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    We keep getting an error using Max8, the error I don't have for you right now but i'll get it up on here when I get off work. and Junk, don't be a prick Licen90 is an awesome animator but we can't get simple animation files to open. We are able to import the first person skeleton but when we go to import thr animation we get an error. We also have been able to get the animation to open but only if someone opens in on another computer using Max7 and saves it with the 1p skeleton and sends it to use but we can't do this everytime. So we are wondering why the error occues and why the BF2 Exporter F. for Max wont install on our computer using MAx 8. Says it needs max.5 or above but it isn't working.
  2. It's playing in real time, and yes thank you for the name tag tip but I am well awear of that. It's odd I can preview a file with audio but as soon as I go to record a camera track (you know set up the camera in various locations) it has no sound. And when I try and render audio ... all hell breaks loose. Just a repeating message that i have to alt f4 to go away.
  3. Hey everyone. I am using Battlelauncher to render a little ingame footage of our mod United States Intervention. My problem though is I keep getting no audio in watching my Demos. I can not explain it. It worked in the past but I have not used BattleLauncher in awhile. The demos were recorded to a server and I was able to get the single demo file to watch. it replays pretty much flawless besides the lack of any audio. Any Ideas? I put the demos in my c/EA/BF2/Mods/USI/Demos folder. I think this is correct. Any help asap would rock. Thanks guys.
  4. ya.... this would explain why my search for alpha never really turned up with what I was looking for. thank you
  5. Hi, I am a a small time tecture artist of at http://usimod.clanspy.net. I have never made a texture from start to finish on a new model. I have always edited objects like the UH-60 or the MiG 29 that already are in the game and contain there own alpha channel... My questions regard just the alpha channel because to be honest the only thing I know about it is that this layer is purple and its called and alpha. 1: What is an Alpha Channel? 2: What does it do for my Model in BF2. 3: How does it work? 4: How can I create one for a new model. All I have is A skin, what can I do now to use the alpha channel to add details or glare to my object. 5: What ekse should I be aware of when working with an alpha channel. Thanks a lot. Here is a picture of the Item I am talking about but again .... I have no idea what it does or how it works, all I know is that it is important.
  6. are the only glow lights in the game on the insdie of a static object such as the ship? I can not think of a single light you see outside of the US Carrier. The onyl reason this concerns me is because when I look at footage in BFRecorder the lights will glow through the ships at points but simply look away and look back and they'll remain being the object. if there is a glow light on the outside of an object what is stopping it from glowing through the vehicles ingame now?
  7. You know how the animation for a helicopter rotor changes as it starts up? What if the light was constantly changing between 2 animations. On light / off light. Chopper goes from Ideal blades/Slow moving blades/ Full spin blades. That might help but I really do not know right now. I'll mess with it when I get into my new home.
  8. Objects_server.zip ->>> KitsUSUS_Sniper.con Code: ObjectTemplate.geometry.kit 6change to 0 now thesniper looks like specops
  9. I am trying to do somethign that seems fairly easy but chances are ... its not. I want to removed the weeds off of the sniper. I don't want them there at all. I think there on the gun and I dont think I can remove these but I can always switch that weapon. Also while I am at it... is there anyway to take the goggles and wisors off of a Pilot or Heavy troop and put the goggles/visor in front of there eyes or completly off? Thanks in advance MarkHawk
  10. Alright. I am trying to do the same thing with the Uh-60 but I can not find the Tweak or Con file for it. I have gone into C:Program files eagamesbf2modsbf2objectsair and found nothing. I have exported the Objects client and not found it in any of there folder and I have not found it in any of the Mod folders i have... Where is it?
  11. Then problem is solved, forget about it. what the h*** are you talking about?
  12. you have to be f*cking kidding me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I thught my new skins might gain me some few minutes of attention....
  13. right click on the link to your mod. the path should look like this "C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2BF2.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +modPath mods/Battle_of_Mogadishu change +fullscreen 1 to +fullscreen 0
  14. Damn it MarkHawk you such a Newb...
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