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  1. Just picked up on this one. In BF2, the PoE guys took out some of the commander functions, I assume by not including the code for them. As for the interface, this is done in Flash and wasn't released with BF2. We may / may not get it with 2142.
  2. Have you packed the mod in the editor, rather than just amending the file and putting back into the zip file?
  3. Yeah, that's all in the Flash file which they didn't release for BF2, so I doubt we'll get it for 2142, but at least we can change the png files for our mods. I got to take a look at the Flash file for BF2 and it's a right mess (not suprising there) and it took a while to figure out what they did to get it working. If we get the one for 2142, I'll take a look at it and report back.
  4. Fooker, typical Dice I suppose. Oh well, we'll just have to work around them.
  5. I thought within the command line you could specify the user name and password (seen a thread on here for BF2 I think it was). You code these into your shortcut links on each pc.
  6. Re. Cutscenes: have your intro movie run through a timeline with reference to your maps, most intro movies just show off lots of gunfire, etc within the mod, but it would be good to see a story based intro movie. AFAIK the intro movie isn't set to a time limit, but the overall mod size wil increase the longer the movie plays for. Unfortunately I don't have a ratio for time/size and don't have the movies on this pc to figure it out (can someone see how long a movie runs for and post the time and Mb size pls). You can also have a briefing screen outlining the 'pathway' they could follow. Here's the EA one for Titan mode: One of the guys at RoK now BS2142 (www.battlestar2142.com) called Giaus created some pretty amazing stuff with the RoK mod in Python, like zero gravity, 6 degrees of flight control and FTL (jumping through space to pre-determined distances via the comrose function), so with Python you can do a lot, but you need some good coders. Good luck with your mod.
  7. Excellent work FFOLKES, this will help greatly in modding.
  8. Great idea Mach. I'll have a play with the game menu files I found earlier and if it works, will send them over to you, BFEditor style of course.
  9. Hmm, i'll check out the shaders folder when I get home, my mem card ran out of space copying the mod folder. Thnx for reply.
  10. D:\My Documents\BF2142\mods\bf2142\Menu_client.zip\External\FlashMenu\images\eor Some examples... And of course my sig which I mixed from 3 images.
  11. I haven't actually tried to change it yet, but I found some very useful files for the main menu. In BF2, they used a flash file which they never released for us to change. However in 2142, I've found some png files that look like it makes up the game menu. \mods\bf2142\Menu_client.zip\External\FlashMenu\images\window I'll try it out and let you know if it works.
  12. I'm trying to figure out how the stealth mode works, so I can get it working on vehicles. I have 2 schools of thought on how they achieve it in game: 1. an alpha chanel skin 2. code in a con or python file somewhere that changes the soldier skin to alpha. I've gone through all of the dds files and there doesn't seem to be a skin file with alpha objects, just the normal skin textures. Therefore I assume it's in the code somewhere, so I'm off on a journey to find it. Has anyone figured this out yet, to save me searching for hours/days/months?? Thnx, Ells.
  13. I've had 2142 since amazon shipped it to me ready for the day of launch. I love the game, albeit a few video problems when dying inside the titan, but gameplay on titan mode rocks and conquest is pretty good too. I like it a lot
  14. Check our home page and forums for a great update. http://riseofkobol.com/
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