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    How We Can Make Our Maps Less Laggy.

    If anyone has any tips or tricks on how to create a map to produce the least amount of lag as possible, please post them here. Be it using the level or terrain part of the editor or both. Hopefully if the list gets long enough we can have it pinned to help others. I'm posting hoping to be able to make a checklist of guidelines to go by for our mappers and future mappers at DCon but I am sure this will help other mods as well.
  2. 11FG Clooney

    Wierd Shadow Bug.

    http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=8407 Not sure if anyone saw my last post in the "How To Make A Scale 4 Map, Yes It's True" thread. I hope a solution is found.
  3. 11FG Clooney

    How To Make A Scale 4 Map

    I should have posted sooner about this but this scale 4 map works great in the editor and ingame with one exception. The shadows under the jets seem borked. Has anyone noticed this or found a way around it??
  4. 11FG Clooney

    Ground Hemi?

    Anyone tried converting thier final editor minimap into a groundhemi?? Works for me, if its too bright or too dark ingame I adjust it in Photoshop. Just make sure it is saved as Khrimson stated above.
  5. Im sure this has been discussed but since I am on lunch, I dont have time to search. Is it correct that the editor reads from folders and the game reads from ZIPs? I just have to clarify this to know for sure. If I have just ZIPs in my mod and no actual folder (ex: Object_server.zip but no actual Object folder) Will the editor be able to read what is inside the zips, and if so how come I cannot checkbox anything in the Mod Manager? This has become somewhat of a debate and I would like to shed some light on this to clear up any confusion.
  6. 11FG Clooney

    Problem Starting Desert Conflict

    Why dont you try posting over at the Desert Conflict forums. Usually when troubleshooting a mod, its best to go to their site first. http://desert-conflict.org/forum/index.php Regards,
  7. 11FG Clooney

    Error Messege Help

    I think I know what it is. There is some missing files that are needed in the mod I am using. The only people that can help me are my fellow mod developers. Sorry for making you all wonder!!
  8. 11FG Clooney

    Error Messege Help

    Im just trying to play test a map and see how it looks ingame. I have had this error before ingame, but I have no idea how I fixed it. This is a seperate mod and this map is in the level folder of this mod. The info folder itself does not have a minimap in it, just a Desc. file.
  9. 11FG Clooney

    Error Messege Help

    can anyone explain to me why i am getting this error messege and what I need to do to fix it?
  10. 11FG Clooney

    Has anyone seen this????? (Solved)

    Well, I got it fixed. I did as David suggested first since it sounded more complicated but to no avail, thanks anyways though I will keep that in mind. I then swapped out the SKY.CON from another level(dont know why I didnt in the first place) after mschoeldgen mentioned that may be a problem. Well it was and all is good now. Unless you have a ton of time on your hands, I dont advise using that default SKY.CON file the editor gives you....ever, you really have to know your stuff to tweak that thing right. Just change the sky texture, sun direction and colors of a stock sky to your liking and go with it, lol!! Thanks for the help fellas.
  11. 11FG Clooney

    Has anyone seen this????? (Solved)

    anyone else?
  12. 11FG Clooney

    Has anyone seen this????? (Solved)

    Its a mod.
  13. 11FG Clooney

    Has anyone seen this????? (Solved)

    I am not sure what exactly is causing this(not even sure if this is the right section to post it in) but I think it has something to do with vehicle shadows. When doing an outside view when in this chopper, the darker box on the terrain follows the chopper wherever it goes. If I am in the cockpit view, you dont see it. Whenever you are outside and near the chopper you see it again, but as you get away from the chopper, it disappears. Is this a dynamic shadow problem, terrain problem or what? I have never seen this before.
  14. 11FG Clooney

    (tPaint) What lowDetailtypes?

    Catbox, I admire your patience. I was beginning to stress out just reading this....I need my Xanax!
  15. 11FG Clooney

    Materials dont seem to work

    here is an error i recieved from the editor D:bf2editorCodeBF2PhysicsRotationalPointResponse.cpp(57): (material != 0) Using material index 194 that is not mapped in material manager Am I missing something here? All of my texture layers are assigned matrial ID's but yet, as soon I shoot my gun at the ground while testing in-game, nothing ricochets or shows bullet hits, and if I do it in the editor, the editor crashes Here is my GroundProperties.CON GroundProperties.SetDetailTexture 0 "commonterraintexturesdetaildetail_rock11.dds" GroundProperties.SetColor 0 0 0 0 GroundProperties.SetMaterial 0 rock GroundProperties.SetTopTiling 0 6 GroundProperties.SetSideTiling 0 4/2 GroundProperties.SetYOffset 0 0 GroundProperties.SetPlaneMap 0 1 GroundProperties.SetColorTiling 0 1/1 GroundProperties.SetLowDetailType 0 2 GroundProperties.SetEnvMap 0 0 GroundProperties.SetDetailTexture 1 "commonterraintexturesdetaildetail_dirt02.dds" GroundProperties.SetColor 1 0 0 0 GroundProperties.SetMaterial 1 Dirt GroundProperties.SetTopTiling 1 16 GroundProperties.SetSideTiling 1 8/6 GroundProperties.SetYOffset 1 0 GroundProperties.SetPlaneMap 1 1 GroundProperties.SetColorTiling 1 1/1 GroundProperties.SetLowDetailType 1 2 GroundProperties.SetEnvMap 1 0 GroundProperties.SetDetailTexture 2 "commonterraintexturesdetaildetail_dirt02.dds" GroundProperties.SetColor 2 0 0 0 GroundProperties.SetMaterial 2 Dirt GroundProperties.SetTopTiling 2 16 GroundProperties.SetSideTiling 2 8/6 GroundProperties.SetYOffset 2 0 GroundProperties.SetPlaneMap 2 1 GroundProperties.SetColorTiling 2 1/1 GroundProperties.SetLowDetailType 2 2 GroundProperties.SetEnvMap 2 0 MiscGroundProperties.SetFarTopTilingHi 4 MiscGroundProperties.SetFarTopTilingLow 6 MiscGroundProperties.SetFarSideTiling 8/6 MiscGroundProperties.SetFarYOffset 0 MiscGroundProperties.SetLodSwitchDistance 75 Never have seen this one before, did I forget to extract something?