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  1. the message say : the application has generated an exception and will be closed , please attach the crash dump to the error report
  2. hi a have recently created a map and i add carrier and now when i try to load the map it crash at 15% but if i delete ai forlder in level folder load to 100 then it crash any solution??
  3. hi , i have a lot try to make bot support for my map but i couldnt i get the p4 problem so can i upload my map and some make navmesh for my map and if can someone upload his navmesh folder for me thank you
  4. there is not recent tuto of making bot support??
  5. i have changed the script but it not generate infantery.obj
  6. when i enter the mod an level name it write in the cmd :p4- if specifed the editor will automaticly sumbit the data to preforce
  7. hi i have created a map and put stategic area zone and combat area but when i come to navmesh when i click on createnavmesh.bat and write the mod and the level name he close without showing nothing any solution plz.??
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