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  1. First make sure that your texture pathes end inside the /objects folder of your mod. 'c:\Desktop\blabla....' is not a valid path for the game. Also make sure you've setup the 3DS tools according to the instructions so that mesh texture pathes are relative and not absolute: http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9648 If you miss that , your obejcts will only work on your machine and not on any other. Having different textures to skin your model is fine ,only make sure all visible surfaces carry a BF2StaticMesh shader. Each layer ( Color/Base, Detail, Dirt,Crack ) have their own UVMap , Base is channel 1, Detail channel 2 and soon. By switching off the different layers ( little yellow ceckboxes in the BF2StaticMesh material ) you'll get the impression of how your uvmaps look like. Unfortuntely the BF2 tools don't allow the simultaneous display of more than one layer, you need to load your static in the editor afterwards. (Or use Remduls BF MeshViewer which also seems to be a good consistency checker for meshes ) Bundledmeshes ( and especially soldiers aka. SkinnedMesh) are a bit different. Bundledmesh uv coordinates should all be inside the first tile ( 0 to 1 range ) and soliers/kits behave irratically if more than one texture sheet is used inside a mesh. But all these limits don't apply to statics - tiling is allowed and you can use lots of different materials . I have more than one static with up to 12 textures in use.
  2. Could be made with that script: http://tysonibele.com/Main/BuildingGenerator/buildingGen.htm which is a very nice building generator, only making the model BF2 compatible is still some work. @alimcleif: If you suspect UVW coords being out of range you can still try to increase the 'maxTextureRepeat' value in the .tweak file to save some work. Also make sure (using BF2Materials.EXE or so) that your texture setup is still valid.
  3. Is the map uncompressed ? What OS are you running ?
  4. Well,i'm coding all my fly-by sounds in that line and not through any projectile materials. The materials i keep for the damage system and collision sounds/effects. The Projectile_Looping sound is a sound source moving with the projectile. Doppler is not calculated by BF2, btw.
  5. Then you'll have to use python and catch the 'EnterVehicle' event. Somehow it will probably work to expell the bot from the vehicle. Don't ask me for details 'cause i don't have an idea about how to do it. If your problem is that the bots steal the planes before you can get one of them you could instead tweak the ObjectSpawner to spawn more vehicles.
  6. Thats cool, just press 'Continue' to skip all the following errormessages. Select your map and load it. Now when you press 'Continue' after an error and the game crashes right after it, you've found the first error you need to fix. Repeat the process until map loading does work.
  7. 29: Spawning vehicles on non-navmeshed areas will prevent bots from entering them. Note that the debugger will give an error about wrong vehicle placement.
  8. Profit orientated game industry loves consoles and hates PC's. PC's can be hacked easily and a developer has to struggle with tons of different hardware and a flood of user bug reports. Consoles on the contrary have a predictable hardware and need pro's to hack them - and console players are more willing to spend money for games. All this makes consoles attractive to the industry . Lets face that - we can be assured that they don't care about a 'community' if there's money to earn. Keep your old machine to play and mod BF1942,BF:V and BF2/2142. These times won't come back, unfortunately.
  9. Best create a copy of your existing shortcut. Now change 'BF2.EXE' to 'BF2_r.EXE' (!) and make sure you run in windowed mode ( +fullScreen 0 ) . Make sure you don't run it accidently in a BF2 1.5 installation. Running it in the 1.41 retail install is ok.
  10. I PMed you a download for the 3DSMax 9 Trial version, found it by googling.
  11. Perfect ? Well, it runs without the above mentioned workarounds, yes.
  12. Copy a water.con and a 'water' folder from a map with water you like. Preset the ControlPoint with a Team (0 means initially neutral w/o spawnpoints, 1 or 2 presets the resp. Team and enables spawnpoints) Either you didn't install the lightmapsamples for BF2 or you forgot to set the lights in object mode. Note that you can right-click the 'terrain mode' settings and switch to 'object mode'.Browse the tutorial section,please: http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showforum=17
  13. It should inject 1-bit transparency on this technique - but its probably not working correctly ( or i did apply it wrongly ). Its mostly easier to use BF2Materials.EXE later.
  14. Thats a cool script, very nice work. I assume it runs in conjunction with your above HUD changes ?
  15. Note that wrong texture sizes not only crash with ATI cards - a lot of sideffects are to be expected. First resize the textures,please . Yes, BF2 is a complex game and there are dozens of opportunities for the game to crash. Its a good idea only a bit complicated with BF2 in version 1.5. Here in this thread i posted my method which allows to run debugger and retail version without conflicts :http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15303 Scroll down a bit to find my post.
  16. Plaese save your profile in /My Documents/Battlefield 2/Profiles before attempting to run the debugger in a BF2 version 1.5 installation.
  17. If you've installed the BF2 tools for 3DSMax, there are 3 textdocuments with all valid techniques in /3DSMax/_BF2Help/Documents/Objects/Common/MaterialsNames/. For statics : Base BaseDetail BaseDetailDirt BaseDetailNDetail BaseDetailDirtNDetail BaseDetailCrackNDetailNCrack BaseDetailNDetailparallaxdetail BaseDetailDirtCrackNDetailNCrack BaseNDetail alpha_one
  18. In Level Editor select the ControlPoint and find the 'radius' parameter. Enter the radius in meters and a yellow circle will show around the controlpoint which represents the capping area. Commander assets are not necessary, they are optional.
  19. rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_usrif_m24_Projectile_Looping rem ------------------------------------- But this is your fly-by sound Are you sure you filled that template with sound coding ?
  20. Deleted your triple posts. Thats right, this will not work. Resize your texture to either 64*64 , 64*32 , 128*64 or perhaps 128*128. I can't tell what your third parameter should be ? Colordepth ? Choose 32 bit and DXT1 or DXT5 DDS format.
  21. There's really no need to have geometries for these small calipers and it will take some burden off the graphics engine.
  22. ... and don't forget to click the little cube in the material slot ( its called 'Show Map' ) as by default it will be unclicked when creating a new BF2 material.
  23. ObjectTemplate.geometry p_shell_smallarms It looks as if you're using a particle ? In that case the collisionmaterials from the particle tweak file are used. Better get rid of the geometry ( nobody will see the projectile anyway ) , use the code-only object and your material will probably work . The particle you are using is normally meant for effects ( shell_ejection )
  24. The Radeon 9600 (pro) is supported by game and editor, the Radeon 9500 will not work for the game. ATI cards will have problems with textures which are not correctly sized . Only use sizes with edge lengths being an exact power of 2 , like 16,32,64,128,256 ... up to 2048. Larger textures (4096) will also not work on all cards.
  25. There's already a weapon added to the tank, its the Barrel from the *.con file called 'USTNK_M1A2_Barrel' and the tweak file 'activeSafe's it to apply the coding to it.The second weapon needs to be 'create'd. You should copy the first weapon back from the original tweak and replace your HE weapon with it, giving it item index 1. Remove the lines: ObjectTemplate.addTemplate USTNK_M1A2_HE_Barrel ObjectTemplate.setPosition -0.0857/0.0208/-0.0054 but leave the KE weapon in. Also make sure that GUI index 150 and 151 are really present in your game, the original tank uses 14. To see a difference when switching weapons uses e.g. 16 (Tunguska cannon) for the 2nd barrel. The original game only has GUI indices 1 to 58 , there's a list in /menu_server.zip/HUD/HUDSetup/GUIIndex.txt. Also note that you can't 'activeSafe' a non-existing weapon to edit its properties. Instead 'create' it first. ( kyrons 'Gun' in this case ) I'd suggest to do it step by step, first only adding a second weapon (e.g. the KE barrel) to the original and making it switchable.
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