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  1. Here you go: BFBC2Vietnam - All SoundFX Vietnamese voices: Folder\VO\VC English voices with vietnamese accent: Folder\VO\EN_VC
  2. No it doesnt sadly, all the sounds are from a ripped disc and therefore no update are included. I also wanted them for a long time but it's an online dlc and i dont have the xbox360, i searched for a while on the web if i could download it but i found nothing (actually the vietnam pack is included in an update, the purchase of it just unlocks it). After reading your message i went searching again and i found this website: https://fastgamesdownloads.com/game/battlefield-bad-company-2-iso-xex-xbox-360-ntscuntscjpal/#open-modal I downloaded the "update #3" and found legit files in ihere. I will try in the next three weeks.
  3. No. It's the same procedure as with BC2 except that you have to change the xma version in the bat file. for /r %%i in (*.str) do "%CD%\xma_test.exe" "%%i" -1 -r "%%i.xm" #XMA version 1 (BC1) for /r %%i in (*.str) do "%CD%\xma_test.exe" "%%i" -2 -r "%%i.xm" #XMA version 2 (BC2, BF1943) #You can see the help menu if you open xma_test.exe alone through the cmd. The offsets you need to apply with BC1 are 0x00, 0x2c, 0x6c, 0x28. BFBC1 - Tank M1A2 SoundFX (Mega Link) Btw has anyone the Xbox 360 version of BC2 Vietnam DLC ?
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