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  1. Edited. Please ask for permission if you are using or distributing other peoples work. Thank you.
  2. this is project reality jet it can found at prv_base in pr maps
  3. Did not you say when a single player game crashes if yes then you need to make to your map ai sorry i can't create ai for map
  4. hello I want to ask. what if I load the map using bf2 editor certainly appear the words: Devive lost.Couldn 't restore device.The program will be terminated! Do you want to save before quitting?
  5. you need to copy xpak atlas change vehicles guiindex you can find xpak atlas at menu_server/atlas/xpack1atlas.tai copy to your mod menu_client/atlas copy copy all to your mod and you need to add xpak atlas to atlaslist.con on your mod just that sorry if my english not good
  6. hello Now I will tell you how to turn a bomb into a missile it's just work for air vehicles download my bomb first at http://dc119.4shared.com/download/R5wzlINCce/bomb.rar?tsid=20140408-181716-c9f24659&lgfp=2000 and open your air vehicles change rem ---BeginComp:MultiFireArmTargetComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent MultiFireArmTargetComp ObjectTemplate.target.maxDistance 375 ObjectTemplate.target.targetSystem TSLaserGuided ObjectTemplate.target.useCameraDirectionToTarget 1 ObjectTemplate.target.lockDelay 120 ObjectTemplate.target.lockAngle 45 rem ---EndComp --- to rem ---BeginComp:MultiFireArmTargetComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent MultiFireArmTargetComp ObjectTemplate.target.maxDistance 99999 ObjectTemplate.target.targetSystem TSLaserGuided ObjectTemplate.target.connectionEffectOnlyWhenZoomed 1 ObjectTemplate.target.useCameraDirectionToTarget 1 ObjectTemplate.target.loseLockDelay 0.5 ObjectTemplate.target.lockDelay 1 ObjectTemplate.target.lockAngle 90 rem ---EndComp --- note: if it not work please change lock delay to 0.5
  7. Hello I am getting some issues why everytime i zoom, the game always crashes. I did not edit anything related to zooming sorry if my english is not very good
  8. sorry i can not speak english good it's easy but there are some files that you must change gameplayobjects.con staticobjects.con because you need a file staticobjects_client and server init.con because there is no soldier and kit note if the kit does not exist then it will crash bf2 and you need to give a command file that contains the files pr oh yes I most reliable in moving vehicles or weapons of pr
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