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    Bf2 Editor

    re name them .dds and open then save as png.
  2. kano

    Ctd In Internet Mode Only

    did you add the simrad?
  3. kano

    Creating Rain As An Ambient Trigger

    Battlefield Zipper http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=13451
  4. kano

    New Tool: Bfmeshview

    would be very cool of you. thx.
  5. kano

    New Tool: Bfmeshview

    404 Not Found
  6. hi guys. once again im here asking for help. see posts below you don't need to join the team to help just be willing to help with the next release. thx.
  7. i'd settle for a navmesher right now i have one map i added booster content too, catbox added textures, has been navmeshed before but of coarse now bots run into everything. its not a big map nore dose it have thousands of statics, any help gets your name added to the list of ppl who helped with naw 6.0 thanx to sasha for editing tanks and Outlawz for offering to look at map.
  8. kano

    All Mod Teams - Pooling Resources

    cheesy my boy you have helped me in the past, only thing i can do is put nice maps and mods together, i will help you where i can, i dropped a lot of my personal maps from the next release becouse they don't have navmeshing, which i can not get my head around, so if any of these maps meet your needs let me know brotha!
  9. pm me your email address thanks for your offer to help,
  10. the problem is im a mapper not a coder all my coders retired yrs ago, i can send you the tweaks for the m1a1 can you add the heap and sabot code to the challenger 2 and leopard?
  11. for right now i just need the challenger 2 and leopard to have the same sabot and heap rounds as the m1a1, i have tried and tried and waist hrs trying to do this, this is basically driving me nuts lol. i am not a coder simple stuff i can do but this is out of my league apparently, once this is done i can release a beta to my testers.
  12. hi guys thought id give this a shot, i could do with a little help, i am currently working on a update and i am running out of time and still have a few things to do. if for example: you can take the heap and sabot round code from our m1a1 and add it to the leopard and challanger2 and add 4 positions for passengers, add ai for the euro forces and armored fury equipment, and do some minor tweaking. also i need one map re navmeshing i replaced all the statics on one map and obviously this messed up the navmesh. give me a shout pm me your e mail address for tweak files and ill send them. many thx guys!! kano.
  13. kano

    Can't See Vehicles In Object Editor

    top left res bar hit the + button browse to load resources.
  14. kano

    Ctd On Lan, Please! (solved)

    if you relied on the editor to package it for you there is your problem! i suggest you use the battlefield zipper found here by using the search feature.
  15. trying to debug a crash in windowed mode it say texture file is missing or wrong dx type but no clue to what it is, Text: failed to create dx texture. invalid call! so load up the debugger which i hate and i cant get past s_wind error in debugger is there a fix for this so i can get past it, i clicked continue for 10 mins still didnt stop coming up! anyone help?
  16. kano

    Bergerkiller's Modding Tools

    Fantastic can't wait dude!
  17. kano

    Lpp Battlefield Collection

    great work bro!
  18. kano

    Bergerkiller's Modding Tools

    thx for making these tools! have you made a vehicle cloning app yet? would be cool!
  19. kano

    Edit Vehicle Hud

    is there a read me or tutorial around i would like to make our huds better like aix did but i can't seem to figure out how to use this.. thx.
  20. kano

    Lpp Battlefield Collection

    confirm it works now! thanx good work,
  21. kano

    Lpp Battlefield Collection

    vista brings up a dialog saying stopped responding, tried running exe in compatibility mode too still no luck. installs fine just wont run.
  22. kano

    Lpp Battlefield Collection

    great work. dosn't work on my pc? running vista...
  23. kano

    Random Early Wip

    wow looks awesome dude!
  24. Changing flags in bf2 Here is my first shot at a tutorial, Im going to tell you where everything is you need to change, As it can get a little confusing. Do all your editing in Photoshop and save as a 8888 dxt5 with 13 mip maps and alpha You will need to grab the following files and edit the flags accordingly. First the flags on the poles in game. Go to the following dir C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Objects\staticobjects\common\textures\flags_c.dds Above is a example: Put in your mod in the same path as in bf2 after you have edited it in Photoshop. Next the memeatlas this puts most of the little flags in the hud. C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\menu\Atlas\MemeAtlas_020.dds Above is a example: Put in your mod in the same path as in bf2 after you have edited it in photoshop. Ah you thought you were done lol not quiet yet! scoreboard Flags C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Hud\Score\Ch\ scoreBoard_Flag.tga C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Hud\Score\mec\ scoreBoard_Flag.tga C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Hud\Score\us\ scoreBoard_Flag.tga Above is a example: Put in your mod in the same path as in bf2 after you have edited it in photoshop. Now the mini map. C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Minimap\Ch\ miniMap_CP.tga C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Minimap\mec\ miniMap_CP.tga C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Minimap\us\ miniMap_CP.tga C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Minimap\Ch\ miniMap_CPBase.tga C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Minimap\mec\ miniMap_CPBase.tga C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Minimap\us\ miniMap_CPBase.tga C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Minimap\Ch\ miniMap_Flag.dds C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Minimap\mec\ miniMap_Flag.dds C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Minimap\us\ miniMap_Flag.dds Above is a example: Put in your mod in the same path as in bf2 after you have edited it in photoshop lastly the join flags and end of round flags can be found here C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\menu\External\FlashMenu\images\joingame flag_ch.png flagLarge_ch.png hugeflag_ch.png flag_mec.png flagLarge_mec.png hugeflag_mec.png flag_eu.png flagLarge_eu.png hugeflag_eu.png flag_us.png flagLarge_us.png hugeflag_us.png these files are actually dds's that are renamed png you can do the same or save them as png dosn't seem to matter. put them in your mod in the menu_client in same path as in bf2. after that you will probable want to change the usmc,mec,china in the Localization\English this is found in the English.utxt as stated above. i you look above your see what your changing it's circled. And I beleave thats it guys no easy task I know which is why it took so long to figure it out, with help from bf2sp and the editor site. I never found a tutorial for this so I thought what the hell give something back for a change, enjoy your new flags. kano lead dev http://www.nawmod.com
  25. kano

    Nations At War 5.2 Released!

    i think you should as you contributed to it lol.