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  1. The capcha system needs to be updated to prevent spambots, and it'll be great if the forum version gets updated
  2. I got an idea. Place the toprone and topronereverse plus trigger codes in a seperate animationsystem1p file and link to it in the .tweak. Maybe placing the anim file last will prioratize the animations.
  3. You rock! To be honest, have no clue what I'm doing but I understand what certain things do. It's just gluing the pieces together to understand. I know SwitchMessageTrigger is the culprit, and renaming it to messagetrigger does allow for the reload animation to play but disables toprone, and topronereverse animation which is also ignored though not the run_prone which is the animation played when pressing the forward etc key. I'm trying everything now. Maybe I should make a list and cross it off if it doesn't work. If you don't mind, could you send me a copy of animationsystem1p for the custom mp5 weapon in the video?
  4. I know the solution. I need to have a line in the code under messagetrigger 4 that tells the game to return to the default value after the animation has played. The reload animation is playing, but the prone animation is snuffing out the run and reload animations, which gives us a clue at what's happening. People say it's hard-coded. That's another word for failure. Never give up. It's 'hard-coded' until understood and fixed.
  5. 10 days later from July 1st, Gamespy supposed to shutdown, and it's still up. What happened? If only dice would update the game to fix bugs like commander sp bug, more documentation on python, new bfeditor, more commands, or even better: Open-sourcing it then on behalf of the community, everyone would be happy and proud of dice. Seriously, Battlefield 2 seems like the best engine and game to date, and an outdated engine and graphics doesn't make a game, although graphics are an important part, the gameplay and freedom of modding is what sets it apart. Unfortunately, with the sequels, EA/Dice followed an updated economical model that favors capitalizing their products through DLC, and getting every revenue out of it instead of free content generated with mod-tools with no way to capitalize on it. This is why DICE will never open-source their Battlefield 3/4 Engine, and also since it's much more moddable I'm guessing than it should be, which again with reason number 1 is the main reason why DICE doesn't want anyone to aquire it since it doesn't support the workers, business (Which is completely fine, after all how would a business flourish if they don't put a price on things, especially with the inflation of currencies?) So yeah. And donations to a server list is very acceptable, because someone needs to pay it. I rather have a quality service than a non-quality, non-motivated service of server list hosts. Only thing is the different servers that each server list may support. With so many, why not try to join a coalition of website of some sorts, and the donations of combined websites used to maintain sites, forums, self and game server?
  6. I have this issue that I'm trying to fix. This is Project Reality by the way. What I am trying to do is to make the reload animation continue to play without getting cut-off with the prone animation. Ok, so a concept. I press 'R'. It plays the reloading animation. I press 'z' to Prone, and the proning animation plays, but not the reload one, and it's like it goes back to idle animation/still. I want to make it so that the reload animation plays uninterrupted, so I'm wondering if there's any code that does that. I know the answer lies within the animationsystems as I disabled the prone animation, and able to reload when proning. Many thanks and appreciations, as well as a cookie goes out to anyone who can give me an answer Meanwhile I'm experimenting and trial-and-error
  7. Ok, I know I'm bumping a 3 and a Half year old thread, but is there anyway I can make the reload animation continue to play after the prone animation plays, instead of the weapon looking frozen until the reload is finished?
  8. How do you fix weapons that dont play the reload animation when going into a prone animation from standing?
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