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  1. I don't know but it seems that this particular part: common_client.zip/Sound/English Is what makes the guy shout in English. You will need to change the "English" to "MEC" or "Arabic", don't know how it might be on your mod. I think it is quite obvious.
  2. Hello, I'm leading a Community Faction whose focus is to bring the Brazilian Army to Project Reality. As some of you might know, there was a team doing it, however, they have gone MIA, and the project have been archived. The project is still not official yet, as we don't have a proper team working on everything we need. The second project focus, which is crucial as well, is to bring the FARC. This is our Design Plan. There is no need for a Design Plan for the FARC right now, as most of the work needed is already done and in-game. If you wish to join, contact me via PM.
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