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    How To Add X-Axis Inversion

    By the way, can i borrow your input files as I botched mine up without saving their original state. Now my Y axis is inverted somehow and other small bugs
  2. nickenix

    How To Add X-Axis Inversion

    So I'm not sure i'm understanding you correctly, by putting a minus did you mean changing: "<field name="ScaleValue">0.00030000001</field>" to " <field name="ScaleValue">-0.00030000001</field>" ? That did not work.
  3. nickenix

    How To Add X-Axis Inversion

    Would there be a way to Allow the Windows mouse functions to work ingame? I run a little program in Windows that reverses the X and Y axis (Sakasa mouse inverter). And this works fine right into the game menu, But as soon as I actually enter a game, it reverts to its own mouse rules. So if THAT could somehow be disabled then I imagine that could work.
  4. nickenix

    How To Add X-Axis Inversion

    So I went into all 4 files and found every instance of "ida_axis0x" and changed the negate value from false to true But nothing changed at all. I opened these dbx files with wordpad, saved it. I even restarted Windows and went back into the file to make sure it wasn't overwritten which it wasn't. Am I doing something wrong? Is wordpad not ok to edit these files? .
  5. nickenix

    How To Add X-Axis Inversion

    No, I do not need to reverse the X-axis for only handling land/air vehicles, I need it permanently, even to walk around on foot. So what would be the easiest way to simply invert the X-axis altogether in the game. I use my mouse in an unconventional way. I'm inexperienced in coding so specific directions would be great. thanks again
  6. Hi all, So you know how Bad Company 2 for PC (and most FPSs for that matter) has the option to invert the Y-axis? Well it doesnt have the same option for the X-axis. So my question is how do I manually (how and where) insert an inverse X-axis rule or code? It's really that simple, I want left to go right and right to go left on my mouse. Thanks!