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  1. def init(): ...host.registerHandler('PlayerRevived', onPlayerRevived) def onPlayerRevived(attacker, victim): ...if attacker and attacker.getDefaultVehicle() != None: ......attacker.getDefaultVehicle().setDamage(10) Sorry, haven't written in Python in a year or so. Note the '.'s are to be replaced by spaces. If you are writing Python as frank says, check your whitespace, if you are newer to Python, try using 3 spaces per level.
  2. Thought I'd post some info for the current state of BF3 modding and opening files. -Rick from Xentax -Rick from Xentax Files have been extracted to date.. just updating the news.
  3. Hi, the Link from your exe is down :(


    Can you please reupload?



  4. I know that a few things can not be located and parsed until the map actually loads into a 'PLAYING' state. You make need t re-locate the code snippet to the onPlayerSpawn event with a flag not to parse after the first call. This will ensure that all required objects have indeed been registered and spawned into the game world by the engine.
  5. I haven't written BF2 in a couple years.. but something like ObjectTemplate.setNetworkable, it is located in the .tweaks. I think for vehicles and players the default network flag is 'basic'.
  6. You can get the angle of direction, however I do not believe what you are looking at. You can try using a dummy projectile and using its location instead (I believe a this used for other mods artillery/sandbox functions).
  7. You should try updating the networking type, this should force a client/server update for the object.
  8. There are very few people who write python, which is why there are no responses. I do write python; however, I do not support ranking systems.
  9. Doing indie game from scratch on Esenthel engine

  10. ...and no mod support! Mods have been permanently replaced with paid DLC. Shareholders rejoice and PC gamers get shafted.
  11. you don't use 'then'. if x < 0: x = 0 print 'Negative changed to zero' elif x == 0: print 'Zero' elif x == 1: print 'Single' else: print 'More'
  12. Am I going nuts or is that ReFractor Engine 2 again? I understood why Heroes was using that engine, but now that they have Frostbite (now on 2.0), why are they still using ReFractor?
  13. Remember, if you plan to use their Python source in your mod to ask them first!
  14. "id Software has released the source code to Return To Castle Wolfenstein (single player and multiplayer), along with Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory, under the GPL. The linked article notes that "these only include the game source code, not the graphics. You need the full games for those." Perhaps something along these lines? Given the above, the security blanket for the developer will be the state of the graphics until the current ReFractor games reach end-of-life. Perhaps add-in an option that DICE is given first crack at purchasing any new IP created from the source release to sweeten the deal? A glaring example of the revenue created from acquired modding IP is clearly Valve. Team Fortress, Garry's Mod, Portal... those titles are creating tens of millions of dollars for them.
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