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  1. yes, but my objecxt move trough the map. and i need that the sound go along with the object.
  2. is there a way to do a sound this goes along with the moving object? the sound must move with the object.
  3. if i try to start bf2 i get this error mods are ok, but vanilla dont run. help me, i dont want to reinstall
  4. yeah, this is a way. but in this case i cant do different names for english and german. this is why i want it in the localisation file.
  5. hi, i named my control pionts like: CP_16_LIV_CABASE CP_32_LIV_CABASE CP_64_LIV_CABASE then i add this lines in english.utxt CP_16_LIV_CABASE VietCong Base CP_32_LIV_CABASE VietCong Base CP_64_LIV_CABASE VietCong Base and this in german.utxt: CP_16_LIV_CABASE VietCong Basis CP_32_LIV_CABASE VietCong Basis CP_64_LIV_CABASE VietCong Basis but this dont show up ingame. it always show up the name wich i have done in editor. i have done a map descryption in the utxt files and this works. but no cp names. any idea? burns
  6. this i know, but the editor must start with packing the mod.
  7. is it possible to start the editor with a batchfile? he should load a mod and pack this. someone know the parameters for this action?
  8. yea, the -1 isnt good for creating lightmaps
  9. hey, this in my map. what are you doing with it? this is my knife arena.
  10. hi, here is a dogfight version of my bocage map. The 16pl. version does not have any flags, it was made for up to 4vs4 jet dogfight. The 32/64pl. version has 3 aerial flags. The bots in the single player version are for dogfighting only, they do not capture any flags. Bots will only spawn at the original Bocage airports. The new airports are only for human players. To adjust the number of bots in single player, edit the "Battlefield 2modsbf2AIAIDefault.ai" file to your liking. i hope you like it- here you can download it: http://battlefield2.filefront.com/file/Boc..._Dogfight;57214 burns
  11. but i dont know who has covered this song. if you know a band they have it let me know. i will contact to them.
  12. hmm, thats what i´m think. nobody cares when songs are in movies. whats the difference to a loadmusic in a map?
  13. hi, i want add the song "Danger Zone" from kenny loggins to my new map. can i do this when i give all credits in the readme to him? i mean, i dont do it for commercial, i dont get money for this. i send a email to the page og him but i dont get an answer. what do you think about it?
  14. hi, here is el al with bot support: http://battlefield2.filefront.com/file/El_...mein_Day1;56620 burns
  15. i think the biggest is 1024x2. i dont know how 1024x4 works. i dont think so.
  16. hi, here is the fixed version of bocage. now with single player support. its online compatible with the older version. http://files.filefront.com/Bocage_2005_bot...;/fileinfo.html take a look
  17. what is a good value for this 2 things? i try it in bocage now with 0.1 and 1.8 i hope this works.
  18. here is the next issue, bots get in tanks and diont drive out of the base. here is s screenshot from the vehicle navmesh. the besa have a small connection only. is this the reason for the lazy bots?
  19. hi, i do this like the tutorial on the first post. in a map with only 1 layer it works fine, but now i treid my bocage map with 3 layers. i do it step by step how its in the tutorial. i do for every layer different strategic areas and waypoints. but now when i klick the createnavmesh.bat the editor starts and when the level is loaded he crashed. i have done a fast screenshot from the batchfile: it says the system can´t find the assigned path. i got no folder called meshes. whats wrong?
  20. is anybody here where can write a german tutorial for sp support?
  21. if i can get a tutorial for doing bots i will include sp support.
  22. here is my new map, bocage 2005 download: http://battlefield2.filefront.com/file/Boc...cage_2005;56026
  23. hi, here i write a little tutorial: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...t=2233&start=15 last post
  24. Hi, here is my newest Map named Heli Wars. Here is the Link: http://battlefield2.filefront.com/file/Heli_Wars;53802
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