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  1. has anyone been able to get hold of Coronaextra? haven't been able to get in touch with him for months now.
  2. Great work man :-)
  3. det plz add me as a admin m8, the spam is back! i want to help!


  4. we ended up resizing all the 4096x4096 textures in Nations At War to 3072x3072, which halved the file size with no discernible difference in quality. we also change the the 4096x2048 textures to 3072x1536. The only problem is the textures turn up black in bfmeshviewer... but they are fine in-game can this be fixed? 1536x1536, 3072x3072, 3072x1536, are the sizes we need to work in bfmeshviewer.
  5. the biggest problem we have is we ran out of memory for naw to use, what we need is the bf2.exe to be recompiled for use with 64 bit so the 4 gig memory is no longer a wall for us modders!
  6. Corona is open to anyone adding his terrain shader 's to their personal or public mod, as long as you credit him of coarse!
  7. TerrainShader_Hi.fx remove offset of vScaleTransY.zw from wPos.yw; fixes 'dancing black spots/blotches'
  8. WIP Updated Kit Developer! Thankfully Bergerkiller gave us the source code that Terminal Access used to create our own Kit Developer with 14 levels of unlocks!
  9. I am using Notepad++. too!
  10. yeah we did the exe, just need what ever is left to release. have you had time to do any more work on this?
  11. cheers m8!
  12. can your code in your RFX.exe be added to our exe? or would it be easier to add our master server info to your exe?
  13. had to add this to get it to work in shortcut target! "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nations At War\RFX.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 0 +szx 1900+szy 1020 +modPath mods/NAW. now i assume rfx.exe isn't launching bf2.exe it's replacing it hence the error, it can't connect to our asp 3.0. only problem was this was with a offline account so it wasn't connecting to our asp!
  14. get this now!
  15. I get can't find stl_8_wrapper.dll, RFX.exe and RFX.dll are in Battlefield 2 install directory. any idea what im doing wrong?