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  1. Thank you, I have achieved double mp_005 map aircraft ammunition, but the other maps do not know where aircraft parameters, do you know?
  2. Nexus BFBC2 Editor v0.1 release mp_sp_005cq, dbx, files 0kb?
  3. 8 to 16 the number of help ~ how to AH64 Hellfire Missile?Do not know which parameters to change which file AH60 I have achieved my cannon without overheating, but the AH64 Hellfire Missile did not find where to modify ~
  4. Such as the Nexus BFBC2 Editor v0.1 Will the increase Map vehicles, such as I would like to add an AH64 or a T90, how to operate, to change which file, I studied for a long time did not succeed. Does anyone know? Trouble to inform the next thank you!
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