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    Can not download, can provide other download address, thank you.
  2. Will to map add a new GUID and define it belongs to a vehicle?TKS The GUID data in the map is stored where?
  3. Frankelstner ask about copying a vehicle born of different points, thank you Please paste or a increase a ah64 different point of birth code shown in the column, thank you!
  4. You say reborn range just changed, does not change the rebirth coordinates, it is impossible to achieve such a change can only be reborn in situ vehicle flew off one, immediately place the rebirth of a, I want to reborn in different locations.vehicles ........
  5. Why modify mp_012cq map, the number of aircraft, the server can not be opened, will automatically turn off, like mp_005; normal mp_sp_005cq, just mp_sp_005cq, a bit unstable ...