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    Importing an existing Mod into BF Editor

    Hi Kano Thanks for your reply. I've done exactly that, but to no avail. (edit: actually all this was just in a copy of the BFP2 folder; but I just copied the extracted objects over to the original BFP2 folder, went through Mod Import and it's worked. How absolutely bizare?) (double edit: I don't believe it; now because of the above the levels are opening as normal) What could the possible reason be? I did absolutely everything perfectly; just in a copy of the original mod.
  2. Can anyone assist? I'm trying to import Battlefield Pirates into the BF Editor. Initially I was trying to open up the maps but got the 'init.con' error continuously. I then tried to create new maps, but was never able to successfully install the existing objects after unpacking them. Can anyone direct me on where to specifically unzip the objects in the mod folder? Can anyone also assist me on how to overcome the init.con issue? (Although I don't think init.con can be overcome?) I've searched high and low all day long, on a multitude of forums including this one (glad it's back up, by the way), but have barely achieved anything. Thanks for your help.