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  1. I tried out your normal shaders and I have to agree that without any control over it through LightManager it's not really worth it. Terrain rindeed really lacks detail in BF2. Personally looking into why Parallax mapping is working in the editor but not in-game right now. Shaders is not my cup of tea though so if anyone has a clue where to start would be much appreciated . I believe enabling this could allow for some simple parallax textures to be added to mods which adds just that extra bit of detail that normal maps don't really show. The parallax effect is pretty crap but if you blur it enough and don't use straight edges the results work alright in my opinion. editor: ingame:
  2. Hey Coronaextra, I tried out your previously uploaded Terrain with normal support for Project Reality. The problem was that we were using BF2142 terrainshader already due to it fixing the black spot bug that the BF2 shaders have. So when using your texture the black spots came back. So I tried modifying the BF2142 terrainshader to include your work and got it to work with one bug: the closest terrain patches are much brighter then the other ones. Posting some pictures below to show what I mean. Working normal map: Black spot issue with your shader: My edited BF2142 shader with your changes included have the bright patch problem: If you have any idea what is causing it would be great. Would love to implement this into Project Reality. Here are the files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2zaqhk425oyg14p/TerrainShader_Hi.zip?dl=0