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  1. then let's continue...

  2. balaclava isn't a kit, it's soldier model, if you want to get us soldier with balaclava you can: 1) learn how to export soldiers for bf2 and then create your model with balaclava or anything other 2) retexture ru soldier like usa and call it usa soldier
  3. first - change your 3pskeleton dummy name from ske::3p_setup to ske:root_skeleton second - connect arm meshes to your geom0 lod0 and skin them with 1p skeleton
  4. xpack3

    Brickfield ..

    where i can download it to test what this is?
  5. everything must die at the end of his time, why bf2 must be unique thing? we love bf2 just because of modding ability, so if frostbite battlefields will give us some tools, old refractor battlefields will reborn. try to imagine first bfbc2/bf3/bf4 mods - Forgotten Hope 3, any another ww2 mods, Vietnam mods, Project Reality powered by Frostbite, and so much other... because this bf2 thousands of modders should be interested to mod newer battlefield games, put it on higher level . but all this is just my opinion, and yes - bf2 going to be dead (i think it will finally dead after bf4 release).
  6. copy any level from bf2 to your levels folder
  7. it will be cool if bf2 supports tesselation, we can make good things with tesselation and displacement mapping, more realistic water for example..
  8. I found this string in editor's list of commands "GeometryTemplate.tesselation". I placed this into staticmesh's con and when nothing changed, i placed this into tweak files. I tryed to play with different parameters (from 1 to 33), but staticmesh wasn't tessellated (and in wireframe too). I read that Dx9 tessellation used in bf2 for terrain, but i'm not sure about it. Does it work at all? And how if yes?
  9. Thank you, i will try this way.
  10. uhm...when map is loaded and spawnscreen appears, i can't move my cursor - he just stopped in the center, any ideas?
  11. Anybody know how to enable wireframe ingame? It works in editor but when i write renderer.enableWireFrame in game console or in init.con nothing changes in game. help plz!
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