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    Argentine Jet

    Edited. Please ask for permission if you are using or distributing other peoples work. Thank you.
  2. LtAdaw

    P-51d Mustang And Bf-109e Emil

    this is project reality jet it can found at prv_base in pr maps
  3. LtAdaw


    Did not you say when a single player game crashes if yes then you need to make to your map ai sorry i can't create ai for map
  4. hello I want to ask. what if I load the map using bf2 editor certainly appear the words: Devive lost.Couldn 't restore device.The program will be terminated! Do you want to save before quitting?
  5. LtAdaw

    [Help] Replacing A Chopper With The Xpack Apache

    this is my apache with bf3 hud
  6. LtAdaw

    [Help] Replacing A Chopper With The Xpack Apache

    you need to copy xpak atlas change vehicles guiindex you can find xpak atlas at menu_server/atlas/xpack1atlas.tai copy to your mod menu_client/atlas copy copy all to your mod and you need to add xpak atlas to atlaslist.con on your mod just that sorry if my english not good
  7. hello Now I will tell you how to turn a bomb into a missile it's just work for air vehicles download my bomb first at http://dc119.4shared.com/download/R5wzlINCce/bomb.rar?tsid=20140408-181716-c9f24659&lgfp=2000 and open your air vehicles change rem ---BeginComp:MultiFireArmTargetComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent MultiFireArmTargetComp ObjectTemplate.target.maxDistance 375 ObjectTemplate.target.targetSystem TSLaserGuided ObjectTemplate.target.useCameraDirectionToTarget 1 ObjectTemplate.target.lockDelay 120 ObjectTemplate.target.lockAngle 45 rem ---EndComp --- to rem ---BeginComp:MultiFireArmTargetComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent MultiFireArmTargetComp ObjectTemplate.target.maxDistance 99999 ObjectTemplate.target.targetSystem TSLaserGuided ObjectTemplate.target.connectionEffectOnlyWhenZoomed 1 ObjectTemplate.target.useCameraDirectionToTarget 1 ObjectTemplate.target.loseLockDelay 0.5 ObjectTemplate.target.lockDelay 1 ObjectTemplate.target.lockAngle 90 rem ---EndComp --- note: if it not work please change lock delay to 0.5
  8. LtAdaw

    Weapon Zoom Problem

    Hello I am getting some issues why everytime i zoom, the game always crashes. I did not edit anything related to zooming sorry if my english is not very good
  9. LtAdaw

    Importing Pr Maps Into Aix

    sorry i can not speak english good it's easy but there are some files that you must change gameplayobjects.con staticobjects.con because you need a file staticobjects_client and server init.con because there is no soldier and kit note if the kit does not exist then it will crash bf2 and you need to give a command file that contains the files pr oh yes I most reliable in moving vehicles or weapons of pr