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  1. 4 year anniversary has been and gone already.. July 2005: Original beta forums hosted on GotFrag.com, using phpBB2 forums software. February 2006: Moved to it's own domain, still running on phpBB2. December 2006: Changed to IPB forum software. December 2007: A year later, we moved to IGN hosting. And now another change of hosting.
  2. Hopefully, we're back up and running. There's likely to be some issues over the next couple of days, as the DNS changes filter through.
  3. A quick heads up for everyone. At some point in the next week, probably in the next 24-48 hours, we will be changing hosts. This means that the site is likely to be offline for several hours or possibly longer. I can't say exactly when the move will be happening, or how long it will take (it really just depends on when I get the free time to do the work). I will try to keep everyone up to date as the work progresses. Cheers, Vex
  4. Just put the URL of the image into the page. It'll then display the image for you. If you don't have your own webspace to put the images on, then let me or Detrux know, and we can put the images online for you somewhere.
  5. Ah. Right. That's on purpose. Part of our additional security has been to enable additional session security checking, so IP address and Browser Useragent strings are check against the logged in session, along with reseting of login keys whenever you log in, this means that you can't stay logged in on two different computers. These settings are active to help stop issues of session stealing (which isn't something that's likely to happen with IPB, but was part of the hack that was used with phpBB forums). So I'm afraid that for the moment you're going to have to put up with having to login again when you change computers. We'll no doubt review these settings at some point in the future though.
  6. Previous problems with text on the map has been down to running FRAPS. http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...highlight=fraps Or more generally, any program that might use overlays on 3D viewports....
  7. If it was something as simple as that, then everyone would be having login problems....
  8. Have you tried clearing out all your cookies for the bfeditor.org domain? That might help. No-one else has reported any problems with staying logged in.
  9. Moving to SinglePlayer forum.
  10. Moving to general discussion....
  11. Cmdr.Blitz, you've now got at least two TPaint threads going. If you have questions about the application then please keep them all to one thread, (either your own, or use the 'sticky' thread at the top of this forum). Please don't open multiple threads on the same topic. It only clutters up the forum. Closing.
  12. Hmm.. Well, we're on completely different software now, so these issues are different to before. The good news is I know how to fix it. The bad news is that I don't know where to fix it! I don't know my way around the IPB code at all, so it's going to take a while to find the right place to make the fix.. And currently I don't have much time to spend doing that (I've still got to restore the BFPirates and BFPirates staff forums yet....). I will get to it at some point though (Or if anyone knows where in the code IPB prepares the HTML for 'quoted' messages... Let me know. )
  13. Well, we're back again.... Sorry to those of you who've lost any posts... (Between our last return and the subsequent hacking...) Hopefully we'll be around for a bit longer this time. We've turned on some additional security and we're going to be keeping things fairly locked down for a while.
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