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  1. Just checked and yes they were high up! Glad to finally find them at last. It was as if they were inside a water wheel, with their tail caught between the paddles whilst the nose stuck close to the hub of the wheel. For the physics.airDensityZeroAtHeight line, a value of 2500 didn't work for me, but 5000 did! I remember what I did now. I didn't want firearm bullets to sway in a breeze so I deleted the two windmanager lines from the end of the init.con of each map, but in doing so also deleted the airDensity line not realising why that was there! Many thanks again, stuff like this really makes the game more playable and replayable. And thanks for the Mustang, such a pretty bird.
  2. Greetings, one more question from me before I give this fine board some peace. With my sub-mod I have slower-than-usual WW2-era planes flying about and for the most part the ai does a great job with dogfights and ground target attacks. But at random points in games I look at the minimap and see some planes stuck in mid-air, spinning at that location and they would stay stuck that way til the end of the game; when I fly to that position myself I can't see them either. I've made a little video of it ( ) as someone in the PR community suggested it but so far they have no idea. In this recorded game the shenanigans start at about 24:20, three planes on the east edge of the map get stuck about the same time. Perhaps it's linked with my changes in the speed of the planes and my reduction of the gravity modifier, or perhaps it's map-related. This particular map is Fh2's Keren, which in its vanilla form had one or two scout planes flying about so if there's some sort of mapping required for planes then I'm guessing that's all in place. Wouldn't matter if it was just a bug with the minimap icons but I'm pretty sure the bot is still stuck with that plane hence one less soldier on that team and slowing the flow of battle, also preventing a new plane from spawning. So I'm wondering if the next best thing is to have some sort of timer for the ai where after a certain number of minutes in the air they give up the ghost and respawn, to help keep things fresh. Ultimately though I'll put up with it if there's no fix, as there's a bigger need for less speed given the small size of bf2 maps, relative to say War Thunder or Fighter Ace 2 / 3.5.
  3. You're still alive! This is a great day. Many thanks, that solved the problem. Yes the other regular tanks are treated to bombs and rockets rather than straffing. Jagdtiger wasn't included in a vanilla Fh2 release, it was part of a community modpack for Fh1 vets mostly but didn't have any ai support so I had to copy previous examples - I chose a Marder III which is also a non-turreted tank destroyer but that vehicle ai template had the LightArmour StrType as you suspected. Many thanks again sir
  4. Greetings wizards - if you're not all retired yet XD :'( I seek help. In my sub-mod of Fh2 (wizards on their forums all retired), I have a few late entries to the tank pool including Jagdtiger. When I drive this beast out to the battle, the enemy AI in bomber planes choose to strafe the tank with machine gun fire rather than drop bombs on it. Would anyone know what setting needs to be changed, presumably in the tweak files of the tank, which will make the plane AI recognise that this is not a soft-top vehicle and thus should be bombed, not strafed? Thanks for any help and sorry to disturb your retirement!!! A little shoutout to Clivewil for helping me with slowing plane speeds a few years back! Mark
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