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    Exporting Uv From Blender To 3Ds Max9

    I had tested to export object and at the same time its UV to 3ds max9. And it's work. Here it's picture for exporting chekbox : <img>https://scontent-b-sin.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/t31.0-8/1233025_807753915904762_1059657847_o.jpg</img> Here it's simple object that I made using blender : <https://www.facebook.com/download/1455187848049427/kotak.rar> Now, I'm trying to make a collision from blender and export it to 3ds max9. I hope somebody can understand what I mean.
  2. FailureOne

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    Thanks for advice
  3. FailureOne

    How To Show Soldier Leg In First Person?

    Ok I'll try it
  4. Is there any help for this?
  5. FailureOne

    Need Help. How To Make A Slow Projectile?

    OK, I'll try it
  6. I changed strike's projectile to hydra. But that projectile move faster that in helicopter . How to make it slow?
  7. This is a free low graphic game engine with A* alogarithm on it that I ever know

  8. FailureOne

    How To Make A Destroyable Objects

    Thanks guys. It fix now. I just forgot to add this code ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionForce 12 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionDamage 150 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionRadius 9 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionMaterial 56 Now I'm playing with explosion effect. Hopely I can make a better effect for it since I made a few huge building I'll post it when it's done
  9. FailureOne

    How To Make A Destroyable Objects

    Yupss, I'd made it but my custom particle didn't show up This is my custom effect : And this is my particle code This is that picture
  10. Hallo, After making my own building, now I want to make it destroyable. Can somebody teach me?
  11. A few days ago I've got an error when loading bf2 only. But when I debugging with MsVS I got this In immediate window : D:\bf2editor\Code\BF2\Game\GameLogic\Player.cpp(2845): Kit 0 not found in player 255's unlock vector. D:\bf2editor\Code\BF2\Game\Objects\Game\kit.cpp(713): (childTemplate) Child item USPIS_92FS_silencer not found! First-chance exception at 0x05102331 in BF2Editor.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0x00000000. In call stack : > EditorEngine.dll!054e2331() [Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for EditorEngine.dll] EditorEngine.dll!0535d4d6() EditorEngine.dll!0535d63d() EditorEngine.dll!053b054b() EditorEngine.dll!053aff74() EditorEngine.dll!05136e79() AcXtrnal.dll!59cc8a4c() AcXtrnal.dll!59cca188() kernel32.dll!7720bbe4() msvcr71.dll!7c34218a() ntdll.dll!773037c8() Can somebody help me please? I can't place a flagpole to my map without that.
  12. FailureOne

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    Can I have some tutor about make that ship moving? I'm really want it too
  13. FailureOne

    How To Make A Transparant Object

    Horeee,, I found it
  14. FailureOne

    How To Make A Transparant Object

    OK, I'll try it
  15. FailureOne

    How To Make A Transparant Object

    Hallo, I need a help. I'm making some building but I don't know how to create it's window. Please help