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  1. To improve behaviour over longer distances its recommended to create lods. It is as simple as using the 'Clone with childs(Copy)' utility in the BF2 tools , having lod0 selected beforehand. Rename the new structure to lod1 and delete Anchors, Cols and the nonvis_ dummy from it. Using the appropriate shader depends on your StaticMesh material setup. If you only have a color texture the shader is called 'Base'. If you have Color and Detail texture it is called 'BaseDetail' . The most common setup is 'BaseDetailNDetail' which uses Colortexture, Detailtexture and a Normal(bump-)map matching the Detail texture.
  2. You need to run the BF2Editor in XP SP2 or XP SP3 compatability mode. Rightclick the BF2Editor.EXE and choose 'Properties'->'Compatability'
  3. We don't want the sound Just explain what you did to fix the problem - could help other users
  4. Make sure in the Render menu to have switched on the display of overgrowth. (Render Menu -> Toggle Draw Overgrowth )
  5. There's a whole bunch of lightsettings for the trees , like TreeSkyColor, TreeShadowColor and so on. Set them to match your other light setup. Changes here do immediately show in the editor.
  6. Those are modelled and not coded. Your weapon model should have the ironsight in its geom0 (1P view)
  7. <MAP gsid="xxxx"> That is only a GameSpy ID and not needed by your map.
  8. The rule fornetworkables is that you need them once the objects have to be in sync in a LAN/WAN game. E.g. turrets for cannons need them as the trajectory depends on them. On a tank i put 4 networkables on springs but not on all the wheels. Planes are in so far interesting as Wings often don't come with NW's . Our JU52 has 6 Playerpositions and still doesn't run out of networkables. Afaik, the limit is 14 networkables per PCO.
  9. This is unneccessary. Every online tested map which runs on a windoze dedi does run on the linux server provided you have changed all file and folder names in it to lowercase.Of course the map folder itself must also be lowercase. The current linux dedi version should be 1.5.3153.0 you also musn't have spaces in file and foldernames, custom letters should also be avoided , like ä ö ü or so. You haven't answered if the vanilla bf2 dedi does run.
  10. You should post the fix else this thread is useless.
  11. It took me a while to find it but in this thread we discuss fairly complete how to implement a standalone script for solving a simple task ,in this case how to get rid of idle bots. http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=7410 If you work through the thread you should have an overview of how to implement python scripts into BF2 without disturbing the original setup.
  12. In that case you first should make sure that the vanilla BF2 server does indeed run. When using the provided shell script 'start.sh' it should detect your architecture and fire the appropriate server app. Make sure that all files are chmod'ed to be accessible and executable by the BF2 server user e.g. : chmod -R 774 /usr/battlefield/bf2/
  13. This happens because your Parent Bundle 5inchtwinaa doesn't have collisionmeshes. Its probably a good idea to add at least some basic colmeshes to it.
  14. If you want to create a new copy of the M4 named 'Beowulf' you should also adapt all other templates like sounds and such to the new name, e.g. ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_usrif_m4_Fire1P to ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_beowulf_Fire1P . This avoids duplicate templates and will leave the original M4 templates untouched. Referring to the original WAV's is perfectly safe, though. The same goes for geometries. Note that sounds are always 'activeSafe'd because they are created automatically when a DefaultSoundComponent is added. I suggest to examine the way BF2 creates and modifies templates. This is easily done by browsing through con's and tweak's and soon will give you an idea of the way BF2 works.
  15. It sounds as if you should try to play around with brushes and the dynamic coloring tools in e.g. Photoshop. You could also use photorealistic ground ( sand ) textures and blend them onto your texture.
  16. Did you test the map extensively on your local machine ? Errors like this are often related to a bot using a weapon or a vehicle which isn't prepared for AI. It will not happen with AIX' vehicles of course but some vanilla BF2 vehicle are not useable by the bots. The debugger is your friend and the thing you should run to trace the error. If this error only happens in LAN/WAN you will have to setup a dedicated debugger server and a debugger client in your LAN. This will give you a lot of error messages to read and probably the cause for the crashes.
  17. It is possible to edit the terrain in one of the better painting programs which can handle single-channel 16-bit RAW files, cause thats what terraindata.raw is, e.g. Photoshop can do it. If you want to sculpt the terrain exactly to a static its probably a good idea to add some heightmarkings with the BF2 editor to find the exact place in PS. But you can also jot down the exact coordinates and use those in the PS navigator. When saving the RAW file keep in mind to use Intel (little endian) order.
  18. The parachute is a vehicle , not a weapon ( thats the reason you still can use your gun while parachuting ). Changing the kit geometry on ground impact is not possible afaik. But maybe some smart guy around here comes up with an idea.
  19. If your mod always uses less than 7 kits there's no need to even display the others or moving their coords offscreen. You can rem those out in HudElementsSpawn.con and the bots still don't care.
  20. that surely means theres an error much earlier in your weapon decleration. Btw, there's already an 'usrif_m4' in BF2 . If you want to patch it you should have the associated usrif_m4.con file next to your modded tweak file. If your modification is loaded earlier than the BF2 weapon it will overlay it.
  21. Kits and Soldiermeshes are seperate parts and are assembled in the init.con for the map. Each Kit slot (0 to 6) use a specific soldiermesh per team.
  22. PCO's accept this: ObjectTemplate.cockpitSubGeom 1 Which in this case forces the 1P view to use geom1 instead of geom0. Another statement is ObjectTemplate.neverDrawAs1p 1 or ObjectTemplate.neverDrawAs3p 1 One of these could be useful for you. Note that DICE's models sometimes shift the playerposition between geom0 and geom1 so there's probably some adjustment neccessary.
  23. Sorry, i forgot to say that this is an editor-only error message. You'll get it even on a lot of DICE's statics. I don't have the exact spelling but it says something about or similar...Edit: Ahh, on my main machine i've found the exact message :
  24. Maybe you forgot to make the map folder name lowercase in the first place ? And no, inside the zips everything can be left as it was. Uploading client.zip to a dedicated server is unneccessary, btw. And here's another hint for mod creators ( this doesn't affect map creators or only modded maps ) - Its a good idea to use a lowercase name for the mod from the beginning ( e.g. xww2 instead of XWW2 ) . It avoids a lot of hassle in the future.
  25. If both areas are in allother aspects equal neighbours, you can adjust the temperatures for the resp. StrategicArea. Higher temperatures increase the attractiveness for the bots. You still missed a file or folder(!) name. server.zip and client.zip also have to be in small case. If you have console access to the linux box you can run DICE's 'lowerCaseDir.py' script with the full path to the target folder.
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