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  1. If you cannot find it the next best way is to import one of the animated bundles into 3DSMax ,like the oil_pump or so. If you import its skeleton, too and the animation you'll get a fairly complete picture of whats needed. The only drawback is that weigthings ( skinning ) of vertices is not imported - you have to set this up again.
  2. Paint.net is unable to work on the alpha channel as a seperate independent channel , it always displays it as tranparency channel. Either code your own plugin in Paint.net or use another program. You could work around it by temporarily deleting the alpha channel and work on the RGB only. Once finished you have to find a way to re-insert the old alpha channel from the original file . Note that NVidia supplies programs to work with DDS - after all this texture format is their invention. E.g. NVDXT can convert a lot of common texture formats to DDS. http://developer.nvidia.com
  3. The ingenious Apple II ROM with its 2kbyte (!) contains a delay routine which i use in all of my microcontroller projects - this ROM listing is really worth studying it indepth. After all it contains a complete OS including debugger and disassembler and even features a tiny assembler. The CDP1702 microprocessor was one of the few controller available in radiation hardened versions and thus was driving a lot of satellite computers in the early times of space exploration . Theres nothing bad with assembler - its just a question of the time you're willing to spend on a software project.
  4. Yeah, that unfortunately only works in the BF2 Demo. The retail versions require packed gamefiles.
  5. http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=13672
  6. Make sure your ground materials are set correctly in Terrain Editor - layer setup. Then do a little painting and select the 'Save Compiled Terrian' option in the Ctrl-S Dialog. Keep in mind to never 'Save All' but only the things you were editing.
  7. No, BEEX suggestion is correct - use DXT5 with alpha channel and no mipmaps. If you're unsure about the saved format get your hands on nVidias WTV ( windows texture viewer ) which can identify the real format of your atlas. http://developer.nvidia.com/legacy-texture-tools
  8. If you continue to read the above tutorial thread , there's a shortcut to get your map running 'quick and dirty' . Take the largest island from /GTSData/debug/islands/ ( infantry or vehicle ) rename it to vehicle.obj resp. infantry.obj and place it in the output folder. Run the fixnavmesh and give it a try ingame. This is not the optimum navmesh , mind you but it gives a single island . You should still struggle with 3DSMax ( or Wings3D or Blender .... ) to get the best navmesh possible after trying the workaround, though.
  9. Not in network. The network IDs are assigned when the map loads ( have a look at the debugger log ) and any networkable object has to be declared before the map runs. Any networkable object which is not declared on map start will CTD with a missing networkable ID when it appears 'out-of-nowhere' . It doesn't matter if you pack your PCO below a Bundle, EffectBundle or similar. The PCO itself is networkable and thus causes the error.
  10. Yeah, its much better to create your own atlas than to modify the existing ones. First create a folder in your mod /menu/Atlas . Create a text file called MemeAtlas_03.tac in it . Enter the pathes to your textures using the *.tac files from BF2 ( they're in menu_server.zip/Atlas ) as templates to see how the entries should look like. The first line of your memeatlas_03.tac should be: group Menu\Atlas\MemeAtlas_03 width 2048 height 2048 format dxt5 miplevels 1 border 2 Here's an example how it could continue : Menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Hud\Score\Jap\scoreBoard_Flag.tga border Menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Hud\Score\Ger\scoreBoard_Flag.tga border Menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Hud\Score\Gbr\scoreBoard_Flag.tga border Menu\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Flags\Icons\Hud\Score\Aus\scoreBoard_Flag.tga border Thats from our mod , four teams with their scoreboard flags. Your textures can be either TGA or DDS . Only make sure that the entries really point to your textures. Once your ready with that you can run a batch file with this content: @echo this tool creates aditional menu texture atlasses from a *.tac file and the supplied textures in their correct locations @echo make sure to have the variables in this batch file adjusted to your game location and Modname @echo this batch file should be placed in the BF2 EXE directory. @echo press Ctrl-C to interrupt now @pause @echo off SET GAMEPATH="C:\games\Battlefield 2" SET MODNAME=xww2 SET TACNAME=MemeAtlas_03 cd %GAMEPATH%\mods\%MODNAME% %GAMEPATH%\dice_TextureAtlasTool.exe -o %TACNAME% -i menu\atlas\%TACNAME%.tac move atlaslist.con menu\atlas move %TACNAME%.tai menu\atlas pause Change the modname and gamepath to your mod and game location resp. Now it creates a new atlas and moves it into the correct location. To get the stuff ingame you should pack the mod.
  11. You're missing quite a few designations for your meshes . E.g. a retractable gear consists of a LandingGear with an attached wheel. Here's a simple example: geom1 -lod0 --F16__PlayerControlObject ---nonvis_ ----col0 ----col1 ----col2 ---F16_LeftGearHatchL__LandingGear ---F16_LeftGearHatchR__LandingGear ---F16_LeftGear__LandingGear ----F16_LeftGearWheel__Spring -----nonvis_ ------col0 ------col1 Here only the main body with one landing gear and the closing covers for it ( hatches ) are in the hierachy. Note how the double underscore followed by the designation tells BF2 what the things do. LandingGears basically are RotationalBundles activated automatically by flying heigth and plane speed. To get an idea if your export is correct compare with a similar *.con file from another jet. Springs are the wheels . they need a col1 to interact with the ground. Look again at the seafury tutorial, its all described there. Admittedly i don't have hatches for my landing gears on this plane but thats easy once you understand LandingGears. Also note that untextured objects will not sho in the game.
  12. Yes, that does work locally , but not in a network. Spawning a networkable object like a PCO confuses the ID manager which is unable to assign a valid network ID to this 'out-of-nowhere' object.The error is something like 'Invalid network ID=0' or similar. Its been a while since i got it.
  13. Memory management in the editor is not as perfect as it could be
  14. Chances are that you still have the uncompressed ( editor ) files on your machine. Move them to a safe place out of the levels folder and only leave the client.zip, server.zip and the info folder in your map folder. Make sure your m8 also has exactly the same files you have.
  15. Keep in mind that you're not allowed to publish the mod.
  16. But why don't you try our hands-on tutorial where we make the prop-driven Seafury plane? There's a 3DS and a MAX model included and the working BF2 plane as well . It shows how to convert a basic textured plane model to a working BF2 PlyerControlObject, including creation of control surfaces, wheels etc. pp. : http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=12461 In this thread we show all kinds of model hierachies : http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5013
  17. Small changes can easily reside in the map. Use a file called tmp.con ( note how it is automagically run by init.con ) then 'ActiveSafe' the object you want to tamper with and then do your changes, all inside the tmp.con file. No need to create any archives or such if you're doing code-only tweaks. As the game does run uncompressed maps this is the fastest way to test code changes as the map can simply be restarted and then reads in your changed tmp.con
  18. That sounds ambigous. You did create a folder 'realismmod' and placed that in <BF2.EXE folder>/mods/ , right ? If the mod is called 'realismmod' make sure that everything inside the mod matches that name and that mod.desc is filled in correctly. Also copy <modname>.mew and ingame.map from another mod into yours and rename the *.mew file accordingly.
  19. Weapons ( GenericFireArms ) cannot be placd on a map like a static. They show in the editor but not in the game. If you want a static ( unusable ) weapon you need to create *.con and *.tweak like for a static and then use the wapons' geometry and collisionmesh in the files. Note that handweapons don't have very good collisionmeshes, though. If you want to spawn a usable weapon , instead use an ObjectSpawner and spawn one of the tri/bipod weapons.
  20. You can render collisionmeshes in the editor. In your case render the physics mesh and check that the wheels' collisionmeshes are located as desired. Often resetting the scale of all meshes in 3DS will help. All meshes need to be scaled to 100% before exporting. If you forgot that, the BF2 engine will do the rescaling with probably undesired results BF2 expects the textures to be in the /objects subfolder of the mod. Anything else will confuse the texture path trimming within the export tools. To examine the texture pathes and shader propertiesd of your model, use BF2Materials.EXE which was originally a CLI helper tool from Rexman with GUI wrappers made by other friendly ppl in the meantime. The tool shows texture pathes and shader techniques for all geoms and lods in your model.
  21. Scale 4 stands for one heightmap dot each 4 meters. So the heightmap still is a 1025*1025 grid, only stretched to fill the 4 km. Note that scale 4 maps are not for the beginner - if you're new start with scale 2 .
  22. Everything you say about the FPS 'community' is literally true , CCG but you have to admit that in your case its even easier for all the noobs to attack your server , all you need is to download the free BF2142 demo client and even the dumbest 8-year old bored , hysterical and neurotic kid can do that. If you run a full mod like us , the attack rate dramatically decreases and afaik our game servers (BF1942 and BF2) never were under fatal fire up to now - admittedly our mod is a small one and luckily our audience has a more adult approach.
  23. On my machine it sometimes happens that texturing in Detail-only mode often requires reloading. Also keep in mind that after painting Detail its good to regenerate LowDetailMaps with the corresponding button in the wizard window. Happy painting
  24. Ok, how mqny threads are you planning to open for this issue ? I merged your other water thread now. Please stop opening new threads and read first. You should really browse our tutorials.
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