's Sniper Mod (that makes the thing) but I am mental blind, because I understand nothing. Some helpful soul bring me a hand? Thank you so much!
  16. I've made a 16k map. There are however a few drawbacks: * 3 sanity check warnings pop up at 100% but after saying it's ok the map loads perfectly fine, even on a dedicated server * The map is completely filled with water, as I want to recreate a naval battle. Water's physics work fine but projectile collision don't For anyone interested all I did is to create a map in editor and then edit the Terrain.con and Heighdata.con as metioned above, in my case: heightmapcluster.setHeightmapSize 16384 rem --- primary --- heightmapcluster.addHeightmap Heightmap 0 0 heightmap.setSize 1025 1025 heightmap.setScale 16/0.64/16
  17. No. It's the same procedure as with BC2 except that you have to change the xma version in the bat file. for /r %%i in (*.str) do "%CD%\xma_test.exe" "%%i" -1 -r "%%i.xm" #XMA version 1 (BC1) for /r %%i in (*.str) do "%CD%\xma_test.exe" "%%i" -2 -r "%%i.xm" #XMA version 2 (BC2, BF1943) #You can see the help menu if you open xma_test.exe alone through the cmd. The offsets you need to apply with BC1 are 0x00, 0x2c, 0x6c, 0x28. BFBC1 - Tank M1A2 SoundFX (Mega Link) Btw has anyone the Xbox 360 version of BC2 Vietnam DLC ?
  18. Can anyone in here do the same for Battlefield Bad Company 1? specifically I am looking for the M1A2 Abrams engine sounds; starting up, idle, when moving etc. These sounds were also used in the Bad Company 2 Closed Beta on the PS3. I never knew how to extract these sounds. Thank you so much if someone actually cares to help me out here, been trying to find something for a decade.
  19. Hi Community, I restarted working to my "singleplayer" mod which already features the following: 1) control points can only be captured by infantry (vehicles always stop to a certain distance from them, outside CP area); 2) when approaching the attacked CP, all bots in vehicles (except bots in "gunner" PCO) get down and head towards the CP infantry order position; 3) bots in "gunner" PCO keep their position to "watch the area" and provide cover fire; this really gives more realism and you don't see anymore abandoned jeeps or apc around the map. To get this last point the only successful way seems editing the vehicle tweak and adding "dontAllowExit 1" to the gunner PCO. Any different methods (tried with gunner PCO "temperature", weapons.ai "strenghts", aibehaviours, etc..) did not work, as bots will always get down the vehicle whatever values you can set. The only problem is that when the vehicle reaches its criticalDamage, the "dontAllowExit 1" command condemns the gunner bot to keep into vehicle until it dies. Is it possible to make Python changes the command "dontAllowExit 1" to "dontAllowExit 0" whenever a vehicle reached its criticalDamage or when its hitpoints go down a certain value (let's say 200)? I checked different MODS python scripts but could not find anything to slightly customize to my end. Any help would be appreciated and I am willing to pay if anyone can provide the complete solution. Cheers Serpiko
  20. Hello i am new user and i would to ask you, How to disable a pm?
  21. I saw this thread from 10 years ago about extracting sound files from .fbrb files from an Xbox .iso game file. Old Thread It's pretty dead and the last entry was not very useful. But in 10 years thing have improved a lot. I've gone through the whole thread and from what I know already, the information in that thread was kinda chaotic. So I make it pretty straight forward I've explored the game files enough to snuff out all the .wave and .res sound files in the game. I just need a plain procedure to convert them in any media player-friendly format. Howling..... Timb3rwolf
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