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  1. That was me by the way.... too excited to log in...lol!
  2. Guys could you give me the correct path to put the moon sky texture please....
  3. Have had similar problems.... I have left a map which I know works and come back to it the next day only for the editor or game not to load it... although after a number of attempts it loaded up ok... ? Not sure What happens here but perhaps something to keep an eye on EA...
  4. Ryan.... i may of pm a message too you - I have had exactly the same problem Answer a few simple questions.... have you ever used the save As function when creating your map....? Apparently this is bad thing to do... always make sure you only use the Save All button instead. Secondly... Have you ever made back up copies of your map under a different name like "your level 1" or "your level 2" and swaped files between the two hopeing to save on time re doing aspects of your map... ? I did both of the above - as this is my first attempt at map making of any kind . With help from a friend and some logical thinking it appeared that there are a number of files which run your map name inside them... so if you have swapped files between versions then it wont run unless your original files are present in the levels folder... Does your level work if it is the only one/version in the levels folder... ? if not then i suspect it may be something to do with the above.. you need to check files like the INIT, ATLAS TAI AND DDS, TEXTURES - (off memory so check them all if you can to see if they are all running of the same game name... oh and make sure they are correctly packed... which im sure they would be..
  5. Ryan.... for a dedicated server to run the map certain tweaks have to be done.... what exactly I dont no as i dont get involved server side... but I know that our site HAS run a custom map on our dedicated server.... like i said. dont know the in's and out's of it but its on there... and in rotation. However I did have the same problem as you ...CTD at or theres abouts 65-69%... with no windows error message... If I find anymore infor of our admin I could pass it on....
  6. Sometimes it is a good idea to restart your bf2 game. I had this afew times but appeard if i loaded a game up too quickly after one i had just finished... Start the map agin and it should sort itself out. if not delet your original and make a new one... hope that helps.
  7. yeah i can second that.... had a flame effect on a crashed car.... i used the oil fire effect and it would crash whenever i drove passed it... deleted the file and now works fine.
  8. woo hoo..... i got to the bottom of this problem... It was simple really..... after checking a double checking and comparing other maps... it was the way they got packed... Both my maps now work great on a local server.... the next step is to try them on a dedicated server.... I know peeps have said it wont work but we got one on our onexalliance.com server called onex_citycentre. Dont ask me how it works but it does.... so fingers crossed
  9. I can only remember just starting from scratch..... i placed one then tested... it worked ok... applied it to the rest and job done... sorry i cant be more specific... but i just kept to the basics... Another problem i found was after a map pwas finished that for no reason it would stop loading... (not packed) and an error referring to no playobjects.con file found.... even though it was in there plain as day... No matter how many time i tried to start the map... same error... What I ended up doing was the following. Open up the map folder in levels and copy the playobjects.con file. Delete the original from thwe map When you get into the map on the editor ...obviously there is no tanks spawns point and cap point etc... so just create two with a spawn from each.... may even just one. By doing this it creates a new playobjectspawn.con file.... On this new file copied over section by section.... ie... first cp points.... then spawns points then gameplayobjects.... In bewtween each section i would save and check in the editor it loaded ok By doing this i got it all working again.... however i did notice that it wouldnt work at times as and when i added the artillery objects back onto the map.... these include the artillery pieces converted to radar etc.. Again what i did here was to just add them again from new. Hope this helps someone....
  10. Hi Bobby..... dont worry.... here I am... lol. All this stems from the first map I made... onexwar.... i made a second map...onex_oasis which also ended up having the same problem.. (at this moment in time i have two working un packed versions on my PC). LBrown...... I follwed this tut to get me going on the map making journey ftp://largedownloads.ea.com/pub/misc/bf2m...odtutorials.zip As suggested at the start of the tut... i clicked bf2 on the first window that pops up after starting the editor.... and went about making my map accordingly.... I also took a look at the tut ( "discussion main" forum titled "New Tutorial: Internet Mod Testing Procedure"? ) However I found it difficult to get the two options (package this level and package the active mod) to be highlighted at the same time... As Bobby above has already stated.... Our other guy who is and has successfully made two maps worked no problem.... one had a few lag problems.... but it loaded and worked fine. I have also spoken to him - as he suggested using the pack mod option on the editor.. however i have also found that this doesnt pack certain files.... of memory i think it is the udergrowthatlas.tai... or atleast it may pack it into the wrong folder). My next step is looking closely at how different maps are packed... both custom maps and stock maps... I may be packing incorrectly... hence I am drawing up comparisons from a number of maps which I know work very well.... perhaps this will lead me to the light at the end of the tunnel. I would be more than willing to send you a copy of the map (working file) for a closer inspection... however im sure you dont have not enough time. Paul.
  11. As a new student to all this mapping.... could some peeps out there answer three questions I have please.. 1. Of the three folders in any given map folder, what are the roles/meaning of the client and server zip folders. 2. Why are certain files only placed in particular zips mentioned above. 3. How important are editor files - Can they be left in a map after completion... (which kinda leads me onto a fourth question...sorry) 4. Inside the editor files there is one in particular by the name of gameplayobjects.con - Why is this file not found placed inside one of the zipped folders..... I would of thought that it was quite an important file.... but doesnt seem to be listed anywhere.... curiously awaiting a reply or two........
  12. tried the above but had no effect.... what corrected the problem was just re doing the objectspawns.... worked ok after that...
  13. Is this a well know issue with using custom maps.... - you can use a custom map on your "create server" set up in game but not use it on a server set up for clans and the like.... which are open to the public.. when i say not use it... i mean there are bugs and glitches... like the map wont start or load properly... ? . - [EA]LBrown
  14. ok i found mine... if v_arg1 == BF2Editor terrain.create TerrainEditable terrain.patchSize 128 terrain.subdividePatches 1 terrain.primaryWorldScale 2/0.0025/2 terrain.secondaryWorldScale 4/0.64/4 terrain.patchColormapSize 512 terrain.lowDetailmapSize 512 terrain.detailmapBaseName "Levels/ONEXWAR/Detailmaps/tx" terrain.lowDetailmapBaseName "Levels/ONEXWAR/LowDetailmaps/tx" terrain.colormapBaseName "Levels/ONEXWAR/Colormaps/tx" terrain.lightmapBaseName "Levels/ONEXWAR/Lightmaps/tx" terrain.farSideTiling 2/2 terrain.farTopTilingHi 16 terrain.farTopTilingLow 32 terrain.farYOffset 0 terrain.terrainWaterColor 0/0/0 terrain.init else terrain.create Terrain terrain.load Levels/ONEXWAR/terraindata.raw endIf
  15. you are right..... my typing error....lol. - however a friend of mine has already made a two maps and both run on the server ok....
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