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  1. Damn I really appreciate the efforts Detrux. Is there a donation link I can chip in some money? I don't want this forum to be like the BF2 SP forum which just died after a supposed upgrade was meant to be underway. Don't want to seem ungrateful. I understand that there's irl issues. Just wondering why it's still down? http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/
  2. Spammers are easily able to create threads here and have done so in the past 3 years and it pisses me off that these shitposters put the effort to register and account to flood such a great website with piles of garbage. This is due to a number of issues 1. The Forum may or may not be out-of-date. It is missing a report button for spammers. Yes this requires a full backup, someone who can transfer data from one server to another, lots of time, lots of effort, running the webpage on a virtualized platform to make sure nothing gets lost and someone who knows what they are doing. 2. The captchas are not working properly, lack of sufficient anti-spam measures to make it harder etc. Suggestions: 1. All newly registered users go to 'Trial Mode'. People who post enough and who do not break rules go to 'Approved Users'. Used in Sonic Retro. Admins would need to approve. 2. Upgrade or change forum versions to something more robust and feature packed yet cheaper. Would have protection against spam pests. Probably unnecessary if the forum version is stable enough. 3. Allowing trustworthy and well-known people with website/forum experience to help volunteer and work on the website instead of one person do all the heavy lifting. (BF2:SP Community or someone close to the BF2 scene that's 100% trustworthy.) This will result in progress being made at a faster rate but requires money to make the upgrade. 4. Look for solutions for anti-spam measures. There are plugins etc for this forum software to filter it out but multiple solutions must be implemented along with having moderators that are vigilant against user requests. Is asking for a bit much as a volunteer job and doesn't pay but yeah. I know it costs money to continue to host a website in a server, but mitigating the cost by finding an alternative provider with less security holes will be beneficial. Forgive me for registering my username as FixThisForum, but seeing this great hub of knowledge being ruined by these cyber vermin pisses me off and it continually happens with no real guards to prevent it in the future. So something must be done.
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