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  1. Well,its probably due to the fact that your tool is *very* late. Most of the mods have made their own tools when actively working on BF2 and have setup their file and tool management a long time ago. Nowadays the hype is gone and only a few modders are working on mods and xpacks for their mods.
  2. heightdata.con only contains info about the terrain(mesh) and not about the texture tiling. Color texture tiling is done while painting ( have a look at the properties of your color layer ) and detail tiling is done by code and affects detailmaps immediately if you change the values in detail layer properties. No, it depends heavily on your textures . Just a hint : Don't use scale 4 maps in the editor. If you need a map with an edge length of 2048 ( 512*4 ) create a 1024*1024*2 map . Only maps with a scale of 2 can be created/edited without trouble from within the BF2 Editor. Scale 4 maps need external texture tools to work correctly and also some special code to make them look good . ( e.g. terrain lod stitching ).
  3. Yes, there's a corrupted file in your mod. Sound- and texture files are the usual suspects. If you're able to run the debugger it will tell in the log which file it is.
  4. But that would mean you have different damage characteristics over the fire distance depending on the material of the target ( lifeform vs. other stuff ) ? Sounds difficult. Probably involves the MaterialManager and an EndEffect within a certain radius.
  5. Thats a question of lowdetailmaps ( those are used for far distance viewing) and the tiling parameters in your color and detail texture setup. Play around with tiling to get the best out of your textures while painting. The optimum results are made with good tileable textures. In terrain.con you'll find : terrain.farSideTiling 2/2 terrain.farTopTilingHi 16 terrain.farTopTilingLow 32 Re-generate lowdetailmaps after painting to see the updates.
  6. As we had to make our own soldiers anyway our approach was to include all possible dropped weapons for the army into the dropgeometries and code each soldier class accordingly. Afaik collisionmeshes on kits will not work correctly. The only exception is the pickupkit stuff we coded a few years ago: http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=8165 http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3867
  7. I also wonder why damage at distance A should be lower than at distance B ? Afaik the damage of a small caliper is mainly defined by its impulse ( speed * mass ) and theres no reason why a projectile leaving the barrel should have a lower mass or speed than a projectile which already travelled over a distance .
  8. Collisionmeshes are packed into single *.collisionmesh file so normally its impossible to export one col different from another in the same file . Perhaps you should explain to us what you want to achieve and we think of something.
  9. As long as they have SpawnPoints they will always respawn. There's some clever python script which should prevent it, though. Look for 'Zombie Mode' or similar. I'd suggest to switch off autobalance and play with the sv.teamRatioPercent 100 sv.coopBotRatio 50 sv.coopBotCount 32 sv.coopBotDifficulty 50 settings in /settings/ServerSettings.con .
  10. Adding a second 'melee' weapon to the same firebutton is not trivial but would solve your problem with a short range projectile adding to the first projectile. After the 'B' distance you should let it degrade fast. The problem with BF2 is that you need a Multi-barrel firearm and set burst size and fire rate to fire the two projectiles as simultaneously as possible.
  11. Ahh, thanks for that. Probably our mod is more spartanic regarding effects, hehehe. But that would mean that clouds could seriously affect performance of other ingame effects so one should use them sparingly.
  12. Yeah, thats correct. Another hint on materials, there's the complete list in /common_server.zip/Materials/MaterialManagerDefine.con . Collision behaviour between materials is defined in MaterialManagerSettings.con in the same folder. There you have Rubber is ID 22 , Human_limbs s 77 , Rubber_heavy is 102. If i were to assign a ground collision material i'd take 22 or 102. Tank_tracks (86) is also a good choice.
  13. Afterburner max speed is determined by : ObjectTemplate.sprintLimit 0.2 ObjectTemplate.sprintFactor 1.6 Increase sprintFactor for higher speed and lower the sprintLimit if desired.
  14. UAV objects are a 'kind of their own' and were added to BF2 after the editor was made. They are more or less standard bundledmeshes and can use any geometry. Using a car though is probably not a good idea because of the hardcoded flight behaviour.
  15. Its a combination of ObjectTemplate.emitFrequency 20 ObjectTemplate.emitTime 0.5 in a spriteparticlesystem. Emitters use ObjectTemplate.intensity CRD_NONE/10/0/0 This controls amount and duration of the emitter. The time-to-live for the particle is controlled by it own tweak if its a geometry or through the EffectBundle: ObjectTemplate.timeToLive CRD_NONE/14/0/0 Afaik there's no hardcoded limit for particles ( look at the experimntal rain in the debugger ) but the machines tend to lag if there's too much of them.
  16. Material 'Humanbody_armour' is not very good for ground contact. Use 'rubber' or 'rubber_heavy'. A singlespring will often tip over. Try 4 identical springs in each corner of your base. The collsionmesh for physical contact ( ground ) is col1. Make it a small triangle facing to the ground as in the cars. Render colmeshes in the editor to get the idea. Enable physics in the editor and let your object fall to the ground (theres a position slider to set the falling height) Adjust damping and strength until the object behaves as desired.
  17. The syntax is : GeometryTemplate.setMaterialReflectionScale <geom> <lod> <SurfaceID> <Scale> So if you want to affect the 3P (external) model you need to select geom 1 instead of geom 0 which is the 1P model. Then you'l have to find the correct surface ID for the hull.
  18. 1. Let the editor create the map as far as it goes and accept the crash ( there's probably no way around it on your machine) 2. Open the folder of the newly created map and compare it with an existing one ( with the same terrain size ! ) 3. Copy files missing from your new map into it from the other map. Its probably only a few , like 'simpleshadowmap.raw' and 'simpleshadowmapio.raw' 4. start the editor again , open your map in terrain editor and start to map away.
  19. Don't want to burst your bubbles but my vanilla BF2 'memeatlas_020.dds' comes in DXT3 format, no mipmaps. Funny enough 'memeatlas_010.dds' is DXT5.
  20. Well,i for my part will simply move on - modding games has been fun but now its time to do something else - like saving the world or so , hehehe . BF1942 was real fun to mod, BF2 was possible to mod but BF3 will be hard to mod and probably not worth the effort. Industry becomes to restrictive and focused on console comsumers and its not my style to support that. Still i think that DICE did a good job on networked games in the past and if you're into it, BF3 might be the way to go.
  21. You're probably looking for an 'Objective Mode' This can be done by omitting neighbouring strategic areas ( consult SP tutorials about them ) for areas where you spawn AI. Bots will still attack enemies if they are within their weapon range, though. Your objcetive should have the enemy spawnpoints attached to it and be destroyable. If your team succeedes in destroying the bots cannot spawn anymore and you only need to eliminate them all to win (end ) the level.
  22. You should have posted the INI . Consult Max' help to find the property. I know that in Max 7 you could adjust RAM usage by editing the INI and in Max 9 you'd use the console in the program as shown above by CB. Yeah, hiding the terrain mesh is a good idea and can be done if you don't expect the terrain to cast object shadows ( e.g. mountains or cliffs )
  23. Note that the vanilla LayerInit.con doesn't provide writing of gpm_coop folders. You have to edit it to let the Editor write the gameplayobjects for COOP: LayerManager.CreateDefaultFilter gpm_cq Conquest rem LayerManager.CreateDefaultFilter gpm_sl SupplyLine LayerManager.CreateDefaultFilter gpm_coop Coop LayerManager.CreateDefaultFilter sp1 SP1 LayerManager.CreateDefaultFilter sp2 SP2 LayerManager.CreateDefaultFilter sp3 SP3 LayerManager.CreateDefaultPlayerFilter 16 LayerManager.CreateDefaultPlayerFilter 32 LayerManager.CreateDefaultPlayerFilter 64 Its also a bit confusing which folder BF2 uses for singleplayer games: Size 16 : /gamemodes/SP1/16/ Size 32 : /gamemodes/SP2/32/ Size 64 : /gamemodes/SP3/64/ If your map has only one size for SP/COOP choose the Size 16 layer and create your SP/COOP gameplay for that size. This at least avoids problems with BF2CC which has trouble selecting maps with e.g. a 32 size only. It seems that hey only tested with vanilla BF2 where all COOP/SP maps come in Size 16 only.
  24. If you're running Max 8 or lower, edit the 3DSMax.ini file to use more RAM. If you have a newer version you could increase MemoryHeap in the console . Unfortunately i don't have the exact name of the property handy but it something like 'MaxMemoryHeap'or so.
  25. If you run a mod of your own create a /localization/english/mymodenglish.utxt file in your mod folder. The localization files are coded in UTF-8 ( hence the *.utxt extension ) and contain some 'gremlins' (invisible characters),most notably the 0x001B character in front and behind the display string. Its probably easier to copy from the vanilla files and paste the lines into your file, then changing them to preserve the UTF-8 coding. Your mod can patch existing strings and add new ones.
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