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  1. Me too, it plays like a console game and the weapons/vehicles are pants.
  2. Win7 to WinXP is a downgrade Seems like you have a conflict or WinXP is having problems with certain texture files
  3. I uninstalled BF3, after a few weeks it was just total crap and unrealistic

  4. I have similar thoughts to Beex, The vehicles seem to get destroyed too quickly (air and ground). The vehicle unlocks kinda hold you back from using them effectively. Some sounds seem to stop and restart sometimes like the tank engine whilst driving. The sniper scope when zoomed sometimes gives you a random full screen view with no crosshair - have to press 1 again. The "standard realism" sucks, you can hit someone a few times and see the blood splatters yet they live - best use the Hardcore servers. When you shoot an enemy as he goes into the knife kill anim on a team player he doesnt die and still gets the kill even when shot before he got to the player. Your going to die a lot lol. The unlocks definately make life easier The gameplay and visual/audio/FX experience is amazing, theres so much going on its the most realistic game ive ever seen. The Coop missions are good fun when playing with friends, nice maps and missions, a TDM mode would be nice tho. Single Player is a great plot and has some great maps. Great selection of MultiPlayer maps with various times of day and night. Amazing selection of unlockable kit/accessories. Once its setup and running - origin makes life easy to find friends/view your stats etc etc, im not a fan of origin but it seems to work effectively with BF3. Theres lots to learn/unlock/find out. OOh factor: 10 Get Some! EDIT: The cheats are now making the servers not worth joining, wallhacks/aimbots etc etc, baseraping/spawnkilling is a pain in the ass, i cant say im enjoying it anymore, i probs have more quits than kills now
  5. I havent tried it yet but some of the guys spawn an effect and change its geometry to whatever they fancied (eg a plane for a fly-by), that should work if the tank shell is used.
  6. Hi all, Id like to thank you guys and gals for what i have learned here so far, my role on my website is learning to Mod games and encourage others to do so, we have a small team of 3 in BF2 and manage 4 servers in the BF2 Demo (which is perfect for our needs - free and what applies in this map will apply in any - including Retail). Weve been Modding our servers for a while and have learned many things, there still is many more to explore and we shall go on Ive wrote a very basic tut on how to get the AI to use the 32 map in Single Player - but also used this as a platform to introduce people to basic modding as they have to follow pix/instructions and will hopefully learn and experiment along the way. I dont expect anyone to download it from here as im quite sure there is nothing new there for you guys, im just giving you a heads up and some thanks for the sharing of knowledge as it has helped me create this introduction which should help others, ive never found an introduction like this so thought one was needed and perfect for what my site represents ... Game Modding Cobs Oh the URL haha ... http://www.mods-r-us.net/forums.php?m=posts&p=38865#38865 Youll have to excuse my site - shes in dire need of a revamp as it used to be MOH based (and has a few Moh sub domains) so things arent organised too well yet. Points Covered: Changing the 16 Map to the 32 Map. Importing New/Custom Content. Adding More Vehicles. Adding Buildings. Adding a second Aircraft Carrier. Adding more SpawnPoints. Relocating Flags and Spawns. Vehicle Destruction Mods. Adding/Modifying a Python Script. Ingame Coordinates system via the Admin Menu. Ranks and Awards Script. Unlocks. Tweaks. Weapons. Fire. Lots of Tips added. I also made a "useful Coding" Snippets txt file they can copy and paste from, its basically for peeps to add to /use via ingame chat commands, if you have any useful snippets then please do PM me or post here so i can add them, you will be credited ... http://www.mods-r-us.net/datas/users/2/sfx-sp-32-snippets_2.txt
  7. ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 0 metal_Solid 1 ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 1 metal_thin 1 (Water) Works for me Yeh yeh old post but at least here is something they can use This one is more suitable ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 0 metal_Solid 7 ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 1 metal_thin 7
  8. I would have thought some Firewalls would do this automatically when scanning so i cant see how they can stop you doing that. A worrying thought is what if they (like Sony) got hacked and peoples info gets used for sinister purposes, weve seen this happen to some big names in the past.
  9. Ive already pre-oredered it and paid the full amount, i guess ill be a Guinea Pig However - theres nothing to stop 3rd party software from blocking the "outgoing data" that we do not wish to be sent surely
  10. That should be an easy one for Python and some timers
  11. I was googling that origin thing but it seems theres a lot of unanswered questions regarding it hmmm. I mod in the BF2 Demo so im looking forward to seeing what this new Oman map looks like (not to mention BF3 itself hehe).
  12. Awesome that your actually testing it too. The Pros sound good but i like aerial combat too, i havent tried BC2 or its helis so not sure how different that is to BF2. After watching a few vids on YouTube it seems the planes dont last long in combat ... is that due to the controls/speed or is the ground defence maybe too strong? Can you make a vid with running commentary for us? Would be nice to see one from someone who knows what theyre looking at
  13. Quote" Coronaextra - I am Not impressed with the BF3 Beta. Pretty lame IMO." Wow do tell us more Corona, ive just preordered BF3
  14. Nicely explained and detailled out Hjid27, ive been working with the flags and triggers myself lately, just experimenting and such and your correct, a lot more can be done with the Flags/Controlpoints, ive been testing what you can actually do with the triggers too (teleport/kill/awards/ranks etc) still lots to test yet And yah - this site is excellent for learning from, keep up the good work men
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