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  1. This is just to let the community know that the Nations at War Mod have succeeded from the NAW Tournament. We are now at WWW.NAWMOD.COM We the mod creators felt that we could do the public a better service by concentrating on content for public consumption rather than catering to a tournament. Therefore players can now expect a single player patch and more content designed for public play rather than tournament. WWW.NATIONS-AT-WAR.COM at the moment will redirect to WWW.NAWMOD.COM until the domain owner decides to point it elsewhere. Thank you for your support The NAW Mod Team.
  2. Ahe_Helln is a naw helo? why are you ripping our cloned helo? didnt even ask permission to use naw content. could have cloned your own dude thats just wrong!!!!!!!!!
  3. _c = colour map u opened the wrong one.
  4. http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=1804 found this.
  5. HI THERE OUR VERY SMALL DEV TEAM IS STILL LOOKING FOR A COUPLE MORE PPL. if you can work in 3ds max. take a model and get it ingame. or texture a model let me know! we have a very small team at any one time there is only 4 ppl working on naw "what" yeh its true mappers we have no shortage of but when it comes to putting new toys in game it can take weeks from start to finish i am looking to speed up this by getting a couple more ppl working on this as we have dozens of near game ready pieces of equipment im dieing to get in game including several vehicles ,boats, subs and ships we have the models finished just need some help exporting and texturing them. let me know.
  6. kano

    Little Birds

    http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...=6674&st=15 scroll down
  7. kano

    nations at war 4.0

    Just to keep you guys in the loop, the Dev's (until recently we had a dev team of 4 ppl) have been scrambling full speed ahead after the initial 4.0 beta. As some of you know we had an error that caused us to backtrack alot and rebuild. We finished all the weapons (along with a few extra treats), and are now kicking the vehicles in the a$$! All littlebirds are in along with adjusting the flight physics that many of you so desired. Putting the finishing touches on a-10 and su25's. (Flight Physics have been tweaked for equal comparison).
  8. i think you are having kit id problems no too pieces of kit cant have the same id and be in the same kit dude. wow 6am i better stop working on the mod and goto bed lol.
  9. gotta love cb lol he has been a great help to all us devs at naw thx dude for the kind words.
  10. naw is just a small tourney set up by friends i just put our little birds and apache v havoc on it and some a10's and su25's and they look great! ill e mail u some pics if you like pm me with your address. here a couple i took while testing new things out last night.
  11. wow what a great map can we use this in our tourney plz?
  12. nations at war will be adding this to our mod in 4.0 we have had several models donated to our tourney style mod by the community here. thx guys.
  13. great work dude. cant wait for final version. love to add it to our tourney rotation.
  14. as usual Nations at war havnt been invited to this oh well satcom dosnt like us anyway as i refused to add his ranking to our mod and maps, he gets quiet pissy when he dosnt get his own way no-one likes us and we dont care lol.
  15. very cool ill check this puppy out. thx.
  16. what a great looking map good work man you can tell how much time and effort you put into this.
  17. hi guys. once again im here asking for help. see posts below you don't need to join the team to help just be willing to help with the next release. thx.
  18. kano

    nations at war 4.0

    ill have to check lol smag duz all the coding and pucker did the birds ive never seen a more detailed interior though lol.
  19. kano

    nations at war 4.0

    1 comment wow. so much for showing off our work to our peers wont bother doing this again.
  20. Here are some screenshots of a few things in NAW 4.0. The MH6 LittleBird Transport (with radar) and Spec Ops, The A10 Warthog, SU25 FrogFoot, the last 3 I'll leave for you guys to figure out. most pic's are from old versions of each models but you get the idea (these are NOT dices models so dont even go there ok lol!) Pilot position now grips joystick Pilot position now grips joystick
  21. lol thats why i dont even bother asking anyone to join Nations at war.
  22. half the amount of gi lights will help o as a thought too i allways do a pass in medium until final pass before packaging that pass is allways highest setting and i have a sys as fast as yours and it can take a day sometimes on a big map.
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