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  1. yes, there are tons of DDS capable programs. If you're on the Mac you might want to use GraphicConverter BF2 statics use 'BF2StaticMesh2' materials instead.
  2. Yes, you can paint new textures even after Level Editor though its much easier to first flood the map with basic textures using BF2_Tpaint or BF2 Ecomap. Make sure you have switched on Color and/or Detail and have a layer setup before starting to paint. If you still can't see anything try to enter textureManager.reloadTextures tx0 into the command editor to reload all map textures.
  3. A good start for water is to copy a 'water.con' from a map you like into your own. E.g. wake island 2007 has nice transparent water. Then do the lightmapping as instructed.
  4. Me neither but aren't there explicit no blending statics in the 'statics_noblend' section ? I remember to have seen some of those objects in vanilla.
  5. This can be very useful in a team. E.g. our convention at XWW2 is to put the modeller as creator in the *.con file and the coder as creator in the *.tweak. Texture artists usually sign their sheets anyway , hehehe
  6. Dragging weapons or vehicles on the map in LevelEditor does not work as those objects can't be placed as statics. Instead create a new static object ( *.con and *.tweak ) which uses the geometry and collision mesh of your desired object and drag this on the map. As a remark i think players are dissappointed when they find a non-working object , something they're not used to in BF2 . Think twice before placing those.
  7. 3DS Max will not export textures , instead you need another program ( like Paint.Net or Photoshop ) to create a BF2-compatible DDS texture. You could also use existing textures from BF2. Our tutorial section lists several tutorials for both modelling and texturing: Simple static creation: http://www.bfeditor....showtopic=12770 Using texture palettes : http://www.bfeditor....showtopic=13381 Advanced vehicle creation: http://www.bfeditor....showtopic=12461 All kinds of BF2 objects in the 3DSMax Hierachy collection: http://www.bfeditor....?showtopic=5013 Gmax model export might contain some hints : http://www.bfeditor....?showtopic=1878
  8. If you really have no idea which files you added or patched , run the debugger . It will likely find the corrupted file and log it.
  9. I was talking about the nvidia plugin, not action sets.
  10. Note that on statics you can change the maximum texture tiling with GeometryTemplate.maxTextureRepeat N where N can be at least 128 ( i heard of even 256 )in the tweak file.
  11. You need to create a 'Bundle' ( in contrary to a 'SimpleObject' ) which can reuse an existing crate geometry and collisionmesh. The difference between a SimpleObject and a Bundle is the ability of the Bundle to attach things to it , in your case you need at least one 'SupplyObject' which itself is invisible. To better adjust healing/repair/supply timing i recommend to use three SupplyObjects for the box where each serves only one ability.
  12. @Senshi: Please note that in german versions of PS your plugin needs to be moved from the 'Plugins' folder to the folder called 'Zusatzmodule' else it won't be recognized.
  13. Indeed i was referring to the icons mentioned by clivewil. The fill colors of soldier dots, vehicles and so on on the minimap seem to be hardcoded and thus fixed to blue and red.
  14. As far as i rememeber it was done in code ( s.th. like ObjectTemplate.canBeRepaired 1/0 ) .
  15. I think it's not possible. We tried to mimic the BF1942 behaviour in that regard and soon found the assignment to be hardcoded ( foes always red - friends always blue ) in BF2. Of course you can change all of the blue to a different colour ( same for red ) but that wouldn't solve the original problem.
  16. You have a corrupted file in your mod. Suspects are textures , sounds or other data ( non-text ) files. If you want to show us other hi-res pictures make sure to use a compressing file format, like JPG or so. Took me minutes to load the imageshack thingy.
  17. Enter the command renderer.minCullDistance 2000 into the console ( command editor in the lower right ) That should increase your viewing distance to good overview. 2000 is in meters , enter any other desired value at will.
  18. Idk if FH2 changed that during a recent release but this mod used to launch a helper program to switch shaders ( and maybe other things ) and then launch into FH2. If this is still the case you probably better ask at the FH2 forums about what to do. The best solution for your init.con problems ( Teams and Icons) would be to copy the lines from a map with the desired setup from the original FH2 levels. Find the init.con and copy all the lines from gameLogic.setTeamName 1 .... up to the last kit setting and paste it into your own init.con.
  19. I once had a similar problem with our own mod and it showed is was a missing col1 on one of our tanks' front wheel. The error only happened when this particular tank rammed the flagpole . As only bots will do this it was very hard to track down that error - no human will deliberately crash into the flag. The debugger was the only help for this rare error - at least it gave a collision error before crashing but no hint to what vehicle or object caused it.
  20. If you prefer this approach where bots have multiple choices of conquering its sometimes helpful to adjust the basic temperatures for CP's to differ slightly from each other . This keeps the bots from being undecided which CP to go first. Temperatures are dependent on the basic and a multiplier from the strategies. If you're interested in good AI its very helpful to run the debugger. It can display SA properties, AI decision making and pathfinding .
  21. Check your map first by launching in Conquest and make sure that really everything does work. If your SP gameplayobjects do differ a lot then copy your SP setup into CQ and test there. Does the Spawn Screen appear ? Do you have a valid water setup (even if there's no water ) . Is an ambient object faulty ? ...
  22. Well, after all you're trying to 'lend' an object from DICE from an XPack and want to give it to Sandbox users who never bought this xpack. This is against the EULA. Btw, its probably easier to simply code your own Smoke Shield fog.
  23. Place spawn point close to the planes on the german base and perhaps spawn a few more planes with 'AIEnterOnSpawn 1' settings which will immdiatly place pilots in the aircraft. To give humans a chance to catch a plane you should keep one or two of them away from AI Spawnpoints so that you can join the fun. From my experience its unavoidable that a few germans will idle on the base or try to swim to the enemy but if you respawn aircraft often enough ( Hint: use 'ObjectTemplate.maxNrOfObjectSpawned N' with a high N ) then there will be a good chance for mostly aerial activity . Edit: Ow, i forgot to metion that the planes should be positioned freely on a runway, ready to start into a corridor with no obstacles. A bot will never taxi a plane but wants to launch the plane from its parking position directly into the air.
  24. It migth have to do with your OBJ export settings. The standard case is that there's a file called 'materials.mtl' with this content: newmtl ground Ka 0.0000 0.1986 0.0000 Kd 0.0166 0.5922 0.0000 illum 1 newmtl ladder Ka 0.1986 0.1986 0.1986 Kd 0.5922 0.5922 0.5922 illum 1 newmtl water Ka 0.3200 0.3200 0.0000 Kd 0.9400 0.9400 0.1410 illum 1 newmtl deepwater Ka 0.0000 0.0000 0.3200 Kd 0.0000 0.0000 0.9400 illum 1 and any OBJ export should use that file : mtllib materials.mtl v -480.618713 34.062870 456.111023 v -449.600006 28.258476 -140.064911 v -25.306309 24.001925 -103.055557 v 494.315094 43.098499 191.556244 v -42.020145 40.655499 -489.437775 v -486.061890 52.719578 -470.268219 ( first few lines of an arbitrary infantry.obj ) If Maya codes in its own materials file its problably best to edit the exported OBJ to use the original 'materials.mtl' ( OBJ is a standard ASCII text file so any texteditor can work with it ) Also make sure to not export texture coordinates and other unused stuff. Only vertices and faces ( v and f in an OBJ file ) are needed and the material tags , like g water usemtl water . Limit the precision to 6 digits and your exported OBJ should quite good mimic the original file format.
  25. In any case you should check the editor log file in /bf2editor/logs . If the problem is caused within the editor ( i read from your post that it hangs 'forever' ) you might find something helpful there. Alt-Tab out of the editor into a text editor and check the current logfile , especially the last few lines. Btw, 'ScatterSpawnPositions 1' would immediately crash the editor so your trouble must be something else.
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