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  1. Worked for me on the second try, bizarre. Thanks for your help!
  2. It seems to be working with virtually all of the SFX files now, getting a lot of decoded files, but still the same thing with the music ebx files. Fairly sure I followed the process correctly, maybe the music files themselves are different?
  3. I completely missed that, my apologies. going to redo the process now.
  4. I'm getting the same response for all the EBX files in the sound folder so I'm guessing I did do something wrong when I dumped it. Uploaded the EBXs just so you can take a second look at them if you'd like. When you say dump with DLL, what do you mean by that? I can't seem to find a reference in your instructions for the sbtoc dumper. The Suez EBX files: http://www.mediafire.com/?u5udy2od5a5368n By the way, sorry for being a hassle. I just really want to get my hands on "A Theme for Kjell" from the soundtrack and I'm not patient enough to wait for the OST
  5. Tried the function, at least got something in the script this time pointing at the SP_Suez folder but still no decoded files: >>> EALayer3 tool detected. sp_suez_music_01_jinjie_moment_2ch_01.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_01_jinjie_moment_2ch_01_wave.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_01_jinjie_moment_2ch_02.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_01_jinjie_moment_2ch_02_wave.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_01_jinjie_moment_breachoneshot_2ch_01.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_01_jinjie_moment_breachoneshot_2ch_01_wave.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_02_bftheme_sacrifce_2ch_01.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_02_bftheme_sacrifce_2ch_01_wave.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_03_bftheme_approach_4ch_01.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_03_bftheme_approach_4ch_01_wave.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_04_bftheme_last_call_2ch_01.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_04_bftheme_last_call_2ch_01_wave.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_05_intothesunlanding_01.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_05_intothesunlanding_01_wave.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_06_stromlooparship_01.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_06_stromlooparship_01_wav.ebx 1 2 sp_suez_music_06_stromlooparship_02.ebx 1 2
  6. Frank, it's definately just stopping. No CPU load. >>> EALayer3 tool detected. >>> Here are my paths, verified all are correct: ebxFolder= r"E:\hexing\bf4 dump\bundles\ebx\sound" #audio is found only in "Sound" (but only in bf3/bf4) chunkFolder= r"E:\hexing\bf4 dump\chunks" chunkFolder2=r"E:\hexing\bf4 dump\bundles\chunks" #if the chunk is not found in the first folder, use this one outputFolder=r"E:\hexing\bf4 decoded" ealayer3Path=r"E:\hexing\ealayer3.exe" #https://bitbucket.org/Zenchreal/ealayer3/downloads I've experimented with a variety of different options, including just pointing it to the folder for the music I want to extract (music/warsaw/SP_Suez), as well as not using ealayer3, but the script still finishes without any decoded files.
  7. Hi Frank, When trying to run the fb2decoder, the script gives me: "EALayer3 tool detected." and does nothing after that. Did I miss a step? Just using the dumped ebx files, haven't modified them in any way. Just trying to get some of the music from the Suez mission out of the game :/
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