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  1. Yeah, you're right about the Minrotation , but what i meant is , you're missing the upper limit, thus only once reaching the lower limit (-90). You should supply the other end of the motion , too by adding a ObjectTemplate.MaxRotation 0/0/90 . Oh, btw , you can always invert your controls by making the acceleration negative, no need to change the upper and lower limit once you have them right.
  2. I was able to add some UVMap modifiers to the parts not in the main texture (like the wheels), found a free place in the main texture and then added the wheel textures there. By adding a Unwrap modifier to my wheels i could point texturing then to the main texture. I found no way to add a second texture to a vehicle, just like Rexman states. :wink:
  3. I miss the 'ObjectTemplate.setMaxRotation 0/0/90' . And if you set the InputToRoll to PiThrottle, it will continously rotate when pushing the throttle. Is that what you intended to do ?
  4. Take a look at structures from other (working) models. If you're working in 3DS, make sure to display the subtree in the 'Select by Name' window. Structure and naming is whats all about for the 3DS Exporter. Make the hammer, trigger and the other stuff children to your weapon body...
  5. http://www.filzip.com Filzip is a useful program, as it incorporates an 'Add to Zip' item in your context menu. And its free I'm using it successfully to add my vehicles to Objects.zip
  6. cool Thanks ,Pixelat3d These two lines should be added to the tutorial .
  7. The mapname is not only in the .con files, but also in the atlas files (*.tai) and it is compiled into the terraindata.raw file. In the days before the editor, i used a hexeditor to change 'Gulf of Oman' into a 'Gulf of Test' map (as the same length of name only was possible) and put it in my mod folder. That works
  8. There _were_ example 3DS files in the second modder package, but being honest, those were too simple, they didn't have a wreck and no cockpit geometry. As for the wreck and the cockpit, a simple but complete model of a tank (to also get the tracks right in the object hierarchy) would be very helpful ,Lawrence
  9. Instead of flipping faces, try the 'Shell' modifier if you're working with 3DS. Its main purpose is to do the flipping and make a small gap between the two backs, avoiding the need to do that manually.
  10. Yeah , Video tut, like in tutorial. Its fast , but you can rewind if you didn't get a part, just what a slow guy like me needs. :wink: As Rexman is always a big help when it comes to modding, i had a look around on his site. I don't have the URL right here, but its in a folder next to the 3DS Hotfix.
  11. Afaik, the object hierarchy isn't parsed at runtime, its simply a helper for the 3DS exporter to get its parts right and create a useful *.con file. The namings tell the exporter what to do with several parts, e.g. if you have a SteeringWheel__RotationalBundle as a child to the body__playercontrolobject, the exporter will create that Steeringwheel as part of the geometry for your PCO. Other example, the engine of a vehicle has the wheels as children, so they are already subparts of the engine. I'd like to have some clarification for the nonvis_ dummy, if you have children to them, are they invisible, or what is their use ? I noticed all collision meshes being children of nonvis_ helpers/dummies.
  12. Im modeller , coder and AI supporter for the eXperience World War 2 mod, yeah, that means CJ is my boss . In RL, i'm Systemadministrator for Macintosh networks, located in Berlin, Germany (yeah, we had a wall here once) , aged 44 , unmarried and have a lot of computers around here, thats why i'm handling the network/server aspects for the XWW2 mod. I'm impressed by the stableness of the BF2 editor and look forward to AI support in one of the next editions. . Glad to have that friendly discussion base here and a special thanks to LBrown , Rexman and all the others supporting the mod community.
  13. As the majority uses MAX 7, note there's a ServicePack 1 out for it for awhile, in case you didn't visit the discreet site for some time
  14. I had good experiences when i made the Steeringwheel__RotationalBundle a child of the body__playercontrolobject of geom1. I'm still struggling to get tank tracks in, but will first look at Rexman's video tut before asking stupid questions. (Thanks a lot, Rexman !)
  15. You can get a comprehensive Material list by extracting the common_server.zip/Material/materialmanagerDefine.con. They are all there, with names and numbers
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