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  1. Let's Enhance allows you 4 free image enhancements. I made a collage of the 4 color and 4 lightmaps and uploaded it as one though, and the result (use illustration enhancer) is amazing.
  2. Create new resource > Bundle > put it in staticfx in static objects then add your effects to that Bundle resource
  3. Would be more impressed if this included custom skyboxes
  4. I've never seen this before and I'm starting to think it's impossible, but it would be weird since it does (sort of) shine on driving-by vehicles.
  5. Is there anything I can do to remove the white glow on player/vehicles? It doesnt seem to be in the sky settings or lightwarp.
  6. Found it hemiMapManager.setBaseHemiMap Levels/oitsu/groundhemi 0.000000/0.000000/0.000000 512.000000 500.000000 I had to change the 2048.000000 to a 512.000000
  7. Hello. This may have to do with the fact my mapsize is 256, because I've not had this issue before. but the Groundhemi.dds' shadow map doesn't line up with the shadows ingame. Not a little bit either, because I can't even tell if its shifted to the left or right or whatever because the shadows casted onto the player/vehicles are completely random patterns. here is my sky.con Lightmanager.init Lightmanager.skycolor 0.517647/0.54902/0.690196 Lightmanager.ambientcolor 0.945098/0.690196/0.411765 Lightmanager.sunColor 1.88235/1.24706/0.682353 Lightmanager.sunSpecColor 0.913726/0.905882/0.854902 if v_arg1 == BF2Editor LightSettings.TerrainSunColor 1.90/1.14/0.56 LightSettings.TerrainSkyColor 0.58/0.55/0.66 LightmapSettings.waterSunIntensity 0.8 else terrain.sunColor 1.90/1.14/0.56 terrain.GIColor 0.58/0.55/0.66 terrain.waterSunIntensity 0.8 endIf Lightmanager.staticSunColor 0.60/0.30/0.09 Lightmanager.staticSpecularColor 0.91/0.89/0.85 Lightmanager.staticSkyColor 0.18/0.18/0.24 Lightmanager.singlePointColor 0.30/0.30/0.30 Lightmanager.sunDirection 0.819795/-0.409898/0.3999 Lightmanager.enableSun 1 Lightmanager.effectSunColor 0.97/0.75/0.45 Lightmanager.effectShadowColor 0.49/0.49/0.49 Lightmanager.defaultEffectLightAffectionFactor 1 Lightmanager.hemilerpbias 1 hemiMapManager.setBaseHemiMap Levels/oitsu/groundhemi 0.000000/0.000000/0.000000 2048.000000 500.000000 Lightmanager.treeAmbientColor 0.84/0.31/0.49 Lightmanager.treeSunColor 0.81/0.18/0.45 Lightmanager.treeSkyColor 0.80/0.34/0.48 Lightmanager.treeShadowColor 0.80/0.34/0.48 Lightmanager.treeAmbientColorLow 0.80/0.34/0.48 if v_arg1 == BF2Editor else run /Common/Sky/SkyDome/skydomeMayhem.con run /Common/Sky/Flare/flaresprite.con endIf Skydome.skyTemplate skydomeMayhem Skydome.cloudTemplate cloudlayer Skydome.hasCloudLayer 0 Skydome.hasCloudLayer2 0 Skydome.scrolldirection 0.003/0.003 Skydome.scrolldirection2 -1/-1 Skydome.cloudTexture common\textures\cloud\Cloud03 Skydome.cloudTexture2 Skydome.skyTexture common\textures\sky\MayhemSky Skydome.domeRotation -103 Skydome.domePosition 0.00/0.00/0.00 Skydome.fadeCloudsDistances 1000/1100 Skydome.cloudLerpFactors 0.1/0.5 Skydome.flareTexture common\textures\sunflare\noflare Skydome.flareDirection 0.82/-0.41/0.40 Renderer.fogColor 73.00/73.00/90.00 Renderer.fogStartEndAndBase 200.00/380.00/0.90/0.10 groundhemi.dds
  8. Instead of lighting the terrain according to the sunterrain/skyterraincolor in sky.con, it shows the greyish/cloudy looking coloring that the Colormaps show. Ive been struggling with this finding out whats up and I noticed its something to do with the terraindata.raw but cant actually find out whats wrong. its not to do with the lightmaps either, because when i manually increase brightness/shadows it shows no difference.
  9. nvm, i fixed the high pitch stuff with the pitchenvelope in the editor
  10. When i put my own ambient sound thats music ingame it sometimes comes out as lower pitched or slowed down, sometimes glitchy/earrapey. whats the correct way of exporting a .wav for ambient sound use?
  11. Hi. When i change the sun and sky colors of light for terrain in the editor it shows just fine but when going ingame i see no change unless i re-light map with the new terrain light settings. is this normal?
  12. This might be a lightmap thing or something though I've had it before without having lightmapped (if i remember correclty) Regardless, this happened Any tips?
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