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  1. Howdy Detrux, Cajunwolf from over at Battlefieldsingleplayer. I recently had to fight a bad hack too, but it was on the main site, not the forums, which is behind our site (this helps BTW). I too am looking into upgrading our Power Board software, which is much older than your yours, in order to keep attackers at bay. Like you I'm not near as active as I once was, and I don't always have the time I did in the past to keep an eye on website maintenance like I should, but thank goodness I have a great moderator - admin team. I was wondering if you might be interested in joining forces by sharing moderator teams. When you get right down to it, we share a common interest and members, and I would like to keep all the knowledge that has been collected by a lot of hard work, by a lot of talented people, available to any new modders, or old members for as long as possible. If interested give me a holler here or at bfsp (cajunwolf@battlefieldsingleplayer.com).
  2. Bensta,if you hear from Detrux have him get in touch with me over at Battlefieldsingleplayer because I want to talk to him about sharing the load with moderators and admins. After all we pretty much have the same members in common, and this way we could have someone monitoring both boards all the time without overloading any one, or two people.
  3. The spambots aren't that much trouble if you keep up with it. Over at Battlefieldsingleplayer I have myself and three others that, every time a spam bot pops it's head up, ban the ip or ip range. Over time you get rid of most, but you have to always stay on your toes. I just had to fight a malware hack that took me 4 days to kill, they are the real problems.
  4. Look at all of the BFSP folks showing up here,interesting.
  5. Nice to see this site back up and running again! Hu-raw!
  6. has not set their status

  7. Yea good editor 42... sigh. Great tool ... looks like the beginning of something really cool.
  8. Anybody have ver .033? The dl doesn't seem to work anymore.
  9. I have bots working in a test map in game!. As kysterama said we are working out the bugs as fast as we can. Once we get the procedures down we will get some tutorials up. I will say this, you have to have all the singleplayer files (ie; StrategicAreas, CombatAreas, ETC) in the map and pathfinding files created (.gts files) before you ever dbl click on the CreateNavmesh.bat file!
  10. I now have bots running around in a test map I created doing all kinds of cool bot things. Check in at Battlefield Singleplayer as we are working on a procedure/tutorial to use the new Singleplayer functions of the editor.
  11. Yep but thanks to the Singleplayer addition I now have bots running around in my test map doing cool bot things!
  12. Yep but thanks to the Singleplayer addition I now have bots running around in my test map doing cool bot things!
  13. I think Prophet and sniper dog are close. My slant on this is that Battlecraft did away with this problem when you created surface maps it would blendblur the texturecolormap tiles 2-3 pixels to hide this tiling effect. Bf2 does not do the surface map thing so the seam is showing where the tiles meet. As to why one side would be darker than the other I dunno. Prophet The lightmaps you generate using the samples files you DL have nothing to do with the terrain. These are for objectlightmaps not Terrainlightmaps.
  14. Yea this beats the heck out of doing it by hand..saves some time
  15. Just make a copy of the original map as a backup. That way if it doesn't work like you want it to you just delete and add the backup copy back in.
  16. Have you generated your LowDetail Textures?
  17. You have to do the terrain lightmaps before the growth will look good in game. The water will look right once you fix the water.con file. Copy the water.con from another stock level and add the skyenv files from the same and it will look ok.
  18. Yep this seems to be an issue that a lot of people are having. Seems its a bug the devs need to look into.
  19. Yea the only time you might not have to do it would be where the playingCombat area did not reach the edges of the primary heightmap.
  20. I see your point Lawrence. But the only dumb question is the one not asked.
  21. I C ... why lightmap the sec heightmaps? No one can go there anyhow.
  22. That machine should not take 10 hours. I have a Barton 3200 AMD XP with a gig of ram and lightmapped a map I did in about 3 hours with a lot of statics.
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