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  1. kano

    BF2editor errors while loading level

    did you unzip the client and server files?
  2. kano

    Convert Images In Colormaps

    ERROR 404: Seite nicht gefunden Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten: Die von Ihnen aufgerufenene URL konnte nicht auf dem Server gefunden werden!
  3. kano

    How to fix broken EAX setup

    Don't forget to add run Sounds.con to your levels init.con!
  4. ADD TO YOUR INIT.CON rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- gameLogic.setTeamDropVehicle 1 "LightJeep" gameLogic.setTeamDropVehicle 2 LightJeep" rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADD TO YOUR GAMEPLAYOBJECTS.CON rem ********** Object Spawner ********** rem [ObjectSpawnerTemplate: CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep ObjectTemplate.create ObjectSpawner CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep ObjectTemplate.activeSafe ObjectSpawner CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Dickie" ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable 1 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0 ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 1 LightJeep ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 2 LightJeep if v_arg1 == host rem [ObjectSpawner: CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep Object.create CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep Object.absolutePosition -310.369/25.421/-237.073 Object.rotation 26.482/0.000/0.000 Object.setControlPointId 1 Object.layer 1
  5. we need a couple of tracked vehicles and boats put in game, Unfortunately our team has shrunk to only a couple of people, also we have cloned several vehicles that need their factions changing to their new allegiance! So if you can export vehicles in max or have skills in Photoshop we need you! If you can help contact me here or on Facebook! Nations At War on Facebook Nations At War on Mewe Nations At War on YouTube Nations At War on Moddb Nations At War on discord
  6. kano

    Envmap Question

    why are my Envmaps getting screwed up? So before loading editor go to bf2editor/settings/plugin.ini and change the loaded value of single player editor plugin from 1 to 0 save and load editor and regenerate and it should work fine.
  7. kano

    Kit Developer

  8. kano

    lightmap are messed up!

    i found replacing the samples generated by max with ones created using meshviewer fixed this issue!
  9. kano

    lightmap are messed up!

    anyone have any ideas why my pyramid lightmaps are getting all messed up during generating? the pyramid meshes were exported by me so wondered if its a export issue, unwrap issue or a texture issue. image 1 before lightmaps: image 2 after lightmaps: image 3 models pre export:
  10. having the same issue with my GTX1660.
  11. kano

    Battel Raptors Mod Plan...

    GhostDance101, did you ever finish these animations?
  12. are you still around ?

    1. Catbox


      Yes, been super busy at work. How have you been?   

    2. kano


      busy too working on new m8!


  13. kano

    How To Rename A Map In Battlefield 2?

    LPP Tools Collection.rar 18.51 MB https://1fichier.com/?q4f6jrasft