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  1. The coordinates are in BF2's HUD displays as TargetXcoords and TargetYCoords ( If i remember their names right ) but i currently cannot think of a way to bring them into python.
  2. No, from your code you still ask for both types , you only disabled printing them : Triggerables = bf2.objectManager.getObjectsOfType('dice.hfe.world.ObjectTemplate.Triggerable') Targets = bf2.objectManager.getObjectsOfType('dice.hfe.world.ObjectTemplate.TriggerableTarget') Here's where you ask the properties from dice's world and these lines do not change in all three code examples. I suspect an indentation error or something simple. enter a few print statements and run with the debugger. This will also ease working with triggers in general - like displaying properties or names.
  3. The editoris not very good in showing effects and misses a lot of the fun. Better clone the existing flashbang effect, rename it and add it to one or two weapons/projectiles of your choice. Test ingame and then start to modify it. The original flashbang code is in objects_server.zip/effects/impacts/explosions/e_exp_flashbang.con and e_exp_flashbang.tweak
  4. IF you're really running BF2 Version 1.0 that might very well be the cause. We have reached Version 1.5 for quite a while now. You should update both server and clients. I have no idea about the maps, but without installing a mod make sure that all those maps are meant for vanilla Battlefield 2.
  5. I think the col0 needs to be modified to carry that special material. Keep in mind that for damage from other projectiles than the wrench the material should mimic the damageMods from another armor material.
  6. You should be safe to hold them all in one file. Afaik there are no sideeffects to be expected.
  7. No, and thats why i didn't say anything. It was a known NVidia (!) problem and it happened mostly with the debugger. Glad to hear that ATI managed to copy that bug
  8. 1. The col1's on the wheels could by asymetrical or out of scale. Render the physics collisionmeshes in the editor and examin your wheels closely. 2. Different materials fo left and right wheel ? 3. World orientation on one of the col1's turned ?
  9. Today : Test your python scripts without even leaving the game The core command is pythonHost.reinitialize which brings you back to the spawn screen. If everything went well the tickets are reset to the maps start amount and you're able to spawn. If your script contains an error the tickets will remain at 0 ( zero ). Python errors are written to /<MOD>/logs/BFlog_<MACHINE>_<DATE>_<TIME>_server.log Correct them and enter the reinit command. 'Print' statements in python are shown in the debugger console as well which can be used to view variables or other stuff.
  10. Find /objects_server.zip/effects/weapons/misc/e_hgr_smokegrenade.tweak Find the lines ObjectTemplate.timeToLive NN where NN is the time in seconds. Work your way through all SpriteParticleSystems and increase the time at will. The most important one is surely the SpriteParticleSystem em_hgr_Smokegrenade_smoke2big with a current setting of 8 seconds. The density is done by the ObjectTemplate.emitFrequency 111 and the ObjectTemplate.emitTime 0.2 which could be increased for smoke being more dense.
  11. The Memeatlas needs an index file ( *.TAI) which contains texturenames and their relative coordinates in the atlas sheet. Without an entry in the index any new atlas contents are ignored. There are tools for compiling atlasses and creating the coressponding index file. Here we discuss this: http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=2303 About your other posts: Please, please search our forums first. We have answered all your questions dozens of times, including making new armies and making weapons. If you have questions, don't open a new thread but instead re-use your first one. Btw, making a new army with your own player models is currently far beyond your capabilities. Do something simpler first.
  12. Welcome to BFEditor.org ! You don't have to tamper with the memeatlas if you're only making a single weapon. But note that the game will only read DDS files - references to TGA are only valid if they're packed into an atlas and converted to DDS. Place your selection icon in a valid folder ( e.g. /menu_client.zip/HUD/Texture/Ingame/weapons/Icons/HUD/Selection/ ) and edit the tweak file for the weapon to point to it. ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.selectIcon Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\Selection\myweapon.dds For transparent icons use the DXT5 or DXT3 format, no mipmaps , same as the memeatlas format. Tools for DDS conversion can be found at NVidia: http://developer.nvidia.com
  13. The problem with that is that the refractor engine doesn't look into a *.TAI file when searching textures for statics and bundledmeshes. It shouldn't be a problem to compile atlasses ( although their resolution would still be max. 2048*2048) with the NV tools but the engine doesn't search an index file for them. Regarding that its probably best to make catalogues of re-useable textures and use those for as many objects as possible.
  14. Well, we all do that , to a larger ( e.g. AIX, BFPirates, FH2, PR, XWW2) or to a smaller ( numerous minimods) degree. That means we all use BF2 as 'parent' mod an place our modifications on top of it. You are not allowed though to dissassemble DICE models and later claim tat these are your models or otherwise violate the EULA. You signed this when installing the editor. What you can mod without having your clients to download something is limited , though. You can do python extensions and a few other things. Everything larger requires you to either create a map to download which includes e.g. new vehicles or statics ( EuroForces is such a map-based mod ) or give your clients a full mod , which can be a mini-mod , of course. With a little effort this mod could run e.g. the original maps.
  15. The advantage of texture catalogues is their memory saving ( each collection only loads once ) and its ready availability . A smaller memory footprint and a faster texture access are the consequences. Its also a good idea to re-use as many of BF2 textures as possible as those are already loaded and are of the correct texture format anyway. BF2 is not really a multi-processor friendly application so it can't hurt to optimize memory and harddisk accesses to make the most of it.
  16. Erm, did you really follow a tutorial ? Then you'd know that vehicles are placed via ObjectSpawners. You can't drag them onto the map. Right-Click on the map and create an ObjectSpawner. Fill in the properties for the Spawner in the tweak window. I'd really suggest to read a basic tutorial. Every problem you might have we alrewdy solved here a long time ago so using the search function is also a good idea.
  17. Sounds as if he's mapping for a mod ? But as he didn't post useful info we can only guess that he doesn't have a /bf2editor/mods/<MOD>/LevelEditor/LayerSettings.con
  18. You should show us the hierachy and make sure that there's no other uvmap channel in use than the ones you need. For a Bundled- and Skinnedmesh this may only be channel 1 , StaticMeshes can contain up to 4 channels. To examine the channels open the 'Channel Info...' window ( Tools menu ) with one or more meshes selected . Now if your static only has a Color (Base) channel, only '1:map' should be used ( has vertices ). If you find e.g. 'map:2' in use or even 'map:9' you should erase those ( and later collapse the channel clear modifiers on the meshes. BaseDetail : channel 1 + 2 BaseDetailDirt : channel 1 - 3 BaseDetailDirtCrack : channel 1 - 4 Also make sure that there's no vc channel in use. Only SkinnedMeshes and Tanks do use vertex colors.
  19. More debugger fun Today : Draw CollisionMeshes. * Enter this command collisionManager.buildDebugCollisionMeshes This will need a few moments. Now enter collisionManager.drawMeshes 1 col1's will be drawn where different colors mean different materials. Switch to col0's by entering collisionManager.setActiveLod 0 and accordingly to col2's with collisionManager.setActiveLod 2 Switch it off with collisionManager.drawMeshes 0 Note that clipping is not done for the rendering so that objects seem to shine through e.g. terrain. Enjoy !
  20. I haven't heard a question from you regarding general modelling which couldn't be answered by browsing the tutorial section. We have everything there from hierachies to modelling , example models and other stuff. If you would read them ( and adapting them for Blender ) you'd learn a great deal and could perhaps create a good Blender tutorial for BFEditor.org. I only told you how things stand and that it is hard to find someone who uses Blender. After all i'm here for more than five years and know what our members use to create models.
  21. I doubt that there's a Blender user around for modelling questions. Its sometimes used for editing navmeshes but afaik nobody around here uses Blender for BF2 modelling. But yeah, lets bump this thread for a few days
  22. No , it doesn't matter at all . Its simply copied and pasted from an arbitrary gameplayobjects.con ( I think it was 'Operation Blue Pearl') The gameplayobjects.con file can be found in server.zip/GameModes/<MODE>/<SIZE>/ Where <MODE> stands for either 'gpm_cq' (Conquest) , 'gpm_coop' (COOP) or 'sp1' to 'sp3'( Singleplayer). <SIZE> is the 16,32 or 64 map size
  23. Whew , modding the demo, hehehe If nothing changed, chances are that you either still have unmodified map ZIP's ( server.zip ) which you should remove or that you missed to create all of the entries needed for a valid ObjectSpawner. These are 2-parted , one is for creating the ObjectSpawner: rem [ObjectSpawnerTemplate: CPNAME_SS_32_IndustrialHarbor_RibBoat_02] ObjectTemplate.create ObjectSpawner CPNAME_SS_32_IndustrialHarbor_RibBoat_02 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe ObjectSpawner CPNAME_SS_32_IndustrialHarbor_RibBoat_02 ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "bsundell" ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable 1 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0 ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 1 BOAT_RIB ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 2 BOAT_RIB and the second part is for placing it and attaching it to a control point: rem [ObjectSpawner: CPNAME_SS_32_IndustrialHarbor_RibBoat_02] Object.create CPNAME_SS_32_IndustrialHarbor_RibBoat_02 Object.absolutePosition 249.000/22.100/-82.000 Object.rotation -90.000/0.000/0.000 Object.setControlPointId 202 Object.layer 3 Note that neutral ControlPoints don't spawn anything if you didn't set an object template for Team 0.
  24. One more hint regarding gmax, don't miss the tutorial package which is available at Turbosquid. The P38 Lightning tutorial really gave me the necessary startup to work with gmax. Once you're familiar with gmax, learning 3DSMax is a cinch.
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