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  1. I want to add a lod1 to a static model but can't find any info on doing so. When creating my lod1, do I also create a new cgfxShader for it? Do I only need to create the main geometry and the col0? Any help would be appreciated. (Hopefully I'm not the last man on Earth still using Maya 6.0.1) http://bf2cc.com/images/lod1_heirarchy.jpg
  2. I put the Init.con file back to it's original state with all of the original kits intact, and I noticed that the 3rd kit down (Assault) was pre-selected by default. I then changed all kits to Engineer and the 3rd Engineer kit was now selected by default. Then I removed all but that 3rd Engineer kit and it is still selected by default, so I'm good to go. I was hoping to have that Engineer kit at the top of the menu, but this will do nicely. Thanks again DEVILMAN for the tip. Problem solved!
  3. The menu looks a lot cleaner with just the one kit in it, but I'll give that a try and see what happens. Thanks DEVILMAN.
  4. I'm putting all of my BF2 racing maps into a custom mod. I've edited the Init.con file for each map and removed all of the kits except the Engineer so it is the only kit available on the Menu once a map loads. As long as I select the kit first before clicking the spawn point and then clicking the Join button, everything is fine. However, if I fail to select the kit first, then click the spawn point and the Join button, the game crashes to desktop. Is there a way to force the game to automatically select the engineer kit when the map finishes loading? I could add a line in each map.desc file to inform players to follow that procedure, but I'd prefer to find a way to force the game to automatically select the engineer kit. I edited the mod.desc file and set the engineer as the default kit there, but that didn't do the trick. Once the first map is over and the next race map loads, the engineer kit remains selected, so there is no problem from then on, just on the initial load. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, bf2racing (formerly Stickman here on the forums, but couldn't retrieve my old login info)
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