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  1. As some of you probably knows there is two projects trying to revive Battlefield Heroes (Heroes Awaken and Revive Heroes). Furthermore the Heroes Awaken project has as goal to add additional content meaning that it will be possible to get your mods into the "real" game (but I don't promise anything). So I decided that I wanted to make a map for BF Heroes and have been following some tutorials (the tutorial for bfh by Quisiam here on the forum was especially useful). I have been able to make simple maps and open up existing bfh map and edit them, but I have some problems I hope some of you more experienced modders have answers to. 1. I made a simple map, loaded it into bfh and started it, but when it finish loading I get sent back to the start menu 2. I tried to edit the terrain in an existing bfh map but when I try to save it it crashes 3. In the objects folder for bfh everything is separated into client and server zips. I then combine the server and client into one folder (eg. weapons_client.zip + weapons_server.zip = weapons (folder)). Bfh has a ton of cosmetic items, weapons, abilities etc. so it takes over an hour just to start the mod, and then another when I load the content. So is it possible to drop loading weapons and item. I have tried to leave the files zipped or completely remove them, but then the editor crashes when I try to make a new terrain or load a map. I know that this thread have been dead for a while but seeing that the forum just been relaunched I hope that there will be people reading this that might have some answers. Thanks in advance!