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  1. Hey there! Im trying to make a variant of a weapon that is already in Project Reality. I used 3dsmax 2019 to import and edit it. It already came with the hierarchy and the textures so i thought that it would be pretty easy to just make the variant( considering i have almost no experience with modelling for BF2). Problem is, I CANT EXPORT! when i press on export the it only creates a .dat and a .material file. Here you can see the heriarchy of the weapon and the script listener. This is really giving me trouble as i havent been able to export anything that i have modified! (But i have been able to export simple stuff like a cube or a weapon without modifying it, the tools work as i gave them admin permissions and compatibility mode). Please, the high poly model is ready but i cant do anything with it as it doesnt export a mesh! https://imgur.com/a/hl7DDxW
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