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  1. yea thanx will pay more attention when saving next time
  2. yea nice map, my isp has been a bioatch and chocked me to dial up so was a suprise to actually enjoy a sp map. Props to u anyone hosting this on MP?
  3. Ok im my map i have a certain area where i have village house's. I have painted some overgrowth previously in that area and then when i went in game, the Overgrowth showed up inside the village houses(not what i want a tree in a house, collisiion mesh could go crazy). But anyway i selected the overgrowth Selected Willow(material it was i wanted to delete) turned brush right down to 1 or nearest render>overgrowth(so i have absolute selection) deleted selected overgrowth Generated overgrowth Compiled Overgrowth atlas(do i need to do this, or am i compulsive?) Saved all(as always) Problem is whenever i start the actual map it always shows that overgrowth in my map same as it was b4 inside the house?? Damn trees are sendin me insane..any solution ne1? I've tried about 4 times now and it just wont FO
  4. yea np always feel the need to respond if things get worked out, cause for damn sure u guys and everyone here has helped me out bigtime lol, but anyway it was funny and annoying @ the same time seeing a player model driving around in mid air lol. Maybe a Ghost Rider mod
  5. Well i came across something very strange today My vehicles are dissappearing when im driving around. I get out of the vehicle and look around moving my mouse to the right and the vehicle appears, i move the mouse and look left and its gone ???? has anyone seen this happen b4? It happens with the player model as well??? It only happens in a certain part of my map it seems.. very stumped... :? *EDIT- Well figured it out it seems BF2 doesnt like the "Light source" objects in bf2/objects/common/lightobject2 I had these placed over a certain area. Need to mess around with em a bit more i think..
  6. im pretty sure i did do secondary but only on medium. Ill try again for the fianl on high.... I only ran Terrain Primary and Secondary Lightmaps on Final and both blended fine...other wise id be without a pc for days lol
  7. did u look under the couch :? http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3824
  8. [u]Memory .dll:Sanity check : block size - 1567930752(2600.70 MB doen't seem sane[/u] never seen that b4 "doesnt seem sane" lol
  9. cool was always wondering wat that isHemisphere meant thanx.
  10. just reduce the amount of the brush strength in the texture panel gradually as you need to get the effect u want. and u could try just using detail only to get the transition.
  11. I made a post about this http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...ght=water+color as stated above you have to run ur Primary and Secondary Lightmaps on Final otherwise the textures wont blend properly.. took me 614 mins to run mine but looks fine now.
  12. I was just wondering how do you tweak the CP settings so they are only capturable from a certain level ie: construction site flag on top level but is still capturable by sitting under it? I only want it to start Capturing it from the top level that the CP is on, not below. cheers!
  13. sorry for the vague subject title but i didnt know how else to subject it. ANyway this text comes up when i start the editor : Overgrowth number of objects: 464 : 464 [Tweaker] Load Object (LevelSettings) [Tweaker] Load Object (WaterSettings) [Tweaker] Load Object (LightmapSettings) [Tweaker] Load Object (Road) [Tweaker] Load Object (Road) [Tweaker] Load Object (Road) [Tweaker] Load Object (Road) Ignored Warning[Console] : Too many arguments, the max no of arguments is 2!: aiSettings.addBotName J. Van Rooyen (ai/BotNames.ai) [Main] : Error: BAPSTRevive is an unknown ConditionSide. [Console] : Couldn't open console script "levels/mylevel/editor/ai/strategicareas.ai" [Tweaker] Load Object (LevelSettings) [Tweaker] Load Object (WaterSettings) [Tweaker] Load Object (LightmapSettings) Just what does the text in red mean??
  14. did u copy the GTSDATA folder from ur C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2modsbf2Levelsurlevel folder to the C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2NavMeshworkurlevel folder ??
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