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  1. The capcha system needs to be updated to prevent spambots, and it'll be great if the forum version gets updated
  2. I have this issue that I'm trying to fix. This is Project Reality by the way. What I am trying to do is to make the reload animation continue to play without getting cut-off with the prone animation. Ok, so a concept. I press 'R'. It plays the reloading animation. I press 'z' to Prone, and the proning animation plays, but not the reload one, and it's like it goes back to idle animation/still. I want to make it so that the reload animation plays uninterrupted, so I'm wondering if there's any code that does that. I know the answer lies within the animationsystems as I disabled the prone animation, and able to reload when proning. Many thanks and appreciations, as well as a cookie goes out to anyone who can give me an answer Meanwhile I'm experimenting and trial-and-error