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    Creating New Spawns With White Dot

    Wait just got it... I think that if you dont have 64, 32, and 16 map there it wont work! Thanks a lot for the help though. regards
  2. Hello everyone I was recently trying to create a new white dot in a carrier in dalian plant map. However i couln't make it work. I don't work wirh BF2 Editor, just edit the code in GamePlayObjects.con... So my code was this: rem [spawnPointTemplate: CPNAME_DP_64_uscarrier_11] ObjectTemplate.create SpawnPoint CPNAME_DP_64_uscarrier_11 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe SpawnPoint CPNAME_DP_64_uscarrier_11 ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser nla ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable 1 ObjectTemplate.setSpawnPositionOffset 0/1.25/0 ObjectTemplate.setGroup 3 ObjectTemplate.setControlPointId 6 rem [spawnPoint: CPNAME_DP_64_uscarrier_11] Object.create CPNAME_DP_64_uscarrier_11 Object.absolutePosition 791.436/162.090/122.463 Object.rotation 90/0.000/0.000 Object.layer 2 I also used ObjectTemplate.setGroup 3 because there were alreadu group 1 and 2... Can anyone help me on this issue? Can't figure out what i'm doing wrong... Regards
  3. amanpal

    Helicopters Issue

    Thanks m8! i'll give it a try and post the feedback. Well currently i'm running 4 different servers in the same machine wich could explain the lag on the helicopters since the computer could not be powerfull enough to support all the servers but i tried to shut down every servers except for the one on wich i have helicopters and the co-pilot still lags when using the machine gun or the tv-missile. The curious thing is that when you fire the tv-missile the lag stops and you can click to decide the missile trajectory without no lag at all... This problem is not related to high ping since everyone is going trough the same problem despite the ping you have in the server. i really dont know where is the problem since the heli modding is the original one. Any ideas? Thanks and best regards
  4. amanpal

    Helicopters Issue

    Hello everyone Ive recently created some BF2 1.0 servers. When i play in helis at co-pilot position i get a strange lag! Its difficult to aim with the gun or the tv missile. Though when i go to pilot position no lag at all. Is the problem related to any kind of modding or can i just fix it with amy modding? Also i would like to know how to put the pilot missiles firing with one one click on the mouse. Is that possible and how? Thanks everyone Best regards
  5. amanpal

    Teamkill Punish Not Working

    Hello everyone i'm currently installing some Bf2 servers in a linux ubuntu 10.04 root server. Everything works perfect until i install the imstall the admin tool along the modmanager replace files. After that i can't simply punish for teamkills. Only when i am in a vehicle and just run through a friendly soldier i have the chance to punish... Can anyone help me with this issue. Thanks in advance. best regards