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  1. I can't say much about Max 7, though it is still on my outdated XP Machine which is prone to be abandoned soon, but Max 9 does work on Windows 10 without fuss. At least this is true for Max9 on Windows 10 / 32 Bit. No surprises here but in a few days i hopefully get my Win 10/64 bit machine and can tell more about Max 9.
  2. I'm not quite sure what issue you mean. There is a seam in the ground texture if thats the problem... But note that the renderer in the editor differs a lot from the ingame engine, so its best to have a look at the same area inside the game. If in doubt, you could post your 'Terrain.con' and possibly your 'Sky.con' and we have a look.
  3. Aren't Beta Movies great? The cheaper they are the better they are :-) Btw, deleted your double posting and moved this to offtopic - its not really related to BF2, is it?
  4. If you want them still to take damage from weapons this is a tricky action - you'd need to manipulate the materialmanager setting and find the collision pair for Heli Material to Heli Material. If you mod this to 0 (zero) damage, two helis can collide without taking damage. If you only want them to be invincible, all you need to do is to set the Hitpoints and the MaxHitPoints to an incredible high number (like 99999).
  5. It should be possible if you manage to extract the player id from the array. The backdraw is that you cannot really block him from entering but only can damage him (at least thats what we've done in XWW2). To warn the player we insert the skull sign (deady mine in vicinity) in his HUD. One more problem is that you have to insert the ID to block somehow into the python script, which could perhaps be done by reading a text file or so. As we used the script to forbid certain kits from entering certain vehicles we had no need to dynamically change the player to block.
  6. Well, well - i'd given bfeditor.org up for dead and haven't been here for a long time until Catbox spammed my EMail account with notifications, hehehe. Well it's good to have the site back, thanks Detrux. I've browsed through the tutorial threads and from what i saw, there's everything allright and no harm done except for some old references to non-existent servers from long time ago.
  7. Yes, AIX changes Weapon indices to their own needs and they will then conflict with any BF2 root mod layout. Nearly every mod does that as soon as they introduce their own armies and weapon setups. You could either temporarily change the init.con of the map to use BF2 soldiers or adjust your editor to load the AIX soldiers and their setup. Edit: whoops , just read the posting date - well, better late than never. Ow, btw this is surely not an editor bug - real editor bugs should be posted by experienced users. Its not that we care anymore. Since the takeover by EA DICE never released an improved editor.
  8. Its working quite fast for me (Seamonkey 2.26) but when i got a report about a spammer in Offtopic i can't seem to be able to delete his topic: http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=15880 I could edit his content, though. CCG, are you really using Chrome? What about its tendency to send everything to big brother you are doing? I'd rather use a different browser despite its speed and everything. Thanks Detrux for maintaining, i also thought i was on the wrong URL but it became clear after a few moments :-)
  9. Hey Bensta , two MIG21 and Cessna on the east german border

  10. I moved your thread to the python section as i can't see any relation to Mod Recruitment. Here's the chance that the few remaining python gurus will find your question.
  11. To take XWW2 to a new level (and that means a new engine with a lot of capabilities) we are looking for an experienced animator. You should be at home with animating stuff in 3DS Max , including weapon action and character movement. We can offer in-depth help to any questions you might have and an opportunity to go commercial if we get this game going. Join our forums at http://www.xww2.com/smf/
  12. I've merged all your crosspostings into this one here. Theres no need to post that in multiple Topics - As its an AI problem lets keep it here.
  13. Well yeah, that are the BF2 Utilities. Its the Version from PoE's cool coders, but everything from the original tools is there plus a few other goodies. Just use them as you would do with the original tools.
  14. Sorry for being late but my focus is elsewhere now Rerversing rotation of an engine is easy. Just put a - (minus) sign in front of the acceleration and rotation: ObjectTemplate.setMinRotation 0/0/5 ObjectTemplate.setMaxRotation 0/0/3000 ObjectTemplate.setMaxSpeed 0/0/3000 ObjectTemplate.setAcceleration 0/0/500 ObjectTemplate.setDeAcceleration 0/0/800 becomes: ObjectTemplate.setMinRotation 0/0/-5 ObjectTemplate.setMaxRotation 0/0/-3000 ObjectTemplate.setMaxSpeed 0/0/3000 ObjectTemplate.setAcceleration 0/0/-500 ObjectTemplate.setDeAcceleration 0/0/-800 Its been a while so bear with me. It could be that one or more of the minus signs are unnecessary.
  15. Yeah, well, then obviously something's wrong with your tweaking Let us know more about what you're trying. The 'tmp.con' method is proven to be working .
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