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  1. :/ But thats exactly what I did mschoeldgen[Xww2]. Map still crashes upon pressing join. Im starting to wonder if theres someone that could tke a look at the map, and help me figure out whats wrong. Thing is that it is due to be released with an infantrymod and this error is delaying the whole process. Is there anyone that could help me out by checking the map for me?
  2. Nope, map was unpacked but redid anyway. No result. Im adding this picture of the texture selection menu and my question is; Is that how it is supposed to look? http://www.bfcentral.se/images/uploaded/ne...523/dettext.jpg For those new in the discussion, what possible reason are there that makes my game crash when pressing "join" with low graphics?
  3. I did as you said but it didnt work :/ This is starting to get to me So if this is done right, what else might be wrong since game crashes with low settings when i press join?
  4. A million threads in these forums states that I have to generate lowdetail textures in order to get my map to work. Unfortunatly I havent been able to find out HOW to do this. My map is finished and this is all I have left. Im itching to release it but cant yet by obvious reasons. Anyone care to give a explanation on how to do this? Regards, Simon.
  5. Maybe your onto something.. Tho, how do I change LOD on the road?
  6. I have no idea why this problem appear and I most certainly dont know what to do. Thats why im turning to you guys. Please check out the video and tell me if there is something I can do. Cause having it like this does not look really professional. http://dignitas.bouncer4you.com/bf2max/keno/why.wmv
  7. MrBurns2000 and Ai-tom: I thank you so much. Ive been messing with this for a week and I almost gave up. Now it works! Thank you LOTS!
  8. Maybe I should ask a question I have that is very much related to this. Do I have to place lightsources on my map in order to make it look good?
  9. TerrainLight.con rem ******** Lightmap Generation Settings ******** if v_arg1 == BF2Editor LightMapGeneration.init LightMapGeneration.GILightsBaseDir 0/0.33/-0.66 LightMapGeneration.GILightsIntensity 0.33 LightMapGeneration.GILightsShadowIntensity 1 LightMapGeneration.GILightsFov 45 LightMapGeneration.UseGITopLight 1 LightMapGeneration.GITopLightIntensity 0.1 LightMapGeneration.GILightsViewDistance 10 LightMapGeneration.skyWhite 0.3 LightMapGeneration.numberOfGILights 8 LightMapGeneration.sunLightShadowIntensity 1 LightMapGeneration.sunLightFov 2 LightMapGeneration.sunLightIntensity 1 endIf ObjectLight.con rem ******** Lightmap Generation Settings ******** if v_arg1 == BF2Editor LightMapGeneration.init LightMapGeneration.GILightsBaseDir 0/0.5/-0.5 LightMapGeneration.GILightsIntensity -1 LightMapGeneration.GILightsShadowIntensity -1 LightMapGeneration.GILightsFov -1 LightMapGeneration.UseGITopLight 0 LightMapGeneration.GITopLightIntensity 0.1 LightMapGeneration.GILightsViewDistance 50 LightMapGeneration.skyWhite 0 LightMapGeneration.numberOfGILights 0 LightMapGeneration.sunLightShadowIntensity -1 LightMapGeneration.sunLightFov 8 LightMapGeneration.sunLightIntensity -1 endIf
  10. I have problems generating lightmaps, kind of the same described here actually: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...=atlas+lightmap . But since my map is homemade that thread aint too helpful. Anyways, when I generate lightmaps every object ingame becomes very dark. I have no idea why. I have set the sun and flare direction and selected "day". Ive tried to generate both medium and final with everything selected. Still doesnt work. I tried to understand this thread: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=1783 but that was like a foreign launguage to me Anyway, this is how the objects look:
  11. Keno

    Removing ladders

    [bF:A] Croupier you are a hero!
  12. Keno

    Removing ladders

    Yeah those dont have ladders but house_double_02 has. And on karkand that building is without a ladder. house_double_01 has also been used in officials without ladder :/
  13. Im sure this subject has been brought up before but I have serious problems using the search funtion. It just doesnt give me the right threads no matter what I put in. Anyways, in the official maps they are using buildings without ladders. When I make my own map all these buildings have ladders and I cant find any way to remove them. As it is now, I have to block the ladders in different ways and that doesnt look really proffesional. So are there any way to remove ladders on buildings or to make them unaccessable?
  14. Im about to finish a map Im working on and came to the conclusion that im not that satisfied with the name. I wonder if its possible to change the name at this point in production. Is it, and if so how do I do it?
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