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  1. The link is dead, does any1 still have the scripts? Nvm, thanks to Rexman, did a deeper search
  2. I'll have to say I've also encountered this problem, the cause was a corrupt BF2 install! (bf2 works but the common_client.zip file was corrupt somehow :S)
  3. sorry about that, was another parameter I had left unchecked after a forum upgrade now it should work =) and no, we dont got that schoolbus yet, because I cant say what we got ingame, you'll just have to wait for our updates =)
  4. Guess values? You can instantly preview all you need to preview, why guess? Its a great tool which my mod could not be without! Thanks for a great tool ;-)
  5. mschoeldgen, I thank you a TON!! I've worked so damn many hours trying to figure out why it does not work and with this modified script, I've got a lot closer Thank you, thank you
  6. I require a damn patch already, we should get both an updated debug build, updated editor and also a patch for the patch and stop doing incremenetals, this incremental for 1.4 was the most buggy one to date, I have just used 1.0, 1.3 and 1.4 so I dont know about the rest.... Should put together a fixlist for 1.5 or something
  7. michi.be, I am mightly impressed by this map! There is quality right through it all! Keep it up
  8. I've taken these notes so far: When playing in fullscreen, as usual any failure just returns a CTD. When in windowed mode, when there is a problem, there is also a CTD, not the warnings like before, thus, how can we know what is wrong? A new debug build would be apreciated aswell as an updated editor which recognizes all legal commands in Bf2.
  9. IS04? www.isnitro.com not the same team but still Interstate.
  10. When running 1.4 in windowed mode, I dont get any errors or feedback like I did with 1.3 so I dont know what the fucknot is wrong when it crashes to desktop. Sorry for the language, but its the true reality till we get the Debug build. When can we see an updated EDITOR ?
  11. Doh, I forgot to mention I need a 2D artist who can design new rewards for us, we will redo the system for rewards in BF2 to fit IS Nitro, then we need you to help us design them
  12. in the camera option: ObjectTemplate.CVMInside 1 ObjectTemplate.CVMNose 0 ObjectTemplate.CVMChase 1 ObjectTemplate.CVMFrontChase 1 ObjectTemplate.CVMFlyBy 1 Thats default and thus not in the tweak file, if you add them to the camera and set it to 0, you will disable it. Did this answer your question? =)
  13. rem ---BeginComp:WeaponHud --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent WeaponHud ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.weaponIcon Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\isnitro_30cal.tga ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.hudName "30 Caliber MG" ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.guiIndex 4 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.altGuiIndex 0 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.deviationFactor 5 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.overheatSound S_Weapon_Vehicle_Overheat rem ---EndComp --- replace the overheatsound if you dont have any overheat, like remove it. Also, remove the path to the icon of the weapon if you dont have any for it Ok? =)
  14. Heya, I've been working a lot on this bug and I cant find a sollution. I've searched the forums and only 1 topic came back, it's just under a year old and is not in the same "adress" as mine. Here is the error: http://www.isnitro.com/rune/frustum.JPG It only happens during one of the vehicle rides when I fire missiles, I belive a tester made it happen when it just rode aswell, but he havent got back to me on that. This bug came after uhm, dont know actually, it just suddently appeared. Probably because we just got a 8 slot server Any thoughts that could be shared? thanks
  15. did you remember to pack the new files krysaor?
  16. Yes, we are recruiting Want to join our ranks? Its very easy We're recruiting in every posistion from mappers to sketchers It's easy to join us, just register @ our forums here: www.isnitro.com and make a post in the recruitment forum Why should you join us? We got BIG guns, awsome cars and custom gamemodes to increase the hardcore action Want to find out more? drop by our site: www.isnitro.com
  17. GRRR, what I want needs a grey :-/ Hack shaders?? =)
  18. Heya, I've been searching these forums for some time now, yet I cant find what I am looking for so now I am asking......... Is there a way to add transparency to a KIT item? I got a special kit item that needs transparency. I think its possible if I change the SKINNEDMESH.fx but I am afraid EA/Dice wont like that Thx in advance for replies =)
  19. I am sorry to bring up back such an old topic, King of Camelot, but I wonder, do you still have the code? I am curious to test it Cheers
  20. IF it is about oil? Bushwars! Frozen Oil Wars Frozen Wars Thundra Oils :::::
  21. It's on google 2(a lot more crappy version!!!!) : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=77...20645&hl=en I heard videolan had some good codecs?
  22. EOD, you've done it again! Splendid
  23. Ya Detrux, I did try Google Video, it is there aswell, with huge errors compared to what I uploaded tho :-( Thanks for the advice though
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