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  1. Moved to Mod Recruitment. Custom map forum is not for requesting for maps to be made, its for the map database system thats intregrated with bf2142
  2. They wouldnt have the time to write an delphi parser.... The menu files are SWF files, created by Macromedia Flash, they also contain actionscript 2.0.
  3. A shitty language yes C++ will always be on top ^, its what most games including bf2 are coded in.
  4. Eh, really doubt that, that MemeEditor thingy isnt the menu editor.
  5. Nah, thanks for the offer but really the only issue is we are waiting for new servers(they are coming) to host the stuff on ^
  6. The Customs Maps DB is now online and is currently accepting submissions at http://bfeditor.org/index.php?sec=maps . We please ask creators of maps for Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 2 to submit their maps to the site. You must login to the main site using your forum username and password and then click the Submit A Map on the left navigation. Please fill out all areas of the map submission form correctly. For the download link please upload to one of the following websites; fileplanet.com filefront.com And then put the link to the file in the correct field. The download link system is only temporary and will be replaced with a upload system in the near future. Please do not submit maps you do not have permissions to do so. If you are running a BF2142 server with a custom map and want to give players the ability to download these maps, please encourage the map author to upload their map with the correct map name. Upcoming features: -Mutli-language support (we are in need of translators) -Ability to upload your maps -Better file view and navigation Also to anyone who is unaware, the customs map db is linked to directly from Battlefield 2142 since Patch 1.25, any custom map you do not have will be linked to on the custom maps db.
  7. UT2k4 is using ancient tech by now, mods however for it are able to separate it, really it was up to the devs
  8. That stuff is the most basic line editing compared to more in depth coding you have to do for a mod(vehicles from scratch )
  9. Effects tied to weapons that loop will instantly disappear when you switch weapons and reappear in a paused then play state when you switch back.
  10. It's from the xpack. And don't put damn code boxes around images in sigs
  11. Unreal engine modding aint that bad, plenty of docs and tools released by the devs, the make something unreal contest is a plus, the advantage of being able to use a unreal mod to get a job for a company using the engine to make a game also is a plus Those new raw engines tend to be bulky and so attemptive and doing something new it actually makes things worse(torque script language just so lacking because they tried to "innovate"
  12. Im confused how you reserve a demo Crysis kinda has a little downside, you need Windows Vista because it requires DirectX10, problem with DirectX10, no video card yet supports it correctly. Crysis isn't really anything special though, most of it can be done in Unreal Engine(you can make maps that are hundreds times the size of bf2 ) and Source engine, its just that the Crysis devs put alot more work on content. (Shit in crysis is only destroyable because the devs took the time to rig all the statics to fall apart into the separate pieces they are made of)
  13. You should be glad to know that Battlefield 2 cannot support hi res, its all special effects Don't even bother with Battlefield 2142 though, it will be a few centuries before any editor comes for it.
  14. Eh, read what junk said, if the animation moves out of the viewing area of the player, animation stops, bad for us on pirates, if we go into a building, it will stop technically then.
  15. Me wonders what kind of internal tick prevents firerates like that(Source and Unreal do it fine <.<). Then again its DICE, probably a backwards tick lol
  16. One might want to make sure that EA is ok with you using C&C stuff in a mod.
  17. Sounds like they hacked in the mode really, normal spectator mode in games switching doesnt require exiting the server first.
  18. Make sure its a proper clientsarchive, theres a bug where the editor generated con file is wrong in the order the files are loaded.
  19. it defines the names of the variables that are passed to the event handler for one..... without them, you cannot access any data sent to it.
  20. Usually the archive md5 file is a place to start, it gets checksums for there.
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