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  1. I saw this thread from 10 years ago about extracting sound files from .fbrb files from an Xbox .iso game file. Old Thread It's pretty dead and the last entry was not very useful. But in 10 years thing have improved a lot. I've gone through the whole thread and from what I know already, the information in that thread was kinda chaotic. So I make it pretty straight forward I've explored the game files enough to snuff out all the .wave and .res sound files in the game. I just need a plain procedure to convert them in any media player-friendly format. Howling..... Timb3rwolf
  2. It's been 10 years since this thread which started with the xBox gamefiles. I have perfect and easy to use tools to extract .fbrb files. The thing is "Is this possible with the PC files?" If yes, I'd love to know and help us all to complete this with 100% satisfaction. Timb3rwolf
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