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    Battlefield P4F Files

    Hello everyone this is p4f files, shoud helpful for modding https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rMFDWAJzov2mU6UcUISBQ0fs67ZHwoqW
  2. Ryan1506

    Strange Ai bug, how to fix ?

    Hello @clivewil thanks for you answer, after 2 weeks i find the problem, it was the projectile of the smaw error, the us bots won't fire, after change the projectile , no problem anymore ;)
  3. Ryan1506

    Strange Ai bug, how to fix ?

    Any help ?
  4. Hello everyone ! In my mod (aix based) all the US AT bots wont move and wont fire, in lot of maps like Omaha beach, ..... Only the US AT, i try to put the same weapons of the mec at and it's the same problem In gulf of Oman, somethines they are moving a little I try to change ai behaviour (stock ai behaviour) and no change, try to change object.ai in soldier folder and no change...... ONLY THE US AT, Others kits work fine... How i can fix that ? And how to fix the boat ? bots don't take it in the carrier...
  5. Ryan1506

    Aix 2 minimod tinnitus

    Anybody ?
  6. Hello everyone, i hope you can help me... In my mod (aix based mod) When i play LAN game in my mod with bots, the host pc looks good everythings it's okay, but the join pc have have some microlags, we can see the bots lagging, and the missile AA too, somes tracers are invisble on the join pc, only the join pc, the host don't have any problem... The ping in the score menu are 0 for the 2 computers... The 2 computers are good, same version game, connected with ethernet and no have any problem with other mods ObjectTemplate.localPredictOnClient >> what means ? I need to set up networkable info ? How work client and server ? When i modding a weapon in the object_server, i need to paste it too into the object_client ? In aix2, there is only the sound into the object_client, i need to put other thing into ? I hope you can help me
  7. Ryan1506

    Aix 2 minimod tinnitus

    I want to keep the black supression effect, i can increase it with explosion radius, but there is an other way to tweak it ? I want to delete the red filter when i'm under heavy fire or when i take tear gas, but how i can remove it ? i don't find it can you help me ?
  8. Ryan1506

    Aix 2 minimod tinnitus

    Hello guys, in aix2 minimod we have suppression (tinnitus) effect with a red filter, my question is : How to remove the red filter ? I look in all zip files and a don't find the suppression effect with the red filter Can you help me please ?
  9. Ryan1506

    Somes Questions ! Mapping/modding

    Thank you very much @clivewil i have done when i want to do 😄
  10. Hello !! i want too export some weapons of xpack into my personnal aix 2 mod I put the textures/HUD/sounds/meshes , fix the effect And when i launch a map i've got "can't find the bundlemeshe, check" I ckeck it and is already in the good folder, and don't know what is the pb, i tried to open the bundlemeshes with bfmesheviewer to save it again, but no difference... And i have this bug everytime when i want to put a weapon on a other mod in my mod Can you help me ? Sorry for my bad english :')
  11. Hello everyone ! First question mapping : I'm begginer in mapping/modding, i change some buildings in golf of oman map, i delete some others buildings, but i have the shadows again, how to delete ? With lighning compile ? I get gulf of oman compile but it take so long time (i've got 1318 objects patching) , and at the end i've got bugs shadows.... I look after many tutorials and i always get somes bugs texture, i on heat of battle map wich use bf2 maps When i get compiled i always have red warning like fail to copy render target to destSurface..it's a problem ? i have the sample light in bf2 editor folder I want to put a tv station on gulf of oman, but there are not in statics buldings list (only the statics buildings in gulf of oman are loaded ) , how i can import all objects/buildings ? I need to write one after the other ? Or i can copy a list ? After put the tv building, how i can have shadows to it ? Interior and exterior And don't understand all the AI tools, what is exacly Combat zone and Strategic areas ? I use it to had more capture point to set AI to take it, but how it work ? How i can have navmesh on carrier ? Like aix 2 ? Second Question modding I'm run heat of battle mod, in bf2 vanilla when i shoot someone with any land vehicule, the struck soldier is sent relatively far depending on the collision force, but in heat of batlle or aix 2 minimod, the soldier hit just falls down, how i can tweak collision force ? How i can edit effects ? like increase maverick visual explosion ? Thanks you guys for your answers ! :D