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  1. WIP Updated Kit Developer! Thankfully Bergerkiller gave us the source code that Terminal Access used to create our own Kit Developer with 14 levels of unlocks!
  2. I am using Notepad++. too!
  3. yeah we did the exe, just need what ever is left to release. have you had time to do any more work on this?
  4. cheers m8!
  5. can your code in your RFX.exe be added to our exe? or would it be easier to add our master server info to your exe?
  6. had to add this to get it to work in shortcut target! "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nations At War\RFX.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 0 +szx 1900+szy 1020 +modPath mods/NAW. now i assume rfx.exe isn't launching bf2.exe it's replacing it hence the error, it can't connect to our asp 3.0. only problem was this was with a offline account so it wasn't connecting to our asp!
  7. get this now!
  8. I get can't find stl_8_wrapper.dll, RFX.exe and RFX.dll are in Battlefield 2 install directory. any idea what im doing wrong?
  9. Looking forward to the features, like fov fix for widescreen and scope effect like the one in alpha project!
  10. Hey just touching base!

  11. cheers m8.
  12. Looks Great M8!
  13. I Have RendDX9.dll that needs the path to custom shaders editing, comes with a pair of shaders zips, one for day and one for night maps, it creates a pair of cache folders one for each, ive been told it works but as yet i havn't been able to test it.
  14. did you unzip all the archives for the mod and maps yet? unzip objects server and client into a objects folder, and unzip the map zips into the map folder they are in, then create a folder called editor and put in it gameplayobjects and staticobjects.cons.
  15. Thanks Dnamro, was interested in the Dynamic changing in game billboards though!